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Ost Foods and Wine.LahmajoOst LahmajoAdana LahmajoLahmajo with vegetablesShawarmaPork Shawarma with loshikPork Shawarma with breadChicken Shawarma with loshikChicken Shawarma with breadKhachapuri and PideOst khachapuriAdjarian khachcpuriMegrelian khachapuriPide with hamPide with meatBread with cheeseSalad Taboule saladSummer salad Caesar saladGreek salad Broccoli saladSorrel saladMexican saladSalad Thai BeefEggplant saladSalad SicilySalad YerevanCaesar with shrimpsSalad OstSoup PitiSolyanka Sorrel soup SaryanChicken soup Spas BorshchShrimp soupRed bean soupKharchoBBQShish TawoukPork Iki bir Lamb Iki bir Chicken kebab Chicken kebab with cheeseBeef kebab Beef kebab with cheese Chicken BBQChick BBQ Chicken wings BBQPork boneless BBQPork ribs BBQ Pork loin BBQBeef fillet BBQLamb loin BBQ Mushroom BBQ Potato plechVegetable BBQSuluguni BBQOst friedPork fingersGrill vegetablesGarnishFrench friesFrench fries with cheese sauceHot DishesOmelette with tomatoOmelette with green peasOmelette with basturmaRice with vegetablesArishtaPizzaPizza Don CorleonePizza Mafia AssortedPizza PepperoniPizza NeapolitanPizza MargheritaDessertPakhlavaAppetizersPickles assortedGhavurmaVeal tongue with chicken gibletsFresh vegetablesFresh greensSummer bouquetWith beerSausage assortment bigFirm chipsShrimpItalian shrimpBreadBread basketSoft DrinksCoca-Cola FantaSprite MangoRosehipTomatoDobri juice Tomato Pulpy Fuze tea 0.5lOst TanOst OkroshkaMineral water BjniSpring water NoyFirm lemonadeWineWine Sargon red dry 0.75lWine Sargon white dry 0.75lWine Ijevan red dry 0.75lWine Ijevan white dry 0.75lWine Ijevan red semisweet 0.75lWine Ijevan white semisweet 0.75lWine Ijevan Tea Rose 0.75lWine Takar red dry 0.75lWine Takar white dry 0.75lWine Takar rose dry 0.75lWine Armenia red dry 0.75lWine Armenia white dry 0.75lWine Armenia red semisweet 0.75lWine Armenia white semisweet 0.75lWine Karas red dry 0.75lWine Karas white dry 0.75l Armenian, Eastern
Ost Foods and Wine

Armenian, Eastern
Working hours
11:00 - 23:30

Ost Foods and Wine

Ost Lahmajo
#29 Ost Lahmajo
1pc, with beef and cheese
1200 AMD

Adana Lahmajo
#34 Adana Lahmajo
1pc, with beef
850 AMD

Pork Shawarma with loshik
#41 Pork Shawarma with loshik
fried potatoes of your choice, pork, onion, greens, tomatoes, hot pepper, garlic sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup
1000 AMD

Pork Shawarma with bread
#46 Pork Shawarma with bread
fried potatoes of your choice, pork, onion, greens, tomatoes, hot pepper, garlic sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup
1100 AMD

Chicken Shawarma with loshik
#51 Chicken Shawarma with loshik
fried potatoes of your choice, chicken, onion, greens, tomatoes, hot pepper, garlic sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup
1000 AMD

Chicken Shawarma with bread
#55 Chicken Shawarma with bread
fried potatoes of your choice, chicken, onion, greens, tomatoes, hot pepper, garlic sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup
1100 AMD

Khachapuri and Pide
Adjarian khachcpuri
1300 AMD

Mexican salad
#104 Mexican salad
veal, bell pepper, pickled cucumber, carrot, spices
2200 AMD

Salad Thai Beef
#107 Salad Thai Beef
beef fillet, chicken breast, bell pepper, tomato
2700 AMD

Eggplant salad
#110 Eggplant salad
eggplant, carrot, veal fillet, mushroom, bell pepper
2300 AMD

Salad Sicily
#112 Salad Sicily
chicken breast, pickled cucumber, pickled mushroom, nuts, mayonnaise
2400 AMD

Shish Tawouk
#138 Shish Tawouk
200g, 8pcs
1800 AMD

Pork Iki bir
1900 AMD

Lamb Iki bir
2000 AMD

Chicken kebab
1100 AMD

Beef kebab
1100 AMD

Chicken BBQ
1900 AMD

Chick BBQ
2000 AMD

Chicken wings BBQ
1800 AMD

Pork boneless BBQ
3100 AMD

Pork ribs BBQ
4300 AMD

Pork loin BBQ
#169 Pork loin BBQ
400g, 3pcs
3600 AMD

Beef fillet BBQ
3900 AMD

Lamb loin BBQ
4000 AMD

Mushroom BBQ
1300 AMD

Potato plech
#177 Potato plech
300g, 5pcs
700 AMD

Vegetable BBQ
#183 Vegetable BBQ
tomato, eggplant, pepper
2000 AMD

Pizza Don Corleone
#260 Pizza Don Corleone
ham, salami, cheese, sauce
2900 AMD

Pizza Mafia Assorted
#267 Pizza Mafia Assorted
ham, chicken, salami, mushroom, cheese, sauce
3100 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni
#270 Pizza Pepperoni
sauce, cheese, sausage
3000 AMD

Pizza Neapolitan
#272 Pizza Neapolitan
sauce, cheese, mushroom, ham, pepper, tomato
2800 AMD

Pizza Margherita
#276 Pizza Margherita
cheese, tomato sauce
2300 AMD

1400 AMD

Soft Drinks
500 AMD

500 AMD

500 AMD

450 AMD

400 AMD

450 AMD

600 AMD

Fuze tea 0.5l
600 AMD

Ost Tan
300 AMD

Ost Okroshka
400 AMD

Spring water Noy
250 AMD

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30 Aug 2021
Забыли салат
12 Aug 2021
Vanand M.
27 Apr 2021
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23 Apr 2021
08 Mar 2021
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