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Garun by Aroghj Snund.BreakfastGranolaOmelette with tomatoOmelette with vegetablesOmelette with spinachContinental breakfastCroissant with branChia PudingKeto BreakfastBreakfast Healthy BoxAppetizersCaprese saladBruschetta with tomatoBruschetta assortmentCheese plateVegetable plateAppetizer with Cherry Tomatoes and AvocadoHummus AssortedQuesadillaSaladsFresh tacosGreek saladSalad with quinoaBroccoli saladSalad with arugula and cherry tomatoSalad Caesar with chickenSeafood saladBeef fillet saladSalad Snowy with Almond FlakesSalad with beet confiеSalad with Broccoli and Roast BeefSalad with Salmon and QuinoaSoupsCream-soup with pumpkinChicken soupCream-soup with broccoliSeafood soupMushroom cream soupTom YamBowlDetox bowlGreen bowl with beef cutletPoka bowlMeat dishesGrilled salmonGrilled chickenMedallion with Turkey breastStuffed TroutChicken breast roll with asparagusStuffed chicken breastPastaPasta with seafoodPasta with pesto saucePasta Gluten freePasta CarbonaraVegetable PastaPasta with VealBurger and sandwichClassic burgerBeef burgerBeef burger with gluten free breadVegetable burgerAvocado burgerCaesar twisterVegetable twisterHot sandwichChicken sandwichTurkey sandwichSubway SandwichClub SandwichBurger Vegetables Gluten with Fri BreadPizzaVegan PizzaPizza RomaPizza CapresePizza GarunPizza MargheritaPizza PepperoniGarnishGrilled vegetables with pesto sauceFried mushroom with walnutRatatouleRice with VegatablesGrilled asparagusFrench fries without oil and clarified butterGrilled eggplant and pepper with Morne sauceKid s menuKid s mealBreadCorn flour breadWhole wheat breadWhole wheat bread baguetteCorn wheat bread gluten free baguetteDessertRaspberry tartPancake with fruitsChocolate pancakeWhole Chocolate rollWhole Chocolate TartChocolate rollLemon rollЭклер с ягодами и фруктамиCookie with oatChocolate cupcakeGarun dessertBird nestCheesecakeBrownieFirm dessert GarunՄրգային ԱղցանCarrot VeganShtrudelRed VelvetChupa GarunCarrot cakeChocolate tartRed Apple ChipsGreen Apple ChipsCaramel TartNapoelonChocolate pleasureOatmeal tartDessert with pistachioApple rollSmoothie bowlsSmoothie bowl with berriesTeaTea ImmuneTea AntiageTea SlimTea DetoxHealthy BoxJuice and smoothie mixMint and appleMint, apple and celeryPineapple and appleBeet, carrot, apple and gingerBeet, carrot and appleBeet, carrot, apple and celeryBanana and appleCarrot and applePeach and appleStrawberry and appleGrapefruit and appleGrapefruit, orange and appleApple and kiwiApple and orangePomegranateOrangeGrapefruitAppleCarrotJuicesCherry Hot TeaIce TeaBerry JoyCitrus FreshnessTea MarakuyaLemonadeGrapefruit lemonadeMint lemonadeCoffeeCappuccinoAmericanoLatteGlintwineGlintwine ClassicGlintwine GarunFrench GlintwineGlintwine with berriesNon Alcoholic ice coctailsMojitoStrawberry MojitoStrawberry-banana milkshakeCoco CocktailSweetenerStevita 25 sachetsStevita 50 sachets European
Garun by Aroghj Snund

Working hours
09:00 - 23:00

Garun by Aroghj Snund

#1 Granola
1pc, 257 kcal, 230g
1600 AMD

Omelette with tomato
#2 Omelette with tomato
220kcal, 220g, tomato, eggs, parsley, basil, croutons
1200 AMD

Omelette with vegetables
#3 Omelette with vegetables
110.5 kcal, 245g, eggs, tomato, mushroom, onion, baguette
1490 AMD

