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New TAO.LunchesLunch Chicken with vegetablesLunch veal with vegetablesLunch pork with spicy-sweet-sour sauceSaladsSquid with champignon in spicy sauceSalad New TAOSalad Pig earsSalad with vegetablesHenan salad Sour-sweet peanut with greens 130Pork with coriander Chicken salad with Chinese noodles Fyn-seCucumber with spicy sauceChicken salad with spicy sauce Salad with potatoes and veal Salad Red DragonSalad with Laminaria and soya-bean sproutsSalad with beef tongue SoupsSpicy and sour soup 150Soup three aromaChicken soup with fn se and yellow mushroomsVeal DishesVeal in Beijing styleNew Tao veal with pineappleVeal in a sweet-sour-spicy sauceVeal with champignonVeal with vegetables Veal with bamboo and fragrant mushroomsVeal in the pan Spicy veal Veal with eggplant and tomato in the pan Veal with curryCrispy vealKyan So flavored veal with mushrooms in spicy sauce Veal with tomato on fire Spicy veal with sesame seeds Veal with corianderGuanjo in the panVeal in village style Veal with broccoli and cornPork DishesNew Tao with broccoli and celeryPork with shrimps in bambooPork with champignon Pork with vegetablesPork in the panPork with vegetables and spicy sauce on firePork with marine black mushroomsRoast pork GulaoRoasted pork ribs in soy sauce 230Spicy pork with sesame seedsPork with eggplantPork with potato and soy sauceRoast pork with Fo Ju and soya saucePork with marine black mushrooms in sweet and sour spicy sauce on panFlavored pork Ma-laPork ribs in spicy saucePork in the dough sweet and sour saucePork Gun Bao in spicy saucePork with eggplant and tomato on panPork in a sweet-sour-spicy sauce Chicken DishesNew Tao chicken with pineappleChicken with champignons in bambooChicken with champignonChicken with vegetables Chicken with bamboo and fragrant mushroomsChicken in the pan Spicy chickenChicken with Gum Bao peanutSpicy fried chicken Chen ChuanChicken with black mushrooms in a sweet-sour-spicy sauce on panChicken with potato in soy sauceFried chicken with orangeChicken with broccoli and cornChicken in a sweet-sour-spicy sauceLamb DishesSpicy Lamb Lamb in panDuck and Rabbit DishesDuck in the panImperial CuisineImperial dish with various seafood Fish & Seafood DishesFish New TAO in sweet and sour sauce 321Tiger shrimps Cashew in the pan Squid in the panBreaded tiger shrimps 348Pieces of salmon with black mushrooms in bambooOctopus in the panSterlet in wine sauceVegetablesFried eggplant New TaoFried corn in chinese styleFried eggplant in soya sauce Eggplant, potatoes, peppers in soy sauceSpring rollsFried potatoes in soy sauceAssorted vegetablesFried cabbage with marine black mushroomsFried corn with green peasFried champignon with vegetables in spicy sauceFrench fries Potato fries with vegetable and sesameFried broccoli and black mushroomRice and NoodlesRice New TaoBlack and white rice with vegetablesNoodles with pork Noodles with veal Noodles with vegetables Rice with three kinds of meatRice with pork Rice with shrimpsRice with eggsFried rice with fresh onionBoiled riceRice with chicken and curryRice with chicken Rice with vealRice with vegetablesDough dishesFried dumplingsBoiled dumplings Chinese breadChinese bread DessertFried ice creamFried apple, banana with caramelGunkanSpicy sakeSpicy unagiBlack tobikoOrange tobikoGreen tobikoRed tobikoEbi gunkanSake gunkanNEWUnagi gunkanIkura gunkanChuka gunkanKani gunkanHot GunkanEbi hot gunkanKunsey hot gunkanSake hot gunkanTuna hot gunkanUnagi hot gunkanNigiriEbi nigiriTuna nigiriSake nigiriUnagi nigiriKunsey nigiriRollsFresh rollEbi lightSyake lightAvocado makiBonus makiCanadaEbi cheese makiGurman makiYakudza makiSake AvocadoKappa makiSyake MakiKani MakiTekka MakiKunsey MakiIkura cheese MakiChuka makiUnagi MakiCalifornia BlackPhiladelphia litePhiladelphia ClassicYin-yangCalifornia RayNew YorkCreamy SalmonSake CaliforniaGreen RiverAlaskaBlack DragonChuka RollDuetPhiladelphia with onionCaviarCalifornia with eelRainbowChessSamuraiChess+Caesar rollCalifornia greenSaint-TropezBon-bonYasayiUnagi light rollKiotto rollTokyo rollSweet rollSweet rollSashimiEbi sashimiSake sashimiSashimi assortieHot rollsPhiladelphia HotCalifornia HotKunsey HotMussel HotRoyal musselChicken HotEbi HotRio HotSen-seyHot SpiceSalads JapaneseChuka saladEel saladFresh KunseyMussel saladShrimps saladSobaNoodle soba with chickenSoba with vegetablesSoba with vealSoba with shrimpsSoba with porkSetsNew TAO setSet from the chefHip Hop setLuxe setVolcano setNigiri setSet TangoSet DuetSet KyottoSet CalifornianSet Philadelphia luxeSet UnagiSet MeetingSet JungleSoft drinksCoca-Cola 0.25lCoca-Cola 0.25lFanta 0.25lFanta 0.25lSprite 0.25lSprite 0.25lLemonad Natakhtari 0.5lMineral water Jermuk 0.5lSpring water Byuregh 0.5l Chinese, Japanese, Asian

