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Sushi Kushi.Best OfferMaster setHot setKanon setMaki setSpring setParty setPhiladelphia dinnerKushi dinnerKushi setSushi Sets Set DragonSet Sushi KushiSet SugoySet YumeUramakiSalmon goldSalmon tigerTobiko rollSalmon AnagoPhilladelphia rollPhilladelphia Avocado rollGunkan rollSalmon SurimiWasabi TamagoEbi ten rollCalifornia rollSalmon ten rollHot tiger rollGrilled SalmonGrilled TunaFutomakiKanon FutomakiFashion ten FutomakiSalmon teriyaki FutomakiChicken teriyaki FutomakiSpicy Ebi ten futomakiTamago roll futomaki shiitake mushrooms temuraTamago roll Futomaki SalmonKanon ten futomakiMakiTiger makiKampyo makiPanko makiSurimi makiChicken makiHot DishesChicken with aromated Chinese mushroomChicken fillet with cashewChicken with champignon in bambooChicken in sour-sweet-spicy sauceChicken wingsChicken with curry sauceCrispy chickenChicken in panChicken Gun Bao with peanutSpicy chickenFried chicken with orangePork with shrimps in bambooPork ribs roast in soy saucePork in panVeal with sour-sweet-spicy sauceVeal with vegetablesVeal with Chinese mushroomsVeal fillet with paximat and saladVeal with mushroom in sweet-sour-spicy sauceVeal in panVeal tenderloin Kyan SoSpicy vealSpicy veal with sesameSpicy veal with cuminStewed veal in spicy sauceLamb with corianderLamb with onionFried duck in sour-sweet-spicy sauceShrimps with cashewShrimp Gun BaoRiceRice with vegetablesFried rice with eggs and green onionFried rice Sushi KushiSpring rollsPineapple JalapenoTiger SpringSalmon TropicalSalmon spring rollsTuna spring rollVege spring rollSping set lightStartersGoma WakameFresh mint saladVege misoSalmon misoRocketSalmon chirashiSalmon flowerTuna flowerKushikatsu tigerKushikatsu chickenSaladsSalad Fyn-seCucumber with spicy sauce in chinese styleSoya sprouts saladSalad Pig earsCaesar with chickenSoupsKing kong chicken soupKing kong chicken soup XLKing kong shrimp soupKing kong shrimp soup XLGodzilla RamenGodzilla Ramen XLSpicy mushroom soupSpicy sour soupVeal soup with eggsStir Fry NoodlesSweet soy noodlesSalmon teriyakiPad Thai tigerPad Thai chickenPad Thai vegeUddon noodles with vegetablesUddon noodles with vealBreadChinese breadSweet RollsStrawberry rollBanana rollMango roll Japanese, Asian
Sushi Kushi

Japanese, Asian
Working hours
12:00 - 23:00

Sushi Kushi

Best Offer
Master set
#1 Master set
19pcs, Salmon Surimi (5x), Salmon Tiger (5x), Philadelphia Avocado roll (5x), Salmon Teriyaki Nigiri (2x), Salmon Wasabi Nigiri (2x), Salatko Goma Wakame (1x)
14500 AMD

Hot set
#2 Hot set
32pcs, Salmon ten roll (10x), Spicy Ebi ten (12x), Tuna Hosomaki (6x) Hot Salmon nigiri (2x), Hot Tuna nigiri (2x), Salatko Goma Wakame (1x)
18800 AMD

Kanon set
#3 Kanon set
32pcs, Kanon (12x), Salmon gold (10x), Avocado Hosomaki (6x), Salmon nigiri (2x), Tuna nigiri (1x)
17700 AMD

Maki set
#4 Maki set
30pcs, Philadelphia roll (5x), grilled Tuna (5x), grilled Salmon (5x), Wasabi Tamago (5x), California roll (5x), Tamago Shiitake (5x), Salatko Goma Wakame (1x)
14900 AMD

Spring set
#5 Spring set
38pcs, Salmon spring (6x), Tuna spring (6x), Hot tiger (10x), Chicken panko (6x), Philadelphia avocado roll (5x), Mango roll (5x)
23400 AMD

