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Segafredo Zanetti

Italian, European, Coffee and Tea
Working hours
09:30 - 00:00

Segafredo Zanetti

Breakfast Mix
#33 Breakfast Mix
scrambled/ fried/ soft-boiled eggs, bacon, bread toast with Mozzarella cheese and avocado, Scrambled/ fried/ soft-boiled eggs, bacon, bread toast with Mozzarella cheese and avocado, bell pepper, cherry tomato, strawberry, classic pancake
2200 AMD

Sweet Breakfast
#34 Sweet Breakfast
scrambled egg toast with sugar and cinnamon powder, classic pancake, butter, apricot jam, yogurt, strawberry, kiwi
2000 AMD

Vegetarian Omelette
#35 Vegetarian Omelette
egg, mushroom, cheese Mozzarella, bell pepper, squash, summer salad, bread baguette
1900 AMD

Chia Yougurt
#37 Chia Yougurt
chia seed, black currant, fig jam, raspberry, almond powder, mint, sour cream
1200 AMD

Berry Yogurt
#38 Berry Yogurt
black currant, dewberry, kiwi, strawberry, muesli, matzoon, sour cream, Yogurt
1700 AMD

Berry pancake
#321 Berry pancake
pancakes with seasonal berries and seasonal jam on top
1900 AMD

Chocolate strawberry pancake
#323 Chocolate strawberry pancake
Chocolate pancakes served with English cream and strawberry
1700 AMD

NBP pancake
#324 NBP pancake
pancake with Nutella, banana and poppy
1800 AMD

Benedict with Avocado
#326 Benedict with Avocado
toast bread, avocado, arugula, egg, Dutch sauce, chili pepper
2700 AMD

Benedict with Bacon
#327 Benedict with Bacon
bacon, toast, arugula, egg, Dutch sauce, chili pepper
2800 AMD

Lunch (available 12:00 - 16:00 except St)
Protein Rich Salad
#68 Protein Rich Salad
chicken breast, cucumber, carrot, lettuce, quail eggs, sesame, balsamic sauce
1300 AMD

Beef Salad
#69 Beef Salad
beef, eggplant, lettuce, bell pepper, black sesame, parsley, sauce Garou
1700 AMD

Green Salad
#70 Green Salad
chicken breast, lettuce, green onion, cherry tomato, parsley, quinoa, bell pepper, orange sauce
1600 AMD

Healthy Salad
#71 Healthy Salad
chicken breast, red beans, lettuce, broccoli, corn, bell pepper, honey sauce
1400 AMD

Rice with Beef Sauce
#114 Rice with Beef Sauce
beef, carrot, red beans, corn, rice
1600 AMD

Fusilli with Saffron Sauce
#115 Fusilli with Saffron Sauce
chicken breast, fusilli, creamy white sauce with saffron, tomato, cucumber, quinoa
1600 AMD

Grilled Chicken Breast with Tagliatelle Pasta
#116 Grilled Chicken Breast with Tagliatelle Pasta
grilled chicken breast, tagliatelle pasta with mushroom in creamy white sauce, Parmesan cheese, summer salad
1700 AMD

Thai mix with Rice
#117 Thai mix with Rice
chicken breast, bell pepper, carrot, rice, sweet chili sauce
1700 AMD

Mashed Spinach with Chicken Breast
#118 Mashed Spinach with Chicken Breast
chicken breast, mushroom, curry, cream, muscat, garlic, mashed with potato and spinach
1600 AMD

Pork with Mushroom Sauce
#119 Pork with Mushroom Sauce
pork, chicken breast, mushroom, cream, mashed potato
1700 AMD

Bruschetta with Avocado
#43 Bruschetta with Avocado
baguette, Feta cheese, avocado, cherry tomato, Pesto sauce
1800 AMD

Midia with Roquefort sauce
#44 Midia with Roquefort sauce
mussels, Roquefort cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, dill, lemon juice
2600 AMD

Shrimp with Sweet Spicy Sauce
#45 Shrimp with Sweet Spicy Sauce
shrimp, lemon juice, sweet spicy sauce, served with rice
3100 AMD

Chicken Spring Roll
#46 Chicken Spring Roll
chicken fillet, carrot, bell pepper, green beans, ginger, sweet spicy sauce
2400 AMD

Caesar salad
#54 Caesar salad
lettuce, grilled chicken breast, crunchy croutons, Parmesan, tomato, Caesar sauce
2300 AMD

Greek salad
#55 Greek salad
authentic Greek combination of fresh vegetables and Feta cheese
2300 AMD

Vegetarian salad
#56 Vegetarian salad
grilled bell pepper, zuccini, eggplant, tomato, lettuce, Feta, oregano, basil, nuts, olive oil
2600 AMD

2900 AMD

Arugula and Dried Fruits Salad
#67 Arugula and Dried Fruits Salad
dried apricot, prune, dried tomatoes, arugula, bell pepper, Parmesan cheese, Pesto sauce, balsamic cream
2600 AMD

Ham and Cheese
#88 Ham and Cheese
classic Italian combination on fresh toast
1900 AMD

