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Ohmeshi.Sushi setSet ArmeniaSet JapanTrout nigiriSterlet nigiriTuna nigiriEel nigiriСaviar maki-gunkanSakura makiMain dishesUna donKaraage donSakana furai donGyu yakiniku donButa yakiniku donTori yakiniku donYasai itame donNiku yasai itame don Japanese, Asian

Japanese, Asian
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Sushi set
Set Armenia
#1 Set Armenia
8 piece, 200g trout nigiri, chopped trout maki-gunkan, sterlet nigiri, whitefish(siga) nigiri, trout caviar maki-gunkan, rice, nori
4900 AMD

Set Japan
#2 Set Japan
8 piece, 200g tuna nigiri, chopped tuna maki-gunkan, eel nigiri , shrimp nigiri , squid nigiri , trout nigiri , trout caviar maki-gunkan, rice, nori
7200 AMD

Trout nigiri
#5 Trout nigiri
8 piece, 200 g trout, rice
4500 AMD

Sterlet nigiri
#6 Sterlet nigiri
8 piece, 200g sterlet, rice
4500 AMD

Tuna nigiri
#7 Tuna nigiri
8 piece, 200g tuna, rice
6500 AMD

Eel nigiri
#9 Eel nigiri
8 piece, 200g eel, rice
7800 AMD

Сaviar maki-gunkan
#10 Сaviar maki-gunkan
T8 piece, 150g trout caviar, rice, nori
4500 AMD

Sakura maki
#11 Sakura maki
8 piece, 200g trout , cucumber, ginger, rice, nori
3600 AMD

Main dishes
Una don
#13 Una don
300g eel, sweet soy sauce, rice
9900 AMD

Karaage don
#14 Karaage don
300g chicken meat, ginger, rice
3400 AMD

Sakana furai don
#15 Sakana furai don
300g tilapia, egg, bread crumbs, rice
3400 AMD

Gyu yakiniku don
#16 Gyu yakiniku don
300g beef, onion, rice
3400 AMD

Buta yakiniku don
#17 Buta yakiniku don
300g pork, onion, rice
3400 AMD

Tori yakiniku don
#19 Tori yakiniku don
300g chicken, onion, rice
3300 AMD

Yasai itame don
#20 Yasai itame don
300g cabbage, carrot, onion, rice
2300 AMD

Niku yasai itame don
#21 Niku yasai itame don
300g beef, cabbage, carrot, onion, rice
3400 AMD

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