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Wasabi Club and Food House.SetSet America N2Set AmericaSet MurataSet ClassicSet KyotoSet Ying-yangSet AikoSet MakiSet TanukiSet TempuraSet AokiSet KagawaSet Kuro 1Set NigataSet OklahomeSet SuraySet ChibiSet DragonSet IwasakiSet KuroSet MajikuSet AkitaSet PhiladelphiaSet SagaSet Sengokyu Japanese
Wasabi Club and Food House


Wasabi Club and Food House

Set America N2
#1 Set America N2
40pcs, California with cheese, Philadelphia Classic, Philadelphia unagi, California Classic, Canada
17300 AMD

Set America
#2 Set America
24pcs, Canada, Philadelphia with cheese, California Classic
9600 AMD

Set Murata
#3 Set Murata
32pcs, Philadelphia with cheese, California with Salmon, Roll Mizuki, Cucumber maki
11400 AMD

Set Classic
#4 Set Classic
48pcs, Avocado maki, Cucumber maki, Salmon maki, Tuna maki, Philadelphia Classic, California Classic, roll Mizuki, Mizuki Black
15900 AMD

Set Kyoto
#5 Set Kyoto
32pcs, Chuka maki, California with cheese, Mizuki Black, Ebi Tempura hot
11700 AMD

Set Ying-yang
#6 Set Ying-yang
56pcs, Chuka maki, Eel maki, California Classic, Canada, Green Dragon (avocado), Roll In-Yan, roll Yasashi
19600 AMD

Set Aiko
#7 Set Aiko
64pcs, Philadelphia Classic, Philadelphia Unagi, California Classic, Tuna maki, Salmon maki, Salmon,cucumber maki, Shrimp maki, Smoked salmon maki
19400 AMD

Set Maki
#8 Set Maki
32pcs, Salmon maki, Eel maki, maki shrimp with cheese, cucumber maki
7400 AMD

Set Tanuki
#9 Set Tanuki
20pcs, California Classic, roll with cheese, Salmon nigiri, gunka with cheese, caviar
8900 AMD

Set Tempura
#10 Set Tempura
24pcs, Ebi Tempura, Tuna hot, Tom-tam
10300 AMD

Set Aoki
#11 Set Aoki
48pcs, Philadelphia with cheese, Philadelphia Classic, Philadelphia hot, Canada, roll Black Panther, roll Black Panther hot
20900 AMD

Set Kagawa
#12 Set Kagawa
32pcs, Philadelphia Classic, Philadelphia unagi, roll tuna spicy, roll Chio
12300 AMD

Set Kuro 1
#13 Set Kuro 1
40pcs, salmon maki, maki crab with cheese, tuna maki, roll Black sesame, Philadelphia classic
12400 AMD

Set Nigata
#14 Set Nigata
32pcs, Philadelphia Classic, Claifornia Classic, roll Black sesame, roll Hiyashi
13100 AMD

Set Oklahome
#15 Set Oklahome
24pcs, Canada, Philadelphia Classic, California salmon, maki crab with cheese
8900 AMD

Set Suray
#16 Set Suray
24pcs, Canada, salmon maki, maki crab and cheese
8200 AMD

Set Chibi
#17 Set Chibi
24pcs, Philadelphia Classic, tuna maki, maki crab with cheese
6800 AMD

Set Dragon
#18 Set Dragon
27pcs, Canada, California Classic, Philadelphia Classic, sushi tuna, sushi salmon
13500 AMD

Set Iwasaki
#19 Set Iwasaki
24pcs, maki crab, Philadelphia Classic, California Salmon
8100 AMD

Set Kuro
#20 Set Kuro
34pcs, California with cheese, Black Mizuki, maki unagi, maki salmon, maki cucumber
11400 AMD

Set Majiku
#21 Set Majiku
32pcs, Double roll, tuna maki, salmon maki, crab maki
8900 AMD

Set Akita
#22 Set Akita
27pcs, California Classic, California salmon, salmon maki, crab maki, cucumber maki, avocado maki, nigiri salmon
11700 AMD

Set Philadelphia
#23 Set Philadelphia
24pcs, Philadelphia unagi, Philadelphia Classic, unagi maki
11400 AMD

Set Saga
#24 Set Saga
24pcs, Canada, Philadelphia Classic, Green Dragon
11550 AMD

Set Sengokyu
#25 Set Sengokyu
40pcs, Philadelphia Classic, Philadelphia unagi, roll Hiyashi, roll hot Tuna, maki salmon with cheese
15800 AMD

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15 Feb 2021
14 Feb 2021
Xnayac er amen inch, nuynisk [email protected] :) @ndhanrqpes hamex cher..
Raffi O.
13 Feb 2021
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Wasabi Club and Food House
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