Club sandwich with chicken
#91 Club sandwich with chicken
Grilled chicken fillet and bacon on fresh toast
2700 AMD

Club sandwich with beef
#92 Club sandwich with beef
marinated beef fillet, egg, cheese, tomato, pickled cucumber, toast
2900 AMD

Baguette with Beef
#97 Baguette with Beef
beef fillet, colored pepper, onion, Gouda cheese, mayonnaise
3400 AMD

Chicken Sandwich with Italian Ciabatta bread
#98 Chicken Sandwich with Italian Ciabatta bread
chicken fillet, lettuce, tomato, Mozzarella cheese, mustard sauce
1800 AMD

Main Dishes
Chicken with Boskayola sauce
#101 Chicken with Boskayola sauce
chicken breast, mushroom, green peas, parsley, cream, spinach, cheese Parmesan, cream sauce
2800 AMD

Chicken spinach
#102 Chicken spinach
grilled chicken breast, spinach with Roquefort sauce, served with rice
2900 AMD

Chicken Roll with Pineapple and Orange Sauce
#112 Chicken Roll with Pineapple and Orange Sauce
chicken breast, bacon, mushroom, bell pepper, Mozzarella cheese, sauce with pineapple and orange, served with mashed potato
2700 AMD

Veal with Eggplant, Prunes and Dried Tomatoes
#113 Veal with Eggplant, Prunes and Dried Tomatoes
beef fillet, prunes, dried tomatoes, eggplant, bell pepper, lettuce, oregano, garlic, cream sauce
5000 AMD

Piadina with minced beef
#121 Piadina with minced beef
minced beef, Mozzarella cheese, bell pepper, tomato, Piadina bread
2100 AMD

#124 Pollo
Italian Piadina bread with chicken and Mozzarella
2700 AMD

Vegetables Piadina
#131 Vegetables Piadina
Italian Piadina bread, eggplant, mushroom, cherry tomato, lettuce, Mozzarella cheese, Walnuts, cream sauce with cheese Feta
2800 AMD

Piadina with spicy sauce
#132 Piadina with spicy sauce
Italian piadina bread, chicken breast, mushrooms, bulgarian pepper, corn, cheese Mozzarella, mayonnaise, spicy sauce
2800 AMD

Pizza Margarita
#134 Pizza Margarita
29cm, 8 slices, tomato sauce, cheese Mozzarella
2800 AMD

Vegetables pizza
#135 Vegetables pizza
29cm, 8 slices, tomato sauce, mushroom, marinated tomato, bell pepper, cherry tomato, cheese Mozzarella
3200 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni
#138 Pizza Pepperoni
29cm, 8 slices, pepperoni, cheese Mozzarella
3500 AMD

Pizza Caesar
#140 Pizza Caesar
8pcs, chicken breast, cheese Mozzarella, Parmesan, lettuce, tomato, creckers, caesar sauce
3700 AMD

Tagliatelle with chicken and mushroom
#143 Tagliatelle with chicken and mushroom
Tagliatelle with Alfredo sauce, chicken, mushroom and Parmesan on top
2500 AMD

Egg Noodles with Chicken Breast
#151 Egg Noodles with Chicken Breast
egg noodles, chicken breast, eggplant, pumpkin, mushroom, carrot, sweet, spicy sauce
2300 AMD

Soft drinks
Mirinda Orange
600 AMD

Mirinda Apple
600 AMD

#202 7UP
600 AMD

500 AMD

1400 AMD

Red Bull
1500 AMD

Ice tea
1000 AMD

Schweppes tonic
#217 Schweppes tonic
250ml indian tonic
600 AMD

Schweppes tonic
#218 Schweppes tonic
250ml red grapefruit flavor
600 AMD

Iced Coffee
Latte Macchiato Freddo
#230 Latte Macchiato Freddo
280ml, iced Caffè Latte
1700 AMD

Iced Americano
#236 Iced Americano
280ml, takeaway only
1300 AMD

Iced Espresso
#237 Iced Espresso
40ml, takeaway only
1100 AMD

Caffe Americano
#261 Caffe Americano
150ml, takeaway only
1200 AMD

Espresso Macchiato
#263 Espresso Macchiato
60ml, espresso, milk foam, takeaway only
1300 AMD

#264 Cappuccino
150ml, traditional Italian cappuccino, takeaway only
1500 AMD

Cappuccino Doppio
#265 Cappuccino Doppio
200ml, takeaway only
1900 AMD

Latte Macchiato
#266 Latte Macchiato
280ml, takeaway only
1600 AMD

Espresso Con Noci
#269 Espresso Con Noci
60ml, espresso with nuts, pistachio or almond of your choice,  takeaway only
1500 AMD

Cappuccino Freddo
#270 Cappuccino Freddo
280ml, takeaway only
1600 AMD

American Latte
1900 AMD

700 AMD

Leaf Tea
1000 AMD

Malibu chocolate
#300 Malibu chocolate
200ml, hot chocolate, Malibu rum, takeaway only
2400 AMD

Hot chocolate
#301 Hot chocolate
200ml, takeaway only
1700 AMD

Chocolate Freddo
#302 Chocolate Freddo
280g, traditional cold chocolate
1900 AMD

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