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Toshka.BreakfastFoul with tahini sauceFoul with lemon juiceFattehVegetable assortedCold AppetizersHummusMoutabalMuhammaraChi kyuftaOkroshkaPicklesHot appetizersToshkaIshli kyuftaMariaKebbe SajiyeKrdieCheese byorekSaladsFattush saladArmenian saladTabuleGreek saladBeef tongue saladOlive saladPepper saladFalafel saladSandwich and burgerSujukh sandwichMexican sandwichFalafel sandwichGhaurma sandwichFrench fries sandwichFalafel sandwichHot DogBeef burgerChicken BurgerBeef cheese burgerChicken cheese burgerBeef burger comboChicken burger comboBeef cheese burger comboChicken cheese burger comboShish tawouk sandwichPizzaPizza sujukMargarita pizzaPork fillet pizzaHot dog pizzaPizza SalamiPizza with vegetablePizza Four SeasonHot dishesGhavurma hot dishMantiLabaniye kyufta with meatLabaniye kyufta with butterLabaniye mix kyuftaBBQGhyma kebabKhash Khash kebabShish TaoukShish Taouk with French friesTikaLiver BBQEggplant and Beef BBQToshka BBQDough dishesFatayer with cheeseFatayer with pepperFatayer with zaatarFatayer with cheese and pepperFatayer with thyme and cheeseFatayer with thyme and pepperFatayer with cheese, pepper and thymeCheese KrdiyeFatayer with olivesSujukSujukh with cheeseLabneLabne with thymeLabne with thyme extraLabne extraAjarian khachapuri with 1 eggLahmajun with beefLahmajoun with pomegranate sauceGhawarma pideSujukh pideSujukh and cheese pideGarnishFrench friesBreadBreadSauceGarlic sauceSoft DrinksCoca-Cola 0.5lSprite 0.5lMineral water Bjni 0.5lSpring water Noy 0.5lNetta tan 0.33l Syrian

Working hours
24 hours
11:00 - 22:00


Foul with tahini sauce
#1 Foul with tahini sauce
bean, spices, garlic, onion, tomato, tahini sauce, oil
1500 AMD

Foul with lemon juice
#25 Foul with lemon juice
bean, spices, garlic, onion, tomato, lemon juice, oil
1200 AMD

#27 Fatteh
chickpeas, tahini sauce, croutons
1800 AMD

Vegetable assorted
#29 Vegetable assorted
tomato, onion, mint
600 AMD

Cold Appetizers
#31 Hummus
chickpeas, tahini, spices
1000 AMD

#33 Moutabal
250g, eggplant BBQ, tahini, spices
1200 AMD

#35 Muhammara
red pepper, doshab, rusk
1200 AMD

Chi kyufta
#37 Chi kyufta
lamb, bulgur, spices
2500 AMD

#38 Okroshka
yogurt, cucumber, greens
700 AMD

600 AMD

Hot appetizers
#42 Toshka
beef, sauce, cheese, loshik
1400 AMD

Ishli kyufta
#43 Ishli kyufta
1pc, beef, bulgur
400 AMD

#45 Maria
beef, sauce, loshik
1200 AMD

Kebbe Sajiye
#46 Kebbe Sajiye
beef, bulgur, nuts
1400 AMD

#47 Krdie
cheese, green peppers, tomatoes, oriental spices
1200 AMD

Cheese byorek
#48 Cheese byorek
4pcs, parsley, cheese
800 AMD

Fattush salad
#53 Fattush salad
lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, pomegranate doshab (thick syrop), fried loshik, olive oil
1500 AMD

Armenian salad
#55 Armenian salad
lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, olives oil
1200 AMD

#57 Tabule
300g, parsley, tomato, cucumber, onion, cheese, special sauce
1200 AMD

Greek salad
#59 Greek salad
lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, olive, special sauce
1400 AMD

Beef tongue salad
#60 Beef tongue salad
beef tongue, tomato, pickled cucumber, special sauce
1000 AMD

Olive salad
#61 Olive salad
olives, onion, pomegranate doshab, spices
1400 AMD

Pepper salad
#63 Pepper salad
pepper bbq, special sauce
1500 AMD

Falafel salad
#64 Falafel salad
falafel, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, tahini sauce
1500 AMD

Sandwich and burger
Sujukh sandwich
#66 Sujukh sandwich
sujukh, tomato, pepper, pickles
900 AMD

Mexican sandwich
#68 Mexican sandwich
chicken breast, carrot, green and red pepper, soya, Mexican spices, loshik
1000 AMD

Falafel sandwich
#69 Falafel sandwich
chickpeas, vegetables, tahini sauce
700 AMD

Ghaurma sandwich
#70 Ghaurma sandwich
beef, tomato, pickled cucumber, loshik
1500 AMD