Chinese, Japanese, Asian
Working hours
10:30 - 23:00


Lunch Chicken with vegetables
#70 Lunch Chicken with vegetables
salad and garnish of your choice, bread
2000 AMD

Lunch veal with vegetables
#71 Lunch veal with vegetables
salad and garnish of your choice, bread
2000 AMD

Lunch pork with spicy-sweet-sour sauce
#72 Lunch pork with spicy-sweet-sour sauce
salad and garnish of your choice, bread
2000 AMD

Lamb Dishes
Duck and Rabbit Dishes
Dough dishes
Chinese bread
Ebi gunkan
#417 Ebi gunkan
1200 AMD

Sake gunkan
#419 Sake gunkan
1000 AMD

1100 AMD

Unagi gunkan
1500 AMD

Ikura gunkan
#422 Ikura gunkan
rice, salmon caviar
2000 AMD

Chuka gunkan
#423 Chuka gunkan
rice, chuka salad
800 AMD

Kani gunkan
#424 Kani gunkan
rice, crab stick
1200 AMD

Hot Gunkan
Ebi hot gunkan
#426 Ebi hot gunkan
rice, shrimp
1400 AMD

Kunsey hot gunkan
#427 Kunsey hot gunkan
rice, smoked salmon
1500 AMD

Sake hot gunkan
#428 Sake hot gunkan
rice, salmon
1200 AMD

Tuna hot gunkan
#429 Tuna hot gunkan
rice, tuna fish
1300 AMD

Ebi nigiri
#432 Ebi nigiri
1200 AMD

Tuna nigiri
#436 Tuna nigiri
rice, tuna fish
1200 AMD

Sake nigiri
#438 Sake nigiri
rice, salmon
1200 AMD

Unagi nigiri
1500 AMD

Fresh roll
4800 AMD

Ebi light
4500 AMD

Syake light
4500 AMD

6500 AMD

Kappa maki
#470 Kappa maki
rice,cucumber,sesame, 8pcs
1000 AMD

Syake Maki
#472 Syake Maki
rice,salmon, 8pcs
2400 AMD

Kani Maki
#474 Kani Maki
rice,crab sticks, 8pcs
1800 AMD

Tekka Maki
#477 Tekka Maki
rice,tuna fish, 8pcs
2700 AMD

Kunsey Maki
#479 Kunsey Maki
rice,smoked salmon,green onion, 8pcs
2500 AMD

Ikura cheese Maki
#481 Ikura cheese Maki
rice, salmon caviar, cheese, 8 pieces
2200 AMD

Chuka maki
#483 Chuka maki
rice, chuka salad, 8pcs
1400 AMD

Unagi Maki
#485 Unagi Maki
rice,eel, 8pcs
3000 AMD

California Black
#487 California Black
rice, shrimps, avokado, tobiko black, 8pcs
5600 AMD

Philadelphia lite
#489 Philadelphia lite
rice, cheese, salmon, 8pcs
5200 AMD

Philadelphia Classic
#491 Philadelphia Classic
rice, cheese, eel, cucumber, salmon, 8pcs
5500 AMD

