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Qristi Flowers Salon.Love OffersLove Offer N2Love Offer N3Love Offer N4Love Offer N5Love Offer N6Love Offer N7Love Offer N8FlowersCallaDutch anthuriumDutch tulipDutch rose red 50cmDutch rose red 60cmDutch rose red 70cmDutch rose red 80cmDutch rose Jumilia 50cmDutch rose Jumilia 60cmDutch rose Jumilia 70cmDutch rose Jumilia 80cmPink clustered roseWhite clustered roseAlstroemeriaCompositionComposition N5Composition N6Composition N7Composition N8Composition N13Composition N14Composition N15Composition N16Composition N17Composition N18Composition N21Composition N23Composition N24Composition N25Composition N26Composition N27Composition N28Composition N29Composition N30Composition N31Composition N32Composition N35Composition N36Composition N38Bouquet N2Bouquet N3Composition N39 Flowers and Balloons
Qristi Flowers Salon

Flowers and Balloons
Working hours
09:00 - 00:00

Qristi Flowers Salon

Love Offers
Love Offer N2
#7 Love Offer N2
rose, alstroemeria, gerbera
7000 AMD

Love Offer N3
#10 Love Offer N3
rose, alstromeria
5000 AMD

Love Offer N4
#13 Love Offer N4
rose, alstromeria
11000 AMD

Love Offer N5
#16 Love Offer N5
rose, gerbera, alstroemeria
5000 AMD

Love Offer N6
#19 Love Offer N6
gerbera, rose, alstroemeria
7000 AMD

Love Offer N7
#22 Love Offer N7
rose, alstroemeria
12000 AMD

Love Offer N8
#25 Love Offer N8
gerbera, rose, alstroemeria, gypsophila
8000 AMD

1000 AMD

Dutch anthurium
2500 AMD

Dutch tulip
1000 AMD

Pink clustered rose
1500 AMD

White clustered rose
1500 AMD

300 AMD

Composition N5
#60 Composition N5
1 mariam, 5 roses, 5 gerberas, Dutch leaves, ceramic container
9000 AMD

Composition N6
#61 Composition N6
9 roses, 3 gerberas, alstroemeria, Dutch leaves
8000 AMD

Composition N7
#62 Composition N7
5 roses, 5 gerberas, alstroemeria, Dutch leaves
8000 AMD

Composition N8
#63 Composition N8
5 roses, 5 gerberas, astromeria, straw container
7000 AMD

Composition N13
#68 Composition N13
roses, lisiantus, chrisants
30000 AMD

Composition N14
#69 Composition N14
roses, lisiantus, chrisants
23000 AMD

Composition N15
#70 Composition N15
gypsum container, rose, lisiantus, Dutch leaves
27000 AMD

Composition N16
#71 Composition N16
gypsum container, rose, lisiantus, herbera, Dutch leaves
17000 AMD

Composition N17
#72 Composition N17
gypsum container, rose, lisiantus, Dutch leaves
22000 AMD

Composition N18
#73 Composition N18
gypsum container, rose, herbera, drakhti trchun, Dutch leaves
23000 AMD

Composition N21
#75 Composition N21
gypsum container, rose, lisiantus, herbera, Dutch leaves
17000 AMD

Composition N23
#78 Composition N23
Dutch roses, gypsofilia
20000 AMD

Composition N24
#79 Composition N24
gypsum container, rose, herbera, lisiantus, Dutch leaves
15000 AMD

Composition N25
#80 Composition N25
gypsum container, rose, herbera, Dutch leaves
30000 AMD

Composition N26
#81 Composition N26
wooden box, rose, lisiantus, Dutch leaves
8000 AMD

Composition N27
#82 Composition N27
gypsum container, rose, lisiantus, Dutch leaves
10000 AMD

Composition N28
#83 Composition N28
roses, lisiantus
12000 AMD

Composition N29
#84 Composition N29
roses, lisiantus
13000 AMD

Composition N30
#85 Composition N30
roses, lisiantus, alstroemeria, strelet
9000 AMD

Composition N31
#86 Composition N31
roses, lisiantus, alstroemeria, matyola
10700 AMD

Composition N32
#87 Composition N32
roses, lisiantus, alstroemeria, Dutch leaves
12500 AMD

Composition N35
#90 Composition N35
roses, alstroemeria
9000 AMD

Composition N36
#91 Composition N36
dutch roses, liziantus
37000 AMD

Composition N38
#93 Composition N38
roses, liziantus, chrisants, gypsophila
15000 AMD

Bouquet N2
#97 Bouquet N2
rose, lisianthus
12000 AMD

Bouquet N3
#98 Bouquet N3
rose, chrisants, lisianthus
9000 AMD

Composition N39
#99 Composition N39
rose, lisianthus, kalanchoe, firm box
18000 AMD

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13 May 2022
Букет очень отличается от заявленной картинки! Цветы использованы другие и композиция совершенно другая.
10 May 2022
Отлично как всегда
Мария И.
02 May 2022
Armen G.
24 Apr 2022
16 Apr 2022
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Qristi Flowers Salon
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