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Indian Mehak Restaurant.AppetizersChat PapdiMix PakodaOnion PakodaPav BhajiCottage CheeseChilly potatoVeg ManchurianChilly PannerChana BhaturaAmbarsari NaanVeg cutletPaneer PakodaPapadMasala PapadSpring RollMehak ChaatPakora PlatterPapad bucketFrench FriesFrench Fries -Spicy and crunchyChicken wings hot and spicyChicken lollipopSaladPeanut ChaatOnion saladGreen saladKachumber saladChicken saladSliced onionPotato saladGreek saladVegetable DishesDal TadkaDal MakhniChana MasalaZeera AlooCurry PakodaEgg BhurjiPaneer BhurjiMix VegMalai KoftaKadhai pannerShahi paneerMutter paneerAloo MutterMalai MutterPaneer tikka masalaPalak PaneerPalak channaAloo MethiAloo gobiEgg CurryPaneer Butter masalaNoodlesVeg noodlesEgg noodlesChicken noodlesChicken DishesFry chicken bonelessKadhai chickenDal chickenChili chickenChicken ManchuriyanChicken MasalaMethi ChickenChicken Tikka MasalaPalak ChickenChicken kormaChicken KadiChicken Malai Tikka masalaGoat DishesGoat Stew KormaGoat KeemaMethi MuttonMutton KadaiMutton masalaMutton Rogan JoshTandoori oven takes 30 minutes to preparePaneer TikkaChicken TikkaChicken tandooriChicken Malai TikkaTandoori PlatterTandoori LollipopAfghani chickenThaliVeg ThaliChicken ThaliMutton ThaliMix ThaliIndian basmati riceSteam riceZeera riceMutter riceVeg fried riceVeg BiryaniEgg fried riceChicken fried riceChicken biryaniGoat BiryaniKeema biryaniVeg PulaoEgg BiryaniTandoori chicken biryaniBreadAloo prathaOnion prathaPaneer prathaButter naanGarlic naanPlain naanBhatura breadLachha paratha MaidaLachha paratha AttaStuffed naanTandoori RotiTandoori Butter RotiRaitaPlain raitaAloo raitaOnion raitaMix raitaCucumber RaitaPickleMango pickleAdditionsButterPicklePickled onionSaucesGreen coriander sauceSpicy sauceKetchupIndian SalsaSweet SauceGreen SauceDessertsJalebiGulab JamunMilshakesMilkshake ChocolateMilkshake VanillaMilkshake BnanaMilkshake StrawberryMilkshake OreoMilkshake MangoSoft DrinksCoca-Cola 0.33lPepsi 0.33lMirinda 0.33l7Up 0.33lEnergy drink Max Power 0.33lRed Bull 0.25lMasala lassiSweet lassiMango lassiStrawberry LassiWineWine Voskevaz red, Semi-sweet 0.75lWine Voskevaz Red, Dry 0.75lWine Voskevaz White, Semi-sweet 0.75lVoskevaz White, Dry 0.75lVoskevaz Pomegrante 0.75lVoskevaz Rose 0.75lWine Urzana White, Dry 0.75lWine Vanakan Red, Dry 0.75lWine Areni Noir Vieilles Vignes 0.75lBeerBeer Kilikia 0.33lBeer Heniken 0.33lBeer Corona 0.33l Indian, Asian
Indian Mehak Restaurant

Indian, Asian

Indian Mehak Restaurant

Chat Papdi
2350 AMD

Mix Pakoda
#5 Mix Pakoda
cauliflower, potato, pepper, onion
2500 AMD

Onion Pakoda
#6 Onion Pakoda
with onion
2500 AMD

Pav Bhaji
2700 AMD

Cottage Cheese
2500 AMD

Chilly potato
#11 Chilly potato
potato in sweet and salty sauce
2700 AMD

Veg Manchurian
#12 Veg Manchurian
cauliflower, carrot, cheese
3500 AMD

Chilly Panner
#13 Chilly Panner
cheese in sweet and salty sauce
3450 AMD

Ambarsari Naan
#17 Ambarsari Naan
stuffed bread served with chickpeas
3200 AMD

500 AMD

Masala Papad
900 AMD

Spring Roll
#125 Spring Roll
deep-fried dim sum filled with vegetables
2900 AMD

Mehak Chaat
#126 Mehak Chaat
a snack made of boiled chickpeas, potatoes, cheese, and chopped vegetables
2500 AMD