French fries sandwich
#71 French fries sandwich
french fries, coleslaw salad
600 AMD

Falafel sandwich
#72 Falafel sandwich
falafel, vegetable, tahini sauce
700 AMD

Hot Dog
#73 Hot Dog
sausage, pickles, tomato, sauce
500 AMD

Beef burger
#74 Beef burger
beef cutlet, fresh vegetable, special sauce
1100 AMD

Chicken Burger
#75 Chicken Burger
chicken, fresh vegetable, special sauce
1250 AMD

Beef cheese burger
#77 Beef cheese burger
beef cutlet, cheese, fresh vegetable, special sauce
1400 AMD

Chicken cheese burger
#79 Chicken cheese burger
chicken, cheese, fresh vegetable, special sauce
1400 AMD

Beef burger combo
#81 Beef burger combo
beef burger, french fries, soft drink
2300 AMD

Chicken burger combo
#83 Chicken burger combo
chicken burger, french fries, soft drink
2000 AMD

Beef cheese burger combo
#85 Beef cheese burger combo
beef cheese burger, french fries, soft drink
1900 AMD

Chicken cheese burger combo
#86 Chicken cheese burger combo
chicken cheese burger, french fries, soft drink
2300 AMD

Pizza sujuk
#89 Pizza sujuk
30cm, 8pcs, sujuk, green pepper, sauce, cheese
2500 AMD

Margarita pizza
#91 Margarita pizza
30cm, 8pcs, tomato, sauce, cheese
1800 AMD

Pork fillet pizza
#93 Pork fillet pizza
30cm, 8pcs, pork fillet, sauce, cheese
2700 AMD

Hot dog pizza
#95 Hot dog pizza
30cm, 8pcs, sausage, green pepper, sauce, cheese
1800 AMD

Pizza Salami
#96 Pizza Salami
30cm, 8pcs, pepperoni, green pepper, sauce, cheese
2500 AMD

Pizza with vegetable
#98 Pizza with vegetable
30cm, 8pcs, mushroom, olive, green pepper, sauce, cheese
2500 AMD

Pizza Four Season
#100 Pizza Four Season
30cm, 8pcs, sujukh, salami, pork fillet, vegetable
3100 AMD

Hot dishes
Ghavurma hot dish
#103 Ghavurma hot dish
minced beef, french fries, sauce фарш из говядины, картофель фри, соус
2500 AMD

#105 Manti
beef, Matson sauce
1700 AMD

Labaniye kyufta with meat
#107 Labaniye kyufta with meat
12pcs ishli kyufta, yogurt soup
1800 AMD

Labaniye kyufta with butter
#108 Labaniye kyufta with butter
12pcs kyufta with butter, yougurt soup
1800 AMD

Labaniye mix kyufta
#109 Labaniye mix kyufta
6pcs ishli kyufta, 6pcs kyufta with butter
1800 AMD

Khash Khash kebab
#113 Khash Khash kebab
minced beef, tomato, onion, parsley
1350 AMD

Shish Taouk
#114 Shish Taouk
chicken breast
1000 AMD

Shish Taouk with French fries
#115 Shish Taouk with French fries
chicken breast, french fries, garlic sauce
1800 AMD

#117 Tika
100g, beef sirloin, special spices
1800 AMD

Liver BBQ
#118 Liver BBQ
lamb liver
1000 AMD

Eggplant and Beef BBQ
2200 AMD

Toshka BBQ
#122 Toshka BBQ
1 portion ghyma bbq, 1 portion tikka bbq, 1 portion shish taouk, french fries
4200 AMD

Dough dishes
Cheese Krdiye
#138 Cheese Krdiye
cheese, green pepper, tomato, eastern spices
600 AMD

Fatayer with olives
#139 Fatayer with olives
black and green olives, onion, green or red pepper, pomegranate doshab, spices, cheese
600 AMD

#141 Sujuk
beef, spices, tomato
750 AMD

Sujukh with cheese
#143 Sujukh with cheese
sujukh, cheese
900 AMD

#145 Labne
strained yogurt, tomato, mint, olive, eastern spices
400 AMD

Labne with thyme
#146 Labne with thyme
strained yogurt, thyme
600 AMD

Labne with thyme extra
#148 Labne with thyme extra
strained yogurt, thyme, tomato, mint, olive
550 AMD

Labne extra
#150 Labne extra
strained yogurt, mint, tomato, olives
600 AMD

Lahmajoun with pomegranate sauce
#158 Lahmajoun with pomegranate sauce
beef, pomegranate sauce, spices
550 AMD

Ghawarma pide
#160 Ghawarma pide
minced beef, tahini sauce, tomato, pepper, parsley
1700 AMD

400 AMD

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