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European, German
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Specials with beer
Black tiger
#18 Black tiger
grilled tiger shrimp with sauce
8000 AMD

House special salad
#22 House special salad
sea cocktail, rukola
5600 AMD

#23 Caprese
tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, sauce
3800 AMD

Greek salad
#54 Greek salad
tomato, cucumber, feta
3500 AMD

Cabbage salad
#68 Cabbage salad
cabbage, pepper, carrot, lemon
1200 AMD

Summer salad
#72 Summer salad
tomato, cucumber
3000 AMD

#78 Solyanka
meat assortment, lemon, black olives
2700 AMD

Mushroom cream soup Cascade
#82 Mushroom cream soup Cascade
mushrooms, bacon, plain cream
2500 AMD

Chicken soup
#83 Chicken soup
chicken fillet, carrot, rice, parsley
2000 AMD

1200 AMD

Chefs Specials
Munch assortment for 5 person
#109 Munch assortment for 5 person
roulette, pork fillets, beef sauce, sausages, grilled vegetables, onion breaded rings, two bercdl, red and white cabbage, baked cauliflower, Korean carrot, assorted sauces, 0.5l Paulaner beer
29000 AMD

Hacker Pschorr
#110 Hacker Pschorr
for 2 persons
11000 AMD

Paulaner collection
#111 Paulaner collection
for 4-5 persons, turkey, beef fillet, pork ribs
28500 AMD

Burgundy lamb for 2 persons
#115 Burgundy lamb for 2 persons
lamb shoulder, zuccini, eggplant, tomato, hot epper, onion, sauce
11000 AMD

Burgundy lamb for 4 persons
#116 Burgundy lamb for 4 persons
lamb leg, zuccini, eggplant, tomato, hot epper, onion, sauce
15000 AMD

Pork Knuckle
#117 Pork Knuckle
potato BBQ, fried vegetable, mustard, white sauce
12000 AMD

#118 Viking
for 4 persons
17500 AMD

Flamingo for 2-3 person
#119 Flamingo for 2-3 person
chicken on sticks, fried chick, eco sausage chicken wings, french fries, pickled cabbage and carrot, 1pc German bread, ketchup, Bavarian garlic sauce
12500 AMD

Meat assortment for 4 person
#120 Meat assortment for 4 person
beef, pork, chicken, lamb
22500 AMD

Fillet Mignon
#121 Fillet Mignon
for 3 person, veal fillet, vegetable
18100 AMD

Pork steak with Pesto sauce
#122 Pork steak with Pesto sauce
4pcs pork, potato, mushroom
5000 AMD

#123 Trio
veal, chicken, pork, vegetable, sauces
12500 AMD

#124 Beethoven
veal, wine sauce, vegetable
6000 AMD

Duck breast with cranberry and asparagus
#125 Duck breast with cranberry and asparagus
2pcs duck breast, fried asparagus
6200 AMD

Bavarian Shnitzel
#131 Bavarian Shnitzel
french fries, egg, Parmesan cheese
5500 AMD

Salmon fillet with cream sauce
10500 AMD

Veal fillet with BBQ sauce
#133 Veal fillet with BBQ sauce
veal fillet, potato, cabbage, bell pepper, cauliflower, broccoli carrot
6500 AMD

Beef steak
#141 Beef steak
sauce and garnish on your choice
5100 AMD

Chicken steak
#142 Chicken steak
sauce and garnish on your choice
4100 AMD

Fish Dishes
#150 Carbonara
penne, bulgarian pepper, bacon, cream
3100 AMD

1700 AMD

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05 May 2022
27 Apr 2022
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