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Sushi Garden.Best OfferSet Good MoodSet FestiveSet SmileSet Sushi GardenSet TokyoSet AssortedSet ClassicSet NagosakiSet Creamy salmonSet AlwaysRollsEbi cheese syake rollCalifornia syake rollCalifornia crab rollUnagi tamago rollCanada rollDakota rollCreamy roll with eel Ebi sharp rollMakiSake makiUnagi makiYasai makiKani makiEbi makiSaladsSalad Pig earsFyn-se saladSashimiUnagi sashimiEbi sashimiSake sashimi Japanese
Sushi Garden

Working hours
11:30 - 23:30

Sushi Garden

Best Offer
Set Good Mood
#500 Set Good Mood
48pcs, Kanzen, Creamy salmon, Tobiko cheese maki, Kani maki, Kappa maki
14150 AMD

Set Festive
#501 Set Festive
72pcs, Tamago maki, Kani maki, Kappa maki, Sake maki, Tobiko cheese maki, Sake fry, Ebi Caesar, Kani tempura
15250 AMD

Set Smile
#502 Set Smile
54pcs, Ebi sharp, Orange cheese, California, Ramagi maki, New York roll, Tori Caesar, Veggie maki
15950 AMD

Set Sushi Garden
#503 Set Sushi Garden
40pcs, Ebi cheese sake, Kanzen, Ebi Caesar, Ebi sharp, Philadelphia
13850 AMD

Set Tokyo
#504 Set Tokyo
102pcs, salmon, California, Philadelpia, Ebi cheese sake, Canada, Unagi to ikra, Creamy eel, Dakota, Ebi sharp, Unagi Tamago, Tori Caesar, Creamy salmon, Orange cheese, California, Philadelphia
33000 AMD

Set Assorted
#505 Set Assorted
48pcs, Tori Caesar, Kanzen, Unagi tamago, Veggie maki, Creamy eel
11450 AMD

Set Classic
#506 Set Classic
54pcs, Kani tempura, Unagi tamago, New York, Philadelphia, Ungai fry, Ebi cheese sake
16250 AMD

Set Nagosaki
#507 Set Nagosaki
38pcs, Philadephia, sake California, Creamy eel, Creamy salmon, Sake maki
11850 AMD

Set Creamy salmon
#508 Set Creamy salmon
46pcs, Salmon, California, Philadelphia, Ebi cheese sake,Tobiko cheese maki, Kanzen
15000 AMD

Set Always
#509 Set Always
48pcs, Canada, California sake, Unagi tamago, Ebi cheese sake, Ebi Caesar, Kani maki
15000 AMD

Ebi cheese syake roll
#1 Ebi cheese syake roll
8pcs, smoked salmon, crab tempura, cream cheese, sesame
4100 AMD

California syake roll
#2 California syake roll
8pcs, cucumber, salmon, soy mayonnaise, tobiko
3500 AMD

California crab roll
#3 California crab roll
8pcs, crab, cucumber, soy mayonnaise, tobiko
3500 AMD

Unagi tamago roll
#5 Unagi tamago roll
8pcs, smoked salmon, cream cheese, eel, tamago
3900 AMD

Canada roll
#6 Canada roll
8pcs, eel, cream cheese, salmon, cucumber
4100 AMD

Dakota roll
#7 Dakota roll
8pcs, salmon, cream cheese, eel, avocado
3900 AMD

Creamy roll with eel
#8 Creamy roll with eel
8pcs, cream cheese, tobiko, eel, avocado
4500 AMD

Ebi sharp roll
#10 Ebi sharp roll
8pcs, smoked salmon, crab tempura, avocado, cream cheese, sriracha spicy sauce
4300 AMD

Sake maki
#11 Sake maki
8pcs, salmon, rice
2300 AMD

Unagi maki
#12 Unagi maki
8pcs, eel, rice
2500 AMD

Yasai maki
#13 Yasai maki
8pcs, vegetable, rice
1500 AMD

Kani maki
#14 Kani maki
8pcs, crab, rice
1900 AMD

Ebi maki
#15 Ebi maki
8pcs, crab, rice
2150 AMD

Salad Pig ears
#16 Salad Pig ears
250-300g, sea mushrooms, carrot, cucumber
2300 AMD

Fyn-se salad
#17 Fyn-se salad
250-300g, fyn-se noodles, chicken, carrot, cucumber
2300 AMD

Unagi sashimi
3700 AMD

Ebi sashimi
#19 Ebi sashimi
5pcs, crab
3000 AMD

Sake sashimi
#20 Sake sashimi
5pcs, salmon
3500 AMD

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Karen Y.
20 May 2022
Armen T.
13 May 2022
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03 May 2022
02 May 2022
кислые роллы, не понравилось
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