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J Cook.SaladsCaesar with ChickenCaesar with ShrimpsNicoise with tunaShopskaVitello TonnatoProsciutto Anti-BruschettaSalmon Anti-BruschettaMain DishesAngus and Chedder BurgerSuper BurritoFo BoFritesChicken with Asian sauceChicken CutletChicken with Red pepper sauceChicken with Garlic saucePoke with SalmonRamen with ChickenPear in WineSoft DrinksCoca-Cola 250mlFanta 250mlSprite 250ml Italian, European
J Cook

Italian, European
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J Cook

Caesar with Chicken
#1 Caesar with Chicken
310g,lettuce,chicken breast,cherry tomatoes,Caesar sauce,Parmesan,croutons
2500 AMD

Caesar with Shrimps
#2 Caesar with Shrimps
310g, Lettuce, shrimp, cherry tomatoes, Caesar sauce, Parmesan, croutons
2900 AMD

Nicoise with tuna
#3 Nicoise with tuna
220-250g, Canned tuna, quail eggs, salad mix, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin, corn
3200 AMD

#4 Shopska
300g, Tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, feta cheese, olive oil
1900 AMD

Vitello Tonnato
#5 Vitello Tonnato
200g, Mix salad, cooked beef, fresh chili pepper, capers, olive oil, Vitello sauce
3300 AMD

Prosciutto Anti-Bruschetta
#6 Prosciutto Anti-Bruschetta
350-400g, salted prosciutto, olive tapenade, Tzadziki sauce, fresh vegetables, pita bread
2400 AMD

Salmon Anti-Bruschetta
#7 Salmon Anti-Bruschetta
350-400g, Lightly salted salmon, olive tapenade, Tzadziki sauce, fresh vegetables, pita bread:
2900 AMD

Main Dishes
Angus and Chedder Burger
#9 Angus and Chedder Burger
510g, Waffle, angus meat cutlet, tomato, lettuce, Cheddar cheese, onion jam, ketchup, cabbage salad, French fries
2800 AMD

Super Burrito
#10 Super Burrito
250g, Tuna mix, cooked rice, cheddar cheese, cucumber, fresh seaweed, mix salad, lemon
2300 AMD

Fo Bo
#11 Fo Bo
500g, Beef, rice noodles, red onion, fresh chili pepper, mint, coriander, ginger, lime, beef broth
3300 AMD

#12 Frites
230g, Broccoli, cauliflower, panco bread, cheddar cheese, smoked suluguni, spice sauce
1300 AMD

Chicken with Asian sauce
#13 Chicken with Asian sauce
700g, Half chicken, village potatoes, Asian sauce, green onions
3300 AMD

Chicken Cutlet
#14 Chicken Cutlet
330g, Chicken cutlet, potato waffle, sour cream, green onion, salad mix
2300 AMD

Chicken with Red pepper sauce
#15 Chicken with Red pepper sauce
480g, Half chicken, village potatoes, red pepper sauce, sesame mixture
3300 AMD

Chicken with Garlic sauce
#16 Chicken with Garlic sauce
700g, Half chicken, village potatoes, garlic sauce, parsley
3300 AMD

Poke with Salmon
#17 Poke with Salmon
370g, Quinoa, broccoli, lightly salted salmon, avocado, mashed green pea
3800 AMD

Ramen with Chicken
#18 Ramen with Chicken
500g, Chicken breast, udon noodles, black mushrooms, ginger, eggs marinated in soy sauce, soybean, fresh seaweed, green onion, coriander, chicken broth
2500 AMD

Pear in Wine
#19 Pear in Wine
150-170g, Pear in wine, Roquefort cheese, mixed salad, honey-truffle sauce
2600 AMD

Soft Drinks
Fanta 250ml
600 AMD

Sprite 250ml
600 AMD

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