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Utopia Kitchen

Pizza, European
Working hours
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Utopia Kitchen

Pizza Utopia Classic
#1 Pizza Utopia Classic
33cm, 8pcs, pepperoni, Mozzarella, cremeta, tomato sauce
3800 AMD

Pizza Utopia with Salmon
#3 Pizza Utopia with Salmon
33cm, 8pcs, salmon, Mozzarella, cremeta, tomato sauce
4750 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni
#5 Pizza Pepperoni
33cm, 6pcs, pepperoni, cheese Mozzarella, tomato sauce
3300 AMD

Pizza with Seafood
#7 Pizza with Seafood
33cm, 6pcs, seafood mix, Mozzarella, tomato sauce
4500 AMD

Pizza Margherita
#8 Pizza Margherita
33cm, 6pcs, Mozzarella, tomato sauce
2750 AMD

Pizza Four Cheese
#10 Pizza Four Cheese
33cm, 6pcs, cheese Mozzarella, Roquefort, Parmeesan, Gouda
3700 AMD

Pizza with Shrimp
#12 Pizza with Shrimp
33cm, 6pcs, shrimp, Mozzarella, pesto sauce, tomato sauce
4300 AMD

Pizza Penta Formagi
#15 Pizza Penta Formagi
8pcs, cheese Mozzarella, Kremetta, Parmesan, Rockfort, Gouda, cream
4300 AMD

Pizza Fokacha
#17 Pizza Fokacha
6pcs, ccheese Parmesan, garlic, olives, rosemarin
1200 AMD

Burger and Twister
Burger with Trout
#20 Burger with Trout
trout, tomato, pickled cucumber, cremata, lettuce
3500 AMD

#22 Cheeseburger
veal cutlet, tomato, pickled cucumber, onion, cheese
2650 AMD

Chicken Burger
#24 Chicken Burger
chicken breast, tomato, pickled cucumber, onion, lettuce
2150 AMD

Chicken Twister
#26 Chicken Twister
chicken breast, tomato, pickled cucumber, lettuce, sauce
1900 AMD

Trout Twister
#28 Trout Twister
trout fillet, tomato, pickled cucumber, lettuce, sauce
2300 AMD

Shrimp Twister
#30 Shrimp Twister
shrimp, tomato, pickled cucumber, lettuce, sauce
2500 AMD

Twister with Veal
#129 Twister with Veal
veal,tomatoes,picled cucumber,lettuce,sauce
2100 AMD

Twister with Seafood
#132 Twister with Seafood
Shrimp, Octopus, Mussels, Squid, Garlic, Caraway, Soy
2750 AMD

Twister with salmon
#133 Twister with salmon
salmon fillet, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumbers
3500 AMD

Caesar Salad with Chicken
#33 Caesar Salad with Chicken
280g, chicken breast, lettuce, cherry tomato, cheese Parmesan, croutons
2250 AMD

Caesar Salad with Shrimp
#35 Caesar Salad with Shrimp
280g, shrimp, lettuce, cherry tomato, cheese Parmesan, croutons
3100 AMD

Salad with Quinoa
#37 Salad with Quinoa
380g, chicken breast, lettuce, cherry tomato, quinoa, pepper, cucumber
2900 AMD

Salad with Avocado and Shrimp
#39 Salad with Avocado and Shrimp
380g, shrimp, avocado, lettuce, orange, cherry tomato
3200 AMD

Salad with Trout
#41 Salad with Trout
350g, trout fillet, lettuce, cherry tomato, calamata olives, quail egg, broccoli
2500 AMD

Asian Salad
#43 Asian Salad
seaweed, funchoza, shrimp
2900 AMD

Tuna Salad
#46 Tuna Salad
Tuna, tomato, broccoli, red onion, pumpkin, lettuce, asparagus, orange juice
3250 AMD

Veggie Salad
#141 Veggie Salad
300g, red beans, green beans, peas, broccoli, cucumber, radish
1900 AMD

Hot Dishes
Grilled Chicken Wings
#138 Grilled Chicken Wings
5pcs, chicken wings,Bbq sauce
1700 AMD

Vegetable grill
#139 Vegetable grill
cherry tomatoes, champignons, zucchini, eggplant, bulgarian pepper
1500 AMD

Chicken Wings with Cola Sauce
#49 Chicken Wings with Cola Sauce
5pcs, chicken wings, Coca-Cola sauce
1850 AMD

Chicken Wings Small
#51 Chicken Wings Small
5pcs, chicken wings, paximat, ketchup
1700 AMD

Chicken Wings Big
#53 Chicken Wings Big
10pcs, chicken wings, paximat, ketchup
3300 AMD

Cheese Balls
#55 Cheese Balls
5pcs, cheese Gouda and Mozzarella
1900 AMD

Chicken Sticks
#57 Chicken Sticks
200g, 5pcs, chicken breast, paximat, ketchup
1500 AMD

