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Solo Gelato

European, Coffee and Tea
Working hours
09:00 - 00:00

Solo Gelato

Sweet Breakfast
#15 Sweet Breakfast
pancakes,fruits,Nuetlla,sour cream
1600 AMD

Chicken Caesar Salad
#21 Chicken Caesar Salad
grilled chicken breast,lettuce,cheese Parmesan,light garlic flavored crotons and classic Caesar sauce
2300 AMD

Greek Salad
#22 Greek Salad
cheese Feta,tomatoes,cucumber,bell pepper,onion,olive with Greek sauce
2100 AMD

Ham and Chineese Cabbage Salad
#23 Ham and Chineese Cabbage Salad
cherry tomatoes,ham,Chineese lettuce,fresh mushrooms,corn spiced wit dill and Balsamic sauce
2100 AMD

Grilled chicken and veggies
#24 Grilled chicken and veggies
Grilled chicken breast, bell pepper, mix greens, cheese Feta and sauce
2300 AMD

Burgers and Sandwiches
Ham and Cheese Sandwich
#26 Ham and Cheese Sandwich
ham,cheese,tomatoes and lettuce
1500 AMD

Club Sandwich
#27 Club Sandwich
triple layered sandwich with grilled chicken breast,lettuce,bacon and tomatoes
2300 AMD

Caesar Sandwich
#28 Caesar Sandwich
chicken breast,Parmesan cheese,tomatoes,lettuce,Caesar sauce
1700 AMD

Classic burger
#29 Classic burger
Beef, pickles, lettuce, sauce and village potato
2300 AMD

Chicken burger
#30 Chicken burger
Chicken breast, cheese, onion, lettuce, sauce and village potato
2000 AMD

Waffles with banana,strawberry and Nutella
#32 Waffles with banana,strawberry and Nutella
bananas,strawberries and Nutella served with gelato
1800 AMD

Waffles with Nutella and condensed milk
#33 Waffles with Nutella and condensed milk
Nutella,condensed milk, served with gelato
1800 AMD

Waffles with 3 Random Gelato
1500 AMD

Waffle Baffle
Waffle Baffle with Orange and Cinnamon
1600 AMD

Crepes with Banana and Nutella
1800 AMD

Crepes with Chocolate and Berries
1800 AMD

Pancakes with Banana and Nutella
2100 AMD

Pancakes  with Berries and Nutella
2100 AMD

Pancakes with Caramel and Hazelnut
2100 AMD

Il Solo Coppa
#61 Il Solo Coppa
fruit and bubble gelato,marshmallow,fresh strawberry and whipped cream
1600 AMD

Tropical Coppa
#62 Tropical Coppa
mango and kiwi gelato,fresh kiwi,fresh strawberry and whipped cream
1500 AMD

Brownie Coppa
#63 Brownie Coppa
brownie and gealto,brownie cake,whipped cream and caramel topping
1800 AMD

Snickers Coppa
#64 Snickers Coppa
snickers gelato,snickers chocolate,whipped cream and caramel topping
1800 AMD

Fragola Coppa
#65 Fragola Coppa
strawberry gelato,fresh strawberry,whipped cream and chocolate sauce
1800 AMD

Tea Ice and Hot
Peach Tea
1200 AMD

Mint Tea
1200 AMD

Gelato Shake
Blue Sky
#94 Blue Sky
bubble gum flavored gelato and milk
1200 AMD

Coffe Shake
#95 Coffe Shake
coffe gelato and milk
1200 AMD

Strawberry Shake
#96 Strawberry Shake
strawberry gelato and milk
1200 AMD

Freshly Squeezed Juice
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