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Smoothie.Fruit SmoothieOrange N24Grapefruit N25Lemon N26Lime Smoothie N27Kiwi N28Pineapple N29Banana N30Apple N31Mango N32Avocado Smoothie N33Strawberry N34Raspberry N35Blackberry Smoothie N36Currant Smoothie N37Gooseberry N38Fruit Smoothie MixBananas, orange N39Orange, grapefruit N40Lemon, orange N41Orange, lime N42Orange, kiwi N43Orange, ginger N44Orange, cinnamon N45Orange, lime, mint N46Raspberry, banana N47Banana, blackberry N48Banana, currant N49Banana, strawberry N50Pineapple, lime N51Pineapple, orange N52Pineapple, grapefruit N53Pineapple, kiwi N54Pineapple, banana N55Pineapple, strawberry N56Pineapple, raspberry N57Pineapple, currant N58Pineapple, mango N59Pineapple, lime, mint N61Pineapple, currant, rose jam N62Pineapple, walnut jam N63Pineapple, fig jam N64Strawberry, lime N65Strawberry, lime, pineapple N66Strawberry, orange N67Lime, mint N68Lemon, mint N69Apple, lime N70Apple, lime, mint N71Apple, cinnamon N72Kiwi, lime N73Banana, kiwi N74Fresh squeezed juiceSqueezed pomegranate N11Fresh squeezed orange N12Fresh squeezed grapefruit N13Fresh squeezed orange, grapefruit N14Fresh squeezed carrot N15Fresh squeezed apple N16Fresh squeezed carrot, apple N17Fresh squeezed orange, lemon, carrot N18DetoxDetox pear, banana, spinach, lemon, honey N1Detox pineapple, lime, spinach, honey N2Detox pineapple, aloe, lime, matcha N3Detox apple, lime, aloe, honey N4Detox apple, celery, ginger, honey N5Detox apple, cinnamon, honey N6Detox apple, lime, cucumber, spinach N7Detox charcoal, lavander, lime, currant, honey N8Detox turmeric, orange, ginger, carrot N10.1Detox orange, celery, ginger, honey N10.2Detox avocado, kiwi, spinach, lime, cardamom N10.3Non alcohol MojitoOrange Mojito N19Pineapple Mojito N20Strawberry Mojito N21Raspberry Mojito N22Berry Mojito N23Milkshakes and Ice cream cocktailsBanana, ice cream N75Banana, Nutella N76Banana, Nutella, ice cream N77Banana, ice cream, coconut flakes N78Banana, ice cream, caramel N79Banana, ice cream, halva, sesame N80Banana, ice cream, espresso N81Banana, pomegranate, ice cream N82Banana, strawberry, ice cream N83Banana, raspberry, ice cream N84Banana, blackberry, ice cream N85Banana, currant, ice cream N86Strawberry, ice cream N87Raspberry, ice cream N88Blackberry, ice cream N89Currant, ice cream N90Oreo, ice cream N91Twix, ice cream N92Snickers, ice cream N93Kit Kit, ice cream N94Bounty, ice cream N95Kinder, ice cream N96Oreo, banana, ice cream N97Twix, banana, ice cream N98Snickers, banana, ice cream N99Kit Kat, banana, ice cream N100Bounty, banana, ice cream N101Kinder, banana, ice cream N102Hot CoffeeAmericano hot N190Americano hazelnut hot N190.1Espresso hot N191Double Espresso hot N191.1Cappuccino hot N192Cappuccino hazelnut hot N192.1Latte N192.2Latte hazelnut N192.3Frappuccino moca caramel hot N193Frappuccino mocha Nutella N194Frappuccino mocha hazelnut N195Frappuccino mocha chocolate hot N196Hot Chocolate N197Hot Chocolate Nutella N198Hot tea N198.1Cocoa N198.10Nescafe N198.2Nescafe Nutella N198.3Nescafe hazelnut N198.4Nesquick N198.4Nesquick Nutella N198.5Maccoffee N198.6Double Maccoffee N198.7Black Coffee N198.9Cold CoffeeAmericano cold N199Americano hazelnut cold N199.1Latte cold N199.2Latte hazelnut cold N199.3Cappuccino cold N200Cappuccino hazelnut cold N200.1Glasse cold N201Frappuccino mocha caramel cold N202Frappuccino mocha Nutella cold N203Frappuccino mocha hazelnut N204Frappuccino mocha chocolate cold N205Nescafe cold N205.1Nescafe hazelnut cold N205.12Maccoffee cold N205.2Double Maccoffee cold N205.21Cold tea N205.3Berry MixStrawberry, raspberry N103Strawberry, currant N104Strawberry, blackberry N105Strawberry, cranberry N106Raspberry, blackberry N107Raspberry, currant N108Raspberry, cranberry N109Blackberry, currant N110Blackberry, cranberry N111Currant, cranberry N112Strawberry, raspberry, cranberry N113Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry N114Strawberry, raspberry, currant N115Strawberry, blackberry, currant N116Strawberry, blackberry, cranberry N117Strawberry, currant, cranberry