French Fries
#58 French Fries
120g, fries, ketchup
750 AMD

Village Potato
#60 Village Potato
120g, potato, ketchup
850 AMD

Homemade Chips
#62 Homemade Chips
250g, chips, ketchup
700 AMD

Chicken with Roquefort sauce
#63 Chicken with Roquefort sauce
5 chicken wings, cheese Roquefort, cream
2650 AMD

Sig Sticks
#65 Sig Sticks
150g, 5pcs, sig, cheese Gouda, garlic, sauce, paximat
1750 AMD

Sterlet Ball
#67 Sterlet Ball
150g, 5pcs, sterlet, cheese Gouda, sauce, paximat
2700 AMD

Calamari Rings
#69 Calamari Rings
170g, calamar, sauce
1900 AMD

Grilled Crab
#70 Grilled Crab
6pcs, crab, sauce
2950 AMD

Grilled Royal Crab
5500 AMD

Shrimp for Beer
#74 Shrimp for Beer
500g, shrimp, garlic
4600 AMD

Fried Crab
#76 Fried Crab
200g, crab, garlic, pepper, soy
3500 AMD

Crab Panco
#77 Crab Panco
5pcs, crab, paximat, sauce
2600 AMD

Mussels in Cream Sauce Small
#78 Mussels in Cream Sauce Small
350g, mussels, cream, white wine, cheese Parmesan
2600 AMD

Mussels in Cream Sauce Big
#79 Mussels in Cream Sauce Big
800g, mussels, cream, white wine, cheese Parmesan
4500 AMD

Mussels in Tomato Sauce Small
#80 Mussels in Tomato Sauce Small
350g, mussels, tomato sauce, white wine, cheese Parmesan
2300 AMD

Mussels in Tomato Sauce Big
#81 Mussels in Tomato Sauce Big
800g, mussels, tomato sauce, white wine, cheese Parmesan
4000 AMD

Grilled Octopus
#82 Grilled Octopus
410g, octopus, vegetables
5900 AMD

Fish and Chips
#83 Fish and Chips
200-250g, trout fillet, potato, sauce
1900 AMD

Grilled Sibas
#101 Grilled Sibas
350g, sibas,sparrowgrass,lemon
6200 AMD

Grilled Dorado
#103 Grilled Dorado
350g, dorado,mashed potatoes,lemon
5500 AMD

Grilled Omer
#105 Grilled Omer
250g, omer,green beens,broccoli,lemon
4200 AMD

Chebureki with shrimps
#106 Chebureki with shrimps
6pcs, shrimps,milk,caraway,dough
2150 AMD

Chebureki with Octopus
#108 Chebureki with Octopus
6pcs, octopus, milk, caraway, dough
3600 AMD

Seafood Mix
#111 Seafood Mix
300g, Shrimp, Octopus, Mussels, Squid, Garlic, Caraway, Soy
4550 AMD

Grilled Argentine Shrimps
#113 Grilled Argentine Shrimps
5pcs, Argentine shrimps, sauce, lemon
2850 AMD

Grilled Argentine royal shrimp
#115 Grilled Argentine royal shrimp
3pcs,Argentine royal shrimp, sauce, lemon
3550 AMD

Argentine Langustine with beer
#117 Argentine Langustine with beer
5 pieces, Argentine Langustine, beer, lemon
5550 AMD

Samosa with Salmon
#119 Samosa with Salmon
6 pieces, Cream cheese, cream, salmon, greens
2750 AMD

Grilled Tuna and Salmon
#122 Grilled Tuna and Salmon
Salmon, tuna, lime
5700 AMD

Langustine with Cream sauce
#125 Langustine with Cream sauce
langustine, cream,corn, asparagus
3550 AMD

#126 Vongole
500 g, vongole, tomato sauce
3450 AMD

Fish and Chicken Set
#90 Fish and Chicken Set
potato, chicken sticks, calamari rings, chicken wings, cheese ball, sig sticks, sterlet balls, sauce
7500 AMD

Seafood Set
#91 Seafood Set
potato, shrimp, calamari rings, octopus, sig sticks, sterlet balls, vegetables, sauce
13000 AMD

Utopia Set
#94 Utopia Set
seabass, dorado, shrimp, mussels, octopus, calamari rings, potato, vegetables, scallop, sauce
19000 AMD

Shrimp Set
#96 Shrimp Set
grilled shrimp, Royal Shrimp, Shrimp Beer, Shrimp Panco 3types , Shrimp Cheburek, Lemon
21000 AMD

Midia Vongole Set
#97 Midia Vongole Set
black midias, vongole,tomato sauce
9800 AMD

Caribbean Set
#98 Caribbean Set
argentine royal shrimp, argentine shrimp, vongole, salmon fillet, tuna fillet, salmon samosa, vegetables
18000 AMD

Ramen Soup
#140 Ramen Soup
500g, chicken breast, quail eggs, spinach, noodles, chicken broth
2200 AMD

Tom-Yum Soup
#144 Tom-Yum Soup
500g, shrimp, champignon, vegetables, hot pepper, coconut milk, tom-yum pasta
2650 AMD

Seafood Soup
#146 Seafood Soup
500g, shrimp, mussels, calamari, spinach, cheese Parmesan
3500 AMD

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