Party set
#6 Party set
50pcs, Spicy Ebi ten (12x), Tobiko roll (10x), Gunkan roll (10x), Wasabi Tamago (10x), Salmon nigiri (2x), Tuna nigiri (2x), Salmon Au nigiri (2x), Tamago nigiri (2x), Salatko Goma Wakame (2x)
29900 AMD

Philadelphia dinner
#7 Philadelphia dinner
25pcs, Philadelphia roll (15x), Shiitake Hosomaki (3x), Philadelphia Hosomaki (3x), Salmon nigiri (2x), Tamago nigiri (2x)
12500 AMD

Kushi dinner
#8 Kushi dinner
25pcs, Kamon ten (15x), Surimi Hosomaki (3x), Salmon Kyuri Hosomaki (3x), Salmon nigiri (2x), Tamago nigiri (2x)
12500 AMD

Kushi set
#9 Kushi set
88pcs, Salmon ten roll (10x), chicken teriyaki (12x), Philadelphia roll (10x), Spicy Ebi ten (12x), Gunkan roll (10x), grilled Salmon (10x), Salmon Hosomaki (6x), Shiitake Hosomaki (6x), Salmon avocado nigiri (2x), Tamago niigiri (2x), hot Salmon nigiri (2x), Salatko Goma Wakame (2x)
38800 AMD

Sushi Sets
Set Dragon
#150 Set Dragon
54pcs, Philadelphia roll 10pcs, California roll 10pcs, Chicken teriyaki 12pcs, Dragon roll 10pcs, tuna hosomaki 6pcs, salmon hosomaki 6pcs
21500 AMD

Set Sushi Kushi
#151 Set Sushi Kushi
44pcs, Philadelphia roll 20pcs, California roll 10pcs, salmon hosomaki 6pcs, cucumis hosomaki 6pcs, unagi nigiri 2pcs
18900 AMD

Set Sugoy
#152 Set Sugoy
32pcs, Philadelphia roll 10pcs, California roll 10pcs, Cucumis hosomaki 6pcs, salmon hosomaki 6pcs
10500 AMD

Set Yume
#158 Set Yume
46pcs, 10pcs Philadelphia roll, 10pcs California roll, 12pcs chicken teriyaki, 6pcs salmon hosomaki, 8pcs Philadelphia salmon hosomaki
15500 AMD

Salmon gold
#10 Salmon gold
10pcs, Salmon, crab sticks, cucumber, marinated turnip
4200 AMD

Salmon tiger
#11 Salmon tiger
10pcs, tempura tiger shrimps, lettuce, cucumber, onion, Salmon BBQ, wasabi
5500 AMD

Tobiko roll
#12 Tobiko roll
10pcs, Salmon BBQ, Teriyaki sauce, Philadelphia cheese, wasabi, cucumber, tobiko
5500 AMD

Salmon Anago
#13 Salmon Anago
10pcs, BBQ Eel, Philadelphia cheese, cucumber, BBQ teriyaki Salmon, sesame seeds
5500 AMD

Philladelphia roll
#14 Philladelphia roll
10pcs, Salmon, Philadelphia cheese, cucumber, kampyo
4200 AMD

Philladelphia Avocado roll
#15 Philladelphia Avocado roll
10pcs, Salmon, Philadelphia cheese, cucumber, kampyo, avocado
4800 AMD

Gunkan roll
#16 Gunkan roll
10pcs, spicy Salmon, lettuce, avocado
4200 AMD

Salmon Surimi
#17 Salmon Surimi
10pcs, Surimi salad, lettuce, avocado, BBQ Salmon
4200 AMD

Wasabi Tamago
#18 Wasabi Tamago
10pcs, Salmon, wasabi, Philadelphia cheese, cucumber, lettuce, turnip, onion, kampyo, Japaness omelette
5000 AMD