N118Raspberry, blackberry, currant N119Raspberry, blackberry, cranberry N120Raspberry, currant, cranberry N121Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, cranberry N122Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, currant N123Strawberry, blackberry, currant, cranberry N124Raspberry, blackberry, currant, cranberry N125Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, currant, cranberry N126Berry Mix with ice creamStrawberry, raspberry, ice cream N127Strawberry, currant, ice cream N128Strawberry, blackberry, ice cream N129Strawberry, cranberry, ice cream N130Raspberry, blackberry, ice cream N131Raspberry, currant, ice cream N132Raspberry, cranberry, ice cream N133Blackberry, currant, ice cream N134Blackberry, cranberry, ice cream N135Currant, cranberry, ice cream N136Strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, ice cream N137Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, ice cream N138Strawberry, raspberry, currant, ice cream N139Strawberry, blackberry, currant, ice cream N140Strawberry, blackberry, cranberry, ice cream N141Strawberry, currant, cranberry, ice cream N142Raspberry, blackberry, currant, ice cream N143Raspberry, blackberry, cranberry, ice cream N144Raspberry, currant, cranberry, ice cream N145Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, cranberry, ice cream N146Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, currant, ice cream N147Strawberry, blackberry, currant, cranberry, ice cream N148Raspberry, blackberry, currant, cranberry, ice cream N149Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, currant, cranberry, ice cream N150CrepeBanana crepeStrawberry crepeSugar powder crepeCondensed milk crepeCaramel crepeChocolate crepeNutella crepeApricot jam crepeWalnut crepeHoney crepeBlueberry jam crepeCherry jam crepeHalva crepeKit-Kat crepeOreo crepeBanana, strawberry crepeBanana, Nutella, Oreo crepeCrepe MixBanana, Nutella crepeBanana, strawberry, Nutella crepeBanana, condensed milk crepeBanana, chocolate crepeBanana, caramel crepeBanana, cherry jam crepeBanana, blueberry jam crepeStrawberry, chocolate crepeStrawberry, Nutella crepeStrawberry, condensed milk crepeStrawberry, caramel crepeStrawberry, sugar powderStrawberry, Oreo crepeStrawberry, Nutella, Oreo crepeStrawberry, Kit-Kat crepeWalnut, Nutella crepeWalnut, caramel crepeWalnut, Kit-Kat crepeWalnut, Oreo crepeBubble WaffleBubble Waffle BananaBubble Waffle StrawberryBubble Waffle NutellaBubble Waffle CaramelBubble Waffle ChocolateBubble Waffle Condensed MilkBubble Waffle WalnutBubble Waffle HalvaBubble Waffle OreoBubble Waffle Kit-KatBubble Waffle M and MsBubble Waffle Strawberry, OreoBubble Waffle MixBubble Waffle Banana, StrawberryBubble Waffle Banana, NutellaBubble Waffle Banana, ChocolateBubble Waffle Banana, CaramelBubble Waffle Banana, Condensed MilkBubble Waffle Banana, HalvaBubble Waffle Banana, Kit-KitBubble Waffle Banana, Walnut, NutellaBubble Waffle Banana, Halva, CaramelBubble Waffle Banana, Nutella, OreoBubble Waffle Banana, Strawberry, NutellaBubble Waffle Banana, Strawberry, CaramelBubble Waffle Strawberry, NutellaBubble Waffle Strawberry, CaramelBubble Waffle Strawberry, ChocolateBubble Waffle Strawberry, Condensed MilkBubble Waffle Strawberry, Condensed Milk, OreoBubble Waffle Strawberry, Kit-KatBubble Waffle Walnut, Nutella Fresh, Ice Cream

Fresh, Ice Cream
Working hours
10:00 - 23:00


Fruit Smoothie
Orange N24
850 AMD

Grapefruit N25
900 AMD

Lemon N26
700 AMD

Lime Smoothie N27
1100 AMD

Kiwi N28
800 AMD

Pineapple N29
1400 AMD

Banana N30
750 AMD

Apple N31
800 AMD

Mango N32
2000 AMD

Avocado Smoothie N33
1600 AMD

Strawberry N34
1000 AMD

Raspberry N35
1500 AMD

Currant Smoothie N37
1200 AMD

Gooseberry N38
2000 AMD

Non alcohol Mojito
Orange Mojito N19
1400 AMD

Berry Mojito N23
1500 AMD

Berry Mix with ice cream
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Aram K.
21 Apr 2022
Вафли пришли без мороженого! На фото с мороженым!
Lilia N.
31 Mar 2022
20 Mar 2022
28 Jan 2022
27 Jan 2022
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