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Tea and Coffee Planet.Coffee ArabicaCoffee N3 50% Arabica 50% RobustaCoffee Honduras 100% ArabicaCoffee Zambia 100% ArabicaCoffee Columbia 100% ArabicaCoffee India 100% ArabicaCoffee Costa RicaCoffee Brazil 100% ArabicaCoffee Panama 100% ArabicaCoffee Parisian N5Coffee French bouquetCoffee Cameroon 100% ArabicaCoffee Nikaragua 100% ArabicaCoffee Zimbabve 100% ArabicaSpiced coffee 100% ArabicaSpiced coffee with orangeSpiced coffee with cherrySpiced coffee AmarettoSpiced coffee chocolateSpiced coffee almondSpiced coffee rumSpiced coffee VanilCoffee RobustaCoffee Robusta PanamaCoffee Robusta Super JamboCoffee Robusta ColumbiaCoffee Espresso TurkishCoffee Robusta NikaraguaInstant coffeeInstant coffee FrizzInstant coffee Frizz TchiboTeaTea Da Hun PaoTea TieguanyinTea Pu ErhTea Shaolin TreasuresBlack tea with rosehip and appleBlack tea CitrusBlack tea with quince and hippophaeBlack tea with lemonGreen tea Japanese LindenGreen Tea Strawberry ChampagneBlack tea with cinnamon and clovesTea HibiscusTea Forest fairyTea 1001 NightsBlack tea RoyalTea Hibiscus with strawberriesBlack tea English breakfastBlack tea with large leaf CeylonGreen tea with Jasmine flowersBlack tea AssamTea Venus birthTea 1002 nightsTea with quince and peachTea Grape OulunTea wild cherryTea Ginseng OulunTea IvanIndian black tea ThiefTea Raspberry with MintTea MangoTea Milk OulunTea MojitoTea Impudent fruitTea Peach OulunTea Pina ColadaTea TaygaBlack tea Assam N1Black tea Assam PekoeTea Milk PuerWhite teaTea Puer PalaceTea Puer and JasmineTea Puer and roseSpicesBlack pepper chiliBlack pepperBlack pepper granulesRed sweet pepper HalepRed spicy pepper HalepRed spicy pepper Halep bigRed sweet pepper Halep bigCoconut oil Coffee and Tea
Tea and Coffee Planet

Coffee and Tea
Working hours
09:30 - 21:30

Tea and Coffee Planet

Coffee Arabica
Coffee Honduras 100% Arabica
#2 Coffee Honduras 100% Arabica
100g, medium roasting
550 AMD

Coffee Zambia 100% Arabica
#3 Coffee Zambia 100% Arabica
100g, delicate flavor
560 AMD

Coffee Columbia 100% Arabica
520 AMD

Coffee India 100% Arabica
#5 Coffee India 100% Arabica
100g, medium roasting
500 AMD

Coffee Costa Rica
#6 Coffee Costa Rica
100g, medium roasting
520 AMD

Coffee Brazil 100% Arabica
500 AMD

Coffee Panama 100% Arabica
500 AMD

Coffee Parisian N5
640 AMD

Coffee French bouquet
#10 Coffee French bouquet
100g, mix of 3 types of Arabic coffee
600 AMD

Coffee Cameroon 100% Arabica
#11 Coffee Cameroon 100% Arabica
100g, medium roasting
570 AMD

Coffee Nikaragua 100% Arabica
#12 Coffee Nikaragua 100% Arabica
100g, delicate flavor
680 AMD

Coffee Zimbabve 100% Arabica
#13 Coffee Zimbabve 100% Arabica
100g, medium roasting
560 AMD

Spiced coffee 100% Arabica
Spiced coffee Amaretto
#16 Spiced coffee Amaretto
100% Arabica with orange flavor
900 AMD

Spiced coffee rum
900 AMD

Instant coffee
Tea Da Hun Pao
#34 Tea Da Hun Pao
100g, Chinese black tea, raises the resistance
6300 AMD

