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My Lunch.Lunch BoxLunch Box N1Lunch Box N2Lunch Box N3Lunch Box N4Lunch Box N5Lunch Box N6Lunch Box N7Lunch Box N8Lunch Box N9Lunch Box N10Lunch Box N11SaladsCapital saladVinegret saladSalad with cabbageTabbouleSalad with strained yogurtCaesar saladSalad with green peas and potatoSalad with crabSalad with grated carrot and chickenKorean saladSoupsSpasBorshchBorshch with meatSoup with mushroomSoup with chickenPiti with lambSaltwortSoup with meatballsHot dishesBeef languetteChicken languetteBeef cutletChicken cutletChicken kebabChicken BBQ on coalMushroom on stickRoasted pork smallPilaf with spelt and mushroom smallPizza My Lunch 1pcGarnishesMashed potatoesFrench friesBuckwheatRisottoArishtaSpaghettiBreadBreadRound breadSoft DrinksCoca-Cola 0.5lFanta 0.5lSprite 0.5lPepsi 0.5lMirinda 0.5l7up 0.5lMineral water Bjni 0.5lMineral water Jermuk 0.5lSpring water Byuregh 0.5l Armenian, Lunch
My Lunch

Armenian, Lunch
Working hours
09:00 - 19:00

My Lunch

Lunch Box
Lunch Box N1
#200 Lunch Box N1
beef cutlet, 120g cabbage salad, 120g mashed potato
1250 AMD

Lunch Box N2
#201 Lunch Box N2
chicken languette, 120g Summer salad, 120g rice with vegetables
1200 AMD

Lunch Box N3
#202 Lunch Box N3
boiled chicken, 120g salad with carrot and chicken, 120g rice pilaf with lentil
1200 AMD

Lunch Box N4
#203 Lunch Box N4
Kiev cutlet, 120g strained yogurt, 120g buckwheat
1000 AMD

Lunch Box N5
#204 Lunch Box N5
300g pork roast, 120g Summer salad
1100 AMD

Lunch Box N6
#205 Lunch Box N6
chicken cutlet, 120g salad with lettuce, 120g macaroni
1150 AMD

Lunch Box N7
#206 Lunch Box N7
2pcs chicken barbecue on charcol, 120g French Fries, 120g Capital salad
1000 AMD

Lunch Box N8
#207 Lunch Box N8
pork barbecue loin, 120g mashed potato, 120g Caesar salad
1450 AMD

Lunch Box N9
#208 Lunch Box N9
chicken schidzel, 120g Tabbouleh, 120g rice with vegetables
1250 AMD

Lunch Box N10
#209 Lunch Box N10
80g chicken kebab, 120g Summer salad, 120g French Fries
950 AMD

Lunch Box N11
#210 Lunch Box N11
fried chicken thigh, 120g Vinegret, 120g vermicelli
1200 AMD

Capital salad
#1 Capital salad
120 or 200g
300 AMD

Vinegret salad
#2 Vinegret salad
120 or 200g
300 AMD

Salad with cabbage
300 AMD

#4 Tabboule
120 or 200g
300 AMD

Salad with strained yogurt
300 AMD

Caesar salad
#6 Caesar salad
120 or 200g
300 AMD

Salad with crab
#9 Salad with crab
120 or 200g
300 AMD

Korean salad
#12 Korean salad
120 or 200g
300 AMD

#19 Spas
260 AMD

260 AMD

Borshch with meat
330 AMD

Soup with chicken
330 AMD

Piti with lamb
#33 Piti with lamb
210g, served without lavash
390 AMD

330 AMD

Hot dishes
Beef languette
800 AMD

Chicken languette
600 AMD

Beef cutlet
#62 Beef cutlet
1pc, 120g
650 AMD

Chicken cutlet
550 AMD

Chicken kebab
350 AMD

Chicken BBQ on coal
200 AMD

Mushroom on stick
600 AMD

Mashed potatoes
260 AMD

French fries
#103 French fries
120 or 200g
300 AMD

#104 Buckwheat
120 or 200g
240 AMD

#106 Risotto
120 or 200g
240 AMD

#107 Arishta
120 or 200g
300 AMD

#108 Spaghetti
120 or 200g
300 AMD

#110 Bread
whole bread
250 AMD

Round bread
60 AMD

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Khoren J.
06 Jul 2022
05 Jul 2022
Nikolai B.
02 Jul 2022
30 Jun 2022
27 Jun 2022
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