#493 Yin-yang
rice,tuna,smoked salmon, 8pcs
4000 AMD

California Ray
#495 California Ray
rice, masago,crab sticks, cucumber, avokado, cheese, 8pcs
4500 AMD

New York
#497 New York
rice, cheese, eel, salmon, tobiko orange, 8pcs
4900 AMD

Creamy Salmon
#499 Creamy Salmon
rice, masago, salmon,cucumber, chees, 8pcs
5200 AMD

Sake California
#501 Sake California
rice, salmon, tobiko orange,avokado, cucumber, 8pcs
4900 AMD

Green River
#503 Green River
rice, masago, shrimps, cucumber, cheese, 8pcs
5500 AMD

#505 Alaska
rice, sesame, cheese, cucumber, salmon, 8pcs
4500 AMD

Black Dragon
#507 Black Dragon
rice,cucumber, eel, cheese, 8pcs
7500 AMD

Chuka Roll
#509 Chuka Roll
rice, eel, cucmber, chuka, cheese, 8pcs
4500 AMD

#511 Duet
rice, chuka, tuna, salmon, avokado, 8pcs
4800 AMD

Philadelphia with onion
#513 Philadelphia with onion
rice, salmon, cheese, green onion
5200 AMD

#515 Caviar
rice, cheese, salmon, avokado, salmon caviar, cucumber, 8pcs
5500 AMD

California with eel
#517 California with eel
rice, cucumber, eel, cheese, tobiko, 8pcs
4900 AMD

#519 Rainbow
cucumber, bass, crab sticks, 8pcs
4800 AMD

#521 Chess
rice, sesame, cheese, cucumber, eel, 8pcs
4200 AMD

#524 Samurai
rice, salmon, eel, cucumber, 8pcs
4700 AMD

#526 Chess+
rice, tobiko orange, cucumber, eel, 8pcs
4700 AMD

Caesar roll
#528 Caesar roll
3500 AMD

California green
#532 California green
4800 AMD

#534 Saint-Tropez
rice, salmon, tuna, avokado, 8pcs
5500 AMD

#536 Bon-bon
rice, cheese, salmon, eel, cucumber, 8pcs
5500 AMD

#538 Yasayi
rice, tomato, pepper, cucumber, avokado, 8pcs
3000 AMD

Unagi light roll
#541 Unagi light roll
8pcs, nori, Eel, cheese, cucumber
5400 AMD

Kiotto roll
#543 Kiotto roll
8pcs, nori, crab, masago, cheese, cucumber
5400 AMD

Tokyo roll
#545 Tokyo roll
8pcs, nori, smoked salmon, cheese, cucumber
5400 AMD

Sweet roll
Sweet roll
3000 AMD

Ebi sashimi
#550 Ebi sashimi
shrimps, cucumber, carrot, lemon
3500 AMD

Sake sashimi
#552 Sake sashimi
3800 AMD

Sashimi assortie
#554 Sashimi assortie
salmon, tuna, eel, bass, cucumber, carrot, lemon
12500 AMD

Hot rolls
Philadelphia Hot
#557 Philadelphia Hot
rice, cheese, eel, cucumber, salmon, 8pcs
5200 AMD

California Hot
#559 California Hot
rice, masago, crab sticks, cucumber, avokado ,cheese, 8pcs
4900 AMD

Kunsey Hot
#561 Kunsey Hot
rice, smoked salmon, cheese, green onion, cucumber, 8pcs
4600 AMD

Mussel Hot
#563 Mussel Hot
rice, mussel, chuka, eel, 8pcs
4500 AMD

Royal mussel
#566 Royal mussel
baked mussels with spice, 8pcs
6500 AMD

Chicken Hot
#568 Chicken Hot
rice, cheese, chicken, pineapple, 8pcs
4200 AMD

Ebi Hot
#570 Ebi Hot
rice, pepper, masago, shrimps, 8pcs
4500 AMD

Rio Hot
#572 Rio Hot
rice, cheese, masago, avokado, cucumber, sesame, 8pcs
5200 AMD

#574 Sen-sey
chuka, salmon, cheese, eel, tuna, 8pcs
5400 AMD

Hot Spice
#576 Hot Spice
rice, cheese, salmon, shrimps, ginger, hot sauce, 8pcs
4800 AMD