Omelette with spinach
#5 Omelette with spinach
87.64 kcal, 246g, egg, spinach, baguette
1490 AMD

Continental breakfast
#10 Continental breakfast
486kcal, 250g, turkey fillet, cheese Cheddar, small croissant, grilled baguette, honey, avocado pashtet
2490 AMD

Croissant with bran
710 AMD

Chia Puding
#304 Chia Puding
210g, 124kcal, yogurt, chia, stevia, vanilla, raspberry, strawberry, orange
1200 AMD

Keto Breakfast
#305 Keto Breakfast
325g, 594 kcal, Hunting sausage, white beans in tomato sauce, egg, branded bacon, cherry tomato, mushroom
2490 AMD

Breakfast Healthy Box
#75 Breakfast Healthy Box
450g, 367 kcal, broccoli, avocado, toast, egg, quinoa, cherry tomato
2940 AMD

Caprese salad
#77 Caprese salad
217 kcal, 250g, tomato, Mozzarella, pesto, balsamic cream
2400 AMD

Bruschetta with tomato
#82 Bruschetta with tomato
180 kcal, 4pcs, 252g, baguette, cherry tomato, cheese Parmesan, pesto sauce
1800 AMD

Bruschetta assortment
#84 Bruschetta assortment
221 kcal, 220g, baguette, cherry tomato, roast beef, salmon, cheese Parmesan, onion, cottage cheese, pesto sauce
2600 AMD

Cheese plate
#90 Cheese plate
309 kcal, 260g, Parmesan, Dorblue, Feta balls with cottage cheese, Cheddar, Emmental, strawberry, honey
4600 AMD

Vegetable plate
#92 Vegetable plate
106 kcal, 312g, cherry tomato, carrot, red radish, cucumber, pepper, parsley, tar-tar sauce
2700 AMD

Appetizer with Cherry Tomatoes and Avocado
#97 Appetizer with Cherry Tomatoes and Avocado
132kkal,265g, Avocado, cherry tomatoes, greens mix, chia seeds, oregano
2490 AMD

Hummus Assorted
#100 Hummus Assorted
120g, 92 kkal, muttabal, red pepper humus, guacamole, whole wheat bread
1900 AMD

#220 Quesadilla
300g, 521kcal, firm tortilla, chicken breast, cheese Mozzarella, mushroom, sauce tar-tar, sour cream
2600 AMD

Fresh tacos
#98 Fresh tacos
141kcal, 319g, salmon, cherry tomato, cucumber, lettuce, cheese Parmesan, sauce Pesto, Guacamole, mangold, loshik
3600 AMD

Greek salad
#101 Greek salad
137.6 kcal, 260g, tomato, cucumber, pepper, lettuce, flatbread, Feta, Parmesan, pesto, red onion
1800 AMD

Salad with quinoa
#102 Salad with quinoa
226 kcal, 290g, quinoa, tomato, cucumber, pepper, avocado, orange
1900 AMD

Broccoli salad
#104 Broccoli salad
215 kcal, 232g, broccoli, cherry tomato, tofu cheese, avocado, Brussel cabbage, grapefruit
2450 AMD

Salad with arugula and cherry tomato
#107 Salad with arugula and cherry tomato
106 kcal, 175g, rucola, cherry tomato, sunflower seeds, Parmesan
2200 AMD

Salad Caesar with chicken
#109 Salad Caesar with chicken
112 kcal, 210g, chicken breast, lettuce, Parmesan, sauce, cherry tomato, quail egg
1800 AMD

Seafood salad
#112 Seafood salad
373 kcal, 230g, shrimps cherry tomato, lettuce
3900 AMD

Beef fillet salad
#114 Beef fillet salad
273 kcal, 300g, beef fillet, mushroom, pepper, zucchini, lettuce, oregano, arugula
2950 AMD