Pakora Platter
#128 Pakora Platter
a vegetable assortment of potato, onion, cottage cheese, chili pakoras, veg cutlet with a side of French fries
7500 AMD

Papad bucket
#151 Papad bucket
5pcs, black lentil flour, black pepper
1800 AMD

Chicken wings hot and spicy
#155 Chicken wings hot and spicy
deep-fried chicken wings, soy sauce, garlic, capsicum, onion
3800 AMD

Chicken lollipop
#156 Chicken lollipop
8pcs, deep-fried chicken wings
3500 AMD

Peanut Chaat
#127 Peanut Chaat
salad of peanuts, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, and spices
2500 AMD

Onion salad
#22 Onion salad
with onion
900 AMD

Green salad
#23 Green salad
cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, onions
1200 AMD

Kachumber salad
#24 Kachumber salad
lemon, cucumber, tomato, onion
1500 AMD

Potato salad
#182 Potato salad
French fries, chopped cucumbers, onions, carrot, cabbage, lettuce and lemon juice
2000 AMD

Greek salad
#183 Greek salad
cucumber, tomato, onion, bell pepper, cottage cheese, olive, olive oil
2400 AMD

Vegetable Dishes
Dal Tadka
#26 Dal Tadka
yellow lentils
2800 AMD

Dal Makhni
#27 Dal Makhni
black lentils
3450 AMD

Chana Masala
#29 Chana Masala
2900 AMD

Zeera Aloo
#30 Zeera Aloo
potato, cumin seed
2300 AMD

Curry Pakoda
#31 Curry Pakoda
with curd
2850 AMD

Egg Bhurji
#32 Egg Bhurji
egg, tomatoes, greens
2900 AMD

Paneer Bhurji
#33 Paneer Bhurji
cheese, tomato, greens
3500 AMD

Mix Veg
#34 Mix Veg
potato, tomatoes, pepper, onion, cauliflower
3200 AMD

Malai Kofta
#35 Malai Kofta
cheese, peanut sauce
3500 AMD

Kadhai panner
#36 Kadhai panner
cheese, pepper, onion sauce
3650 AMD

Shahi paneer
#37 Shahi paneer
creamy sauce, cheese
3200 AMD

Mutter paneer
#38 Mutter paneer
green peas, cheese
3400 AMD

Palak channa
#163 Palak channa
chickpea, spinach
3450 AMD

Aloo Methi
#164 Aloo Methi
potato, dry fenugreek
2900 AMD

Aloo gobi
#165 Aloo gobi
potato, cauliflower
2800 AMD

Egg Curry
#166 Egg Curry
boiled eggs, tomato and onion gravy
2900 AMD

Paneer Butter masala
#167 Paneer Butter masala
cottage cheese, butter, cream
3450 AMD

Chicken Dishes
Dal chicken
#52 Dal chicken
chicken, yellow lentils
3250 AMD

Chicken korma
#170 Chicken korma
chicken, yogurt, onion gravy
3600 AMD

Chicken Kadi
#171 Chicken Kadi
chickpea flour gravy, sour yogurt, chicken
3500 AMD

Chicken Malai Tikka masala
#172 Chicken Malai Tikka masala
grilled chicken, cream, cashew
3600 AMD

Goat Dishes
Methi Mutton
#173 Methi Mutton
goat meat, fenugreek
3700 AMD

Mutton Kadai
#174 Mutton Kadai
goat meat, capsicum, onion
3800 AMD

Mutton masala
#175 Mutton masala
egg, goat meat, gravy
3600 AMD

Mutton Rogan Josh
#176 Mutton Rogan Josh
goat meat with red gravy
3800 AMD

Tandoori oven takes 30 minutes to prepare
Chicken Malai Tikka
#133 Chicken Malai Tikka
tender chicken marinated with spices and cream
3600 AMD

Tandoori Platter
#134 Tandoori Platter
assortment of paneer tikka, chicken tikka, chicken malai tikka, chicken tandoori, afghani chicken and salad
9300 AMD

Tandoori Lollipop
#157 Tandoori Lollipop
grilled chicken wings
3500 AMD

Afghani chicken
#158 Afghani chicken
chicken marinated with cashew, white pepper, yogurt, cream baked in tandoor
3700 AMD

Veg Thali
#159 Veg Thali
Papad, Veg cutlet, Dal Makhni, Kadhai Paneer, Steam rice, Butter Naan, Raita, Salad, Dessert, Lassi
7500 AMD

Chicken Thali
#160 Chicken Thali
Papad, Chicken malai Tikka, Kadhai Chicken, Butter Chicken, Steam rice, Butter Naan, Raita, Salad, Dessert, Lassi
8500 AMD

Mutton Thali
#161 Mutton Thali
Papad, Chicken malai Tikka, Mutton Keema, Kadhai Mutton, Steam rice, Butter Naan, Raita, Salad, Dessert, Lassi
9500 AMD

Mix Thali
#162 Mix Thali
Papad, Veg Cutlet, Malai tikka, Kadhai paneer, Butter Chicken, Kadhai mutton, Steam rice, Butter Naan, Lacha Paratha, Raita, Salad, Dessert, Lassi
12500 AMD

Indian basmati rice
Zeera rice
#74 Zeera rice
cumin seeds
1700 AMD

Mutter rice
#75 Mutter rice
rice with green peas
1900 AMD

Keema biryani
3700 AMD

Veg Pulao
#177 Veg Pulao
rice, carrot, green peas, cauliflower, cottage cheese
2500 AMD

Egg Biryani
#178 Egg Biryani
rice, eggs, egg gravy
2700 AMD

Tandoori chicken biryani
#179 Tandoori chicken biryani
rice, grilled chicken, gravy
3500 AMD

Aloo pratha
1000 AMD

Onion pratha
1000 AMD

Paneer pratha
1200 AMD

Butter naan
600 AMD

Garlic naan
600 AMD

Plain naan
#135 Plain naan
Indian bread made of regular flour in tandoor
500 AMD

Bhatura bread
#136 Bhatura bread
1pc, bread made of regular flour and fried in oil
1000 AMD

Lachha paratha Maida
#137 Lachha paratha Maida
bread made of maida flour which has many layers and is cooked in tandoor
800 AMD

Lachha paratha Atta
#138 Lachha paratha Atta
bread made of whole wheat flour which has many layers and is cooked in tandoor
800 AMD

Stuffed naan
#139 Stuffed naan
Indian bread made of regular flour stuffed with onion, cottage cheese, and potatoes
1200 AMD

Tandoori Roti
#149 Tandoori Roti
wheat flour
500 AMD

Tandoori Butter Roti
#150 Tandoori Butter Roti
wheat flour, butter
600 AMD

Plain raita
#94 Plain raita
curd with salt and pepper
800 AMD

Aloo raita
#95 Aloo raita
curd with peanuts
1200 AMD

Onion raita
#96 Onion raita
curd with onion
1200 AMD

Mix raita
#97 Mix raita
curd with onion, pepper, potatoes, tomatoes
1500 AMD

Cucumber Raita
#180 Cucumber Raita
yogurt, chopped cucumber
1200 AMD

400 AMD

500 AMD

400 AMD

Green Sauce
#189 Green Sauce
coriander, chilli pepper
400 AMD

2000 AMD

Gulab Jamun
800 AMD

Soft Drinks
Masala lassi
#122 Masala lassi
0.5l, curd, water, pepper, salt
1500 AMD

Sweet lassi
#123 Sweet lassi
0.5l, curd, sugar
1700 AMD

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23 Jul 2021
Food is worst today Completely worst
23 Jul 2021
very low quality food. The quality of food at restaurant is great . But when we order in online the quality is to the lowest. Very poor packing of food.
19 Jul 2021
Taste wise it is OK as expected but Very less in Quantity
17 Jul 2021
Rishabh S.
15 Jul 2021
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Indian Mehak Restaurant
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