Ebi ten roll
#19 Ebi ten roll
10pcs, tiger shrimp in fried coconut tempura, cucumber, kampyo, lettuce, spicy mayonnaise sauce
4200 AMD

California roll
#20 California roll
10pcs, Philadelphia cheese, avocado, kampyo
6000 AMD

Salmon ten roll
#21 Salmon ten roll
10pcs, tempura Salmon, cucumber, lettuce, kampyo, spicy mayonnaise
4200 AMD

Hot tiger roll
#22 Hot tiger roll
10pcs, shrimp tempura, shichimi spices, sweet mango, avocado, lettuce, Tuna
6500 AMD

Grilled Salmon
#23 Grilled Salmon
10pcs, BBQ Salmon teriyaki, cucumber, kampyo, onion, spicy mayonnaise
4200 AMD

Grilled Tuna
#24 Grilled Tuna
10pcs, BBQ Tuna, Teriyaki sauce, cucumber, kamyo, arugula, spicy mayonnaise
5800 AMD

Kanon Futomaki
#25 Kanon Futomaki
12pcs, Salmon, crab sticks, cucumber, kampyo, marinated turnip
4200 AMD

Fashion ten Futomaki
#26 Fashion ten Futomaki
12pcs, Salmon, crab sticks, cucumber, kampyo, marinated turnip
4200 AMD

Salmon teriyaki Futomaki
#27 Salmon teriyaki Futomaki
12pcs, BBQ Salmon, teriyaki sauce, Philadelphia cheese, cucumber and kampyo
4200 AMD

Chicken teriyaki Futomaki
#28 Chicken teriyaki Futomaki
12pcs, BBQ Salmon teriyaki, Philadelphia cheese, cucumber, kampyo, onion
4200 AMD

Spicy Ebi ten futomaki
#29 Spicy Ebi ten futomaki
12pcs, tiger shrimp, orange, cucumber, kampyo, lettuce, spicy mayonnaise
4500 AMD

Tamago roll futomaki shiitake mushrooms temura
#30 Tamago roll futomaki shiitake mushrooms temura
12pcs, avocado, cucumber, kampyo and oshinko, rolled with tamago omelette
4200 AMD

Tamago roll Futomaki Salmon
#31 Tamago roll Futomaki Salmon
12pcs, avocado, cucumber, kampyo and oshinko, rolled with tamago omelette
4200 AMD

Kanon ten futomaki
#32 Kanon ten futomaki
12pcs, Salmon tempura, cucumber, kampyo, spicy mayonnaise
4200 AMD

Tiger maki
#33 Tiger maki
8pcs, shrimp tempura, lettuce, Philadelphia cheese, chili
3500 AMD

Kampyo maki
#34 Kampyo maki
8pcs, breaded kampyo, onion, chili mayonnaise
3500 AMD

Panko maki
#35 Panko maki
8pcs, Salmon, breaded oshinko
3500 AMD

Surimi maki
#36 Surimi maki
8pcs, surimi salad, lettuce, avocado
3500 AMD

Chicken maki
#37 Chicken maki
8pcs, chicken breaded panko, avocado, spicy sauce
3500 AMD

Spring rolls
Pineapple Jalapeno
#83 Pineapple Jalapeno
12pcs, salmon, cucumber, pineapple, marinated hot pepper, kampyo, hot mayonnaise, rice
5500 AMD

Tiger Spring
#84 Tiger Spring
8pcs, arugula, shrimps, red pepper, pineapple, cucumber, kampyo
4500 AMD

Salmon Tropical
#85 Salmon Tropical
10pcs, salmon, pineapple, kampyo, cheese Philadelphia, arugula, cucumber, tobico, rice
5500 AMD

Salmon spring rolls
#86 Salmon spring rolls
6pcs, Salmon, arugula, Philadelphia cheese, kamyo, tobiko, cucumber
4200 AMD

Tuna spring roll
#87 Tuna spring roll
6pcs, Tuna, arugula, Philadelpia cheese, kampyo, cucumber, tobiko, onion
4200 AMD