Salad  Snowy with Almond Flakes
#115 Salad Snowy with Almond Flakes
83 kcal, 380 gr ․, Cauliflower, cucumber, Beijing cabbage, almond flakes, bolok, branded Vinaigrette sauce
2300 AMD

Salad with beet confiе
#116 Salad with beet confiе
8 kcal, 380 g ․, Beet, apple, greens mix, Cream cheese, flower seeds, beet sauce
2400 AMD

Salad with Broccoli and Roast Beef
#117 Salad with Broccoli and Roast Beef
228 kcal, 260 g ․, Broccoli, carrot, roast beef, greens mix, almond flakes, garlic, branded Vinaigrette sauce
2990 AMD

Salad with Salmon and Quinoa
#118 Salad with Salmon and Quinoa
268 kcal, 255 g ․, Quinoa, salmon, avocado, greens mix, lemon, dressing
3400 AMD

Cream-soup with pumpkin
#121 Cream-soup with pumpkin
101.8 kcal, 350g, pumpkin, onion, cream, garlic
1500 AMD

Chicken soup
#125 Chicken soup
186 kcal, 350g, chicken breast, pasta tagliatelle, egg, carrot
1100 AMD

Cream-soup with broccoli
#126 Cream-soup with broccoli
87.4 kcal, 350g, onion, broccoli, coconut milk
1800 AMD

Seafood soup
#128 Seafood soup
109.7 kcal, 350g, seafood, cherry tomato, tomato juice, onion, celery
3850 AMD

Mushroom cream soup
#130 Mushroom cream soup
124 kcal, 350g, mushroom, onion, coconut milk
1500 AMD

Tom Yam
#132 Tom Yam
98kkal,300g, Cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, ginger, lemongrass
3400 AMD

Detox bowl
#135 Detox bowl
211 kcal, 440g, vegetable cutlet, mushroom, lettuce, broccoli, Cherry tomato, bell pepper, zucchini, eggplant, sesame, spices, oil
2800 AMD

Green bowl with beef cutlet
#137 Green bowl with beef cutlet
489 kcal, 455g, beef cutlet, mushroom, lettuce, broccoli, Cherry tomato, bell pepper, Parmesan cheese, zucchini, eggplant, sesame, spices, oil
4100 AMD

Poka bowl
#138 Poka bowl
419 kcal, 350g, salmon fillet, sea cabbage, curd cheese, mix rice, Cherry tomato, avocado, lemon, lettuce, balsamic cream, oil
6500 AMD

Meat dishes
Grilled salmon
#146 Grilled salmon
376 kcal, 252g, salmon fillet, teriyaki sauce, lemon
7900 AMD

Grilled chicken
#151 Grilled chicken
221 kcal, 290g, chicken breast, thyme, cherry tomato, mangold, bell pepper, cucumber, zucchini, carrot, soya sauce, sauce Bechamel
2490 AMD

Medallion with Turkey breast
#153 Medallion with Turkey breast
281 kcal, 260g, turkey breast, onion, sauce salsa, zucchini, mushroom, tomato
3700 AMD

Stuffed Trout
#157 Stuffed Trout
429kcal, 330g, trout, onion, tomato, Bechamel sauce, lettuce, lemon
3100 AMD

Chicken breast roll with asparagus
#160 Chicken breast roll with asparagus
195 kcal, 220 g ․, Chicken breast, asparagus, bell pepper, carrot, cherry tomato
2590 AMD

Stuffed chicken breast
#162 Stuffed chicken breast
275 kcal, 290 g ․, Chicken breast, Mozzarella, Pesto, greens mix
2800 AMD

Pasta with seafood
#167 Pasta with seafood
231 kcal, 307g, pasta tagliatelle, seafood, cherry tomato, tomato juice
3950 AMD

Pasta with pesto sauce
#168 Pasta with pesto sauce
371 kcal, 280g, pesto sauce, garlic, cherry tomato, parmesan, spinach, spaghetti
2400 AMD

Pasta Gluten free
#170 