Salads Japanese
Fresh Kunsey
#587 Fresh Kunsey
smoked salmon, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, pepper
3500 AMD

Mussel salad
#589 Mussel salad
mussel, cucumber, dill, green onion, olives, cherry tomato
2500 AMD

Shrimps salad
#590 Shrimps salad
pepper, lettuce, dill, shrimps, cucumber
3900 AMD

Soba with vegetables
#594 Soba with vegetables
soba, pepper, carrot, green peas, sesame
1800 AMD

Soba with veal
#595 Soba with veal
soba, veal, pepper, carrot, green peas, sesame
2600 AMD

Soba with shrimps
#596 Soba with shrimps
soba, shrimps, pepper, carrot, green peas, sesame
2700 AMD

New TAO set
#599 New TAO set
61pcs, 8pcs California Black, 8pcs Syake California, 8pcs Syake Avokado, 8pcs Canada, 8pcs  New York, 8pcs  Samurai, 8pcs  Philadelphia with onion, 1pc Ebi nigiri, 2pcs Tuna nigiri, 2pcs Syake nigiri, 
36000 AMD

Set from the chef
#605 Set from the chef
72pcs, 8pcs canada, 8pcs sake california, 8pcs caviar, 8pcs creamy eel, 2pcs omelette nigiri, 8pcs sake maki, 8pcs tuna maki, 8pcs kapa maki, 8pcs avocado maki, 2pcs tuna nigiri, 2pcs sake nigiri, 2pcs unagi nigiri
32400 AMD

Hip Hop set
#608 Hip Hop set
16pcs, 4pcs Tekka maki, 4pcs Sake maki, 4pcs Unagi maki, 4pcs Ebi cheese maki
4950 AMD

Luxe set
#611 Luxe set
34pcs, 8pcs California Black, 8pcs Syake California, 8pcs Syake Avokado, 8pcs Canada, 2pcs Syake nigiri
20400 AMD

Volcano set
#613 Volcano set
16pcs, 8pcs hot Spice, 4pcs Gourmet, 4pcs Mussel hot
7800 AMD

Nigiri set
#615 Nigiri set
17pcs, 5pcs Syake nigiri, 5pcs Tuna nigiri, 5pcs Unagi nigiri, 2pcs Izumi nigiri
16250 AMD

Set Tango
#619 Set Tango
28pcs, 8pcs California Ray, 8pcs California salmon, 8pcs Philadelphia classic, 4pcs Sake nigiri
17500 AMD

Set Duet
#622 Set Duet
20pcs, 4pcs Canada, 4pcs Philadelphia classic, 4pcs California Ray, 4pcs Sake Maki, 4pcs Kappa maki
9400 AMD

Set Kyotto
#629 Set Kyotto
64pcs, 8pcs Philadelphia classic, 8pcs Canada, 8pcs Yassai, 8pcs California Ray, 8pcs Avocado maki, 8pcs Unagi maki, 8pcs Sake maki, 8pcs Tekka maki
20400 AMD

Set Californian
#634 Set Californian
28pcs, 8pcs California Ray, 8pcs Califronia Black, 4 pcs California Green, 4pcs California with Eel, 1pc Tobiko gunkan black, 1pc Tobiko gunkan green, 1pc Tobiko gunkan red, 1pc Tobiko gunkan orange
17300 AMD

Set Philadelphia luxe
#636 Set Philadelphia luxe
32pcs, 8pcs Philadelphia with onion, 8pca Philadelphia classic, 8pcs Cream salmon, 8pcs Sake Avocado
16500 AMD

Set Unagi
#638 Set Unagi
27pcs, 8pcs Chess roll, 8pcs Cream Eel, 8pcs Bon-Bon, 3pc Unagi Nigiri
15600 AMD

Set Meeting
#640 Set Meeting
20pcs, 8pcs Rainbow, 8pcs Gourman roll, 2pcs Ebi nigiri, 2pcs Tuna nigiri
11100 AMD

Set Jungle
#643 Set Jungle
56pcs, 8pcs Rainbow roll, 8pcs Chess +, 8pcs Samurai roll, 4pcs Cream Eel, 4pcs Cream Salmon, 8pcs Ebi hot, 8pcs Chicken hot, 8pcs Chuka roll
31200 AMD

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