Vege spring roll
#88 Vege spring roll
6pcs, cucumber, arugula, avocado, carrot, mint, turnip, kampyo
3000 AMD

Sping set light
#89 Sping set light
Salmon spring (6x), Tuna spring (6x), Vege spring (6x), served with Miso soup Salmon
14000 AMD

Goma Wakame
#109 Goma Wakame
seaweed, sesame seeds, spicy sauce
3000 AMD

Fresh mint salad
#110 Fresh mint salad
mango, carrot, cucumber, red onion, olives, mint
3000 AMD

Vege miso
#11 Vege miso
Miso broth tofu, wakame seaweed, sesame seeds
3000 AMD

Salmon miso
#113 Salmon miso
Miso broth with Salmon, cabbage, eggplant, carrot, wakame seaweeds, sesame seeds
3500 AMD

#114 Rocket
chicken BBQ, teriyaki sauce, arugula, rice, sesame seeds
4000 AMD

Salmon chirashi
#115 Salmon chirashi
spicy Salmon tartar, served with rice, avocado, sesame seeds, wasabi
4200 AMD

Salmon flower
#116 Salmon flower
Salmon sashimi, avocado, sesame seeds
3500 AMD

Tuna flower
#117 Tuna flower
Tuna sashimi, sesame seeds
3500 AMD

Kushikatsu tiger
#118 Kushikatsu tiger
tiger shrimp in coconut tempura, sweet chili sauce
3100 AMD

Kushikatsu chicken
#119 Kushikatsu chicken
chicken pieces panko breaded, okonomo sauce
2900 AMD

Salad Fyn-se
#120 Salad Fyn-se
cucumber, carrot, chicken breast, garlic
2300 AMD

Soya sprouts salad
#122 Soya sprouts salad
cucumber, carrot, soya sprouds, garlic
2300 AMD

Salad Pig ears
#123 Salad Pig ears
cucumber, carrot, black and white mushrooms, garlic
2500 AMD

King kong chicken soup
#126 King kong chicken soup
chicken, Malaysian coconut soup, mie macaroni, lime leaves, Asian mushrooms, almond
3800 AMD

King kong chicken soup XL
#128 King kong chicken soup XL
chicken, Malaysian coconut soup with double ingredients - mie macaroni, lime leaves, Asian mushrooms, almond
6000 AMD

King kong shrimp soup
#127 King kong shrimp soup
shrimp, Malaysian coconut soup, mie macaroni, lime leaves, Asian mushrooms, almond
4200 AMD

King kong shrimp soup XL
#129 King kong shrimp soup XL
shrimp, Malaysian coconut soup, mie macaroni, lime leaves, Asian mushrooms, peanut
7000 AMD

Godzilla Ramen
#130 Godzilla Ramen
Japanese soup with beef, Mie macaroni, chicken, cabbage and eggs
3800 AMD

Godzilla Ramen XL
#131 Godzilla Ramen XL
Japanese soup with beef and double ingredients Mie macaroni, chicken, cabbage and eggs
6000 AMD

Stir Fry Noodles
Sweet soy noodles
#136 Sweet soy noodles
spicy Indonesian macaron, shiitake mushrooms, nuts with garlic, chicken in sweet sauce, peanut
5100 AMD

Salmon teriyaki
#137 Salmon teriyaki
buckwheat sobu macaroni, Salmon in Teriyaki sauce, yellow pepper, carrot, onion, sesame seeda, lime
5500 AMD

Pad Thai tiger
#138 Pad Thai tiger
Thai rice with shrimp, sweet-sour sauce, tofu, eggs, lime, onion, almond
5500 AMD

Pad Thai chicken
#139 Pad Thai chicken
macaroni with chicken
4900 AMD

Sweet Rolls
Strawberry roll
#144 Strawberry roll
fresh strawberry, cinnamon, nutella, sweet rice, nori
4100 AMD

Banana roll
#145 Banana roll
banana, coconut, sweet rice, Japanese omelette
4500 AMD

Mango roll
#146 Mango roll
mango, mint, nutella, sweet rice, Japanese omelette
4100 AMD

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