Tea Tieguanyin
4200 AMD

Tea Pu Erh
#36 Tea Pu Erh
100g, 15 year old
4500 AMD

Tea Shaolin Treasures
#37 Tea Shaolin Treasures
100g, mixture of green, black and white teas, includes pineapple, red currant and wild strawberry
1290 AMD

Black tea Citrus
#39 Black tea Citrus
100g, Indian tea with lemon peel
1200 AMD

Black tea with quince and  hippophae
#40 Black tea with quince and hippophae
100g, black tea with quince hippophae and safflower
1150 AMD

Green tea Japanese Linden
#42 Green tea Japanese Linden
100g, with Tilia flowers, lemon peel and pieces
1050 AMD

Green Tea Strawberry Champagne
#43 Green Tea Strawberry Champagne
100g, mixure of Ceylon black and Chinese green tea with strawberry and peach pieces, plum s flowers and Champagne taste
1190 AMD

Tea Hibiscus
700 AMD

Tea Forest fairy
#46 Tea Forest fairy
100g, mixture of Chinese and Japanese black tea, with strawberry, wild strawberry, and apple pieces
1200 AMD

Tea 1001 Nights
#47 Tea 1001 Nights
100g, mixture of black and green tea
1190 AMD

Black tea Royal
#48 Black tea Royal
100g, with rose petals, wild strawberry pieces
1300 AMD

Black tea Assam
1400 AMD

Tea Venus birth
700 AMD

Tea 1002 nights
#57 Tea 1002 nights
100g, blend of classic black and green tea varieties, fruits, rose leaves and olive oil, natural aromatic oils
1250 AMD

Tea with quince and peach
#58 Tea with quince and peach
100g, green tea flavored with quince and peach
1370 AMD

Tea Grape Oulun
#59 Tea Grape Oulun
100g, bright taste with aromatic grape taste
1710 AMD

Tea wild cherry
#60 Tea wild cherry
100g, black tea with dried cherry
1420 AMD

Tea Ginseng Oulun
#61 Tea Ginseng Oulun
100g, bright taste with aroma of ginseng
1520 AMD

Tea Ivan
#62 Tea Ivan
100g, concentrated granular tea, blue flower խտացված 
2310 AMD

Indian black tea Thief
#63 Indian black tea Thief
100g, light acidity, invariably sweet taste, classic, fruit notes
900 AMD

Tea Raspberry with Mint
#64 Tea Raspberry with Mint
100g, hibiscus, strawberry leaf, healing calendula, apple, mint, raspberry pieces, natural aromatic oils
1380 AMD

Tea Mango
#65 Tea Mango
100g, black tea, mango pieces, calendula, bright flavor
1610 AMD

Tea Milk Oulun
#66 Tea Milk Oulun
100g, pronounced vivid taste with fragrant shade of milk
1730 AMD

Tea Mojito
#68 Tea Mojito
100g, bright, refreshing flavor with citrus mint and lime shades
1380 AMD

Tea Impudent fruit
#69 Tea Impudent fruit
100g, bright acid flavor, expressed with raisins and fruits flavor
1350 AMD

Tea Peach Oulun
#70 Tea Peach Oulun
100g, expressed bright flavor emphasized with peach flavor
1520 AMD

Tea Pina Colada
#71 Tea Pina Colada
100g, bright acid flavor, with pineapple and coconut notes
1490 AMD

Tea Tayga
#72 Tea Tayga
100g, turns out strong, fragrant, beautiful walnut flavor, mint and strawberry
1700 AMD

Black tea Assam N1
#73 Black tea Assam N1
100g, black tea with full fruity color
1240 AMD

Black tea Assam Pekoe
#74 Black tea Assam Pekoe
100g, black tea with full fruity tone, flavored with flowers
1290 AMD

Tea Milk Puer
#75 Tea Milk Puer
100g, 10 years reserved, Puer tea saturated with milk flavor
4000 AMD

White tea
#76 White tea
100g, thick, juicy, sweet, refreshing fruit acidity
3900 AMD

Tea Puer Palace
300 AMD

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17 May 2022
Lucy D.
23 Jan 2022
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