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Grillian.Main DishesChevapchipchiChevapchichi XLPleskavitsaPleskavitsa XLPleskavitsa GourumetPleskavitsa CheeseBatak(Chicken Tigh)Chicken liver with BaconChicken RollChicken FilletChicken Fillet XLKobasicaKobasitca XLVratnyak(Pork Neck)PizzaPizza Quattro FormaggiPizza MargheritaPizza BolognesePizza PepperoniPizza CapriccosaSausagesChicken sausagePork sausageBeef SausageSetsChicken Fillet XL SetPleskavitsa XL SetChevapchichi XL SetPlato SerbiaPlato Serbia GourmetPancakesApricot Jam PancakesPancakes with honey and wallnitsNutella PancakePancake with Nutella and BananaGarnishFrench FriesSoft DrinksCoca-Cola 0.5Sprite 0.5Fanta 0.5Dobriy Natural Juice orange 0.33Natural Juice Dobriy apple 0.33Natural Juice Dobriy Tomatoes 0.33Pulpy 0.45Tan 0.33Bonaqua Water 0.5Byuregh Water 0.5BeerHeiniken 0.25Heiniken 0.5Kilikia 0.33Kilikia 0.5 American, Burger and Sandwich

American, Burger and Sandwich
Working hours
10:00 - 23:59


Main Dishes
#1 Chevapchipchi
beef, pork, smoked, salt, pepper, ayvar, kaymak
1800 AMD

Chevapchichi XL
#2 Chevapchichi XL
beef, pork, salt, pepper, ayvar, kaymak
3000 AMD

#3 Pleskavitsa
beef, pork, salt, pepper
1700 AMD

Pleskavitsa XL
#4 Pleskavitsa XL
beef, pork, salt, pepper
2500 AMD

Pleskavitsa Gourumet
#5 Pleskavitsa Gourumet
beef, pork, salt, pepper, cheese Mozzarella, pashina, chili pepper, cucumber
2100 AMD

Pleskavitsa Cheese
#6 Pleskavitsa Cheese
տավարի միս, խոզի միս, աղ, սև պղպեղ, պանիր Չեդեր
1900 AMD

Batak(Chicken Tigh)
#7 Batak(Chicken Tigh)
Chicken, salt, pepper, vegeta
2100 AMD

Chicken liver with Bacon
#8 Chicken liver with Bacon
Chicken liver, pashina, salt, pepper, vegeta
1300 AMD

Chicken Roll
#9 Chicken Roll
Chicken, pashina, salt, pepper, vegeta
1500 AMD

Chicken Fillet
#10 Chicken Fillet
chicken breast, salt, pepper, vegeta, oil
1700 AMD

Chicken Fillet XL
#11 Chicken Fillet XL
chicken breast, salt, pepper, vegeta, oil
2300 AMD

#12 Kobasica
beef, pork, pork chops, intestines, garlic powder, nutmeg, red pepper, red hot pepper
1100 AMD

Kobasitca XL
#13 Kobasitca XL
beef, pork, pork chops, intestines, garlic powder, nutmeg, red pepper, red hot pepper
1700 AMD

Vratnyak(Pork Neck)
#14 Vratnyak(Pork Neck)
Pork, oil, salt, pepper
3200 AMD

Pizza Quattro Formaggi
#16 Pizza Quattro Formaggi
Gorgonzola, Emmental, Parmigiano, Mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, olive,Gorgonzola, Emmental, Parmigiano, Mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, olive
3200 AMD

Pizza Margherita
#17 Pizza Margherita
Mozzarella, basil, tomatoes, olives
2300 AMD

Pizza Bolognese
#18 Pizza Bolognese
Mozzarella, Bolognese sauce, olives, oregano
3000 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni
#19 Pizza Pepperoni
Mozzarella, tomatoes, chorizo, jalapeno, olives, oregano
3200 AMD

Pizza Capriccosa
#20 Pizza Capriccosa
Mozzarella, ham, mushroom champignon, tomatoes, olives, oregano
3600 AMD

Chicken sausage
#22 Chicken sausage
ketchup and mustard
800 AMD

Pork sausage
#23 Pork sausage
Ketchup and mustard
800 AMD

Beef Sausage
#24 Beef Sausage
800 AMD

Chicken Fillet XL  Set
#26 Chicken Fillet XL Set
Chicken Fillet XL, fries, cola 0.5
2900 AMD

Pleskavitsa XL Set
#27 Pleskavitsa XL Set
Pleskavitsa XL, fries, cola 0.5
3000 AMD

Chevapchichi XL Set
#28 Chevapchichi XL Set
Chevapchichi XL, fries, cola 0.5
3000 AMD

Plato Serbia
#29 Plato Serbia
Pleskavitsa, Kobasica, chicken roll, Chevapchichi XL, cola 0.5 (4 pieces), fries 4 portions
14000 AMD

Plato Serbia Gourmet
#31 Plato Serbia Gourmet
Chevapchichi XL x1, Chicken liver bacon wraps XL x1, Pleskavica Gourmet x2, Chicken sausge x2, pork sausage x2, beef sausage x2, Potato wedges x2, Grilled vegetables x1, kaymak x2, ayvar x2, mustard x1, chili sauce x1, Kilikia 0,5 x4
18000 AMD

French Fries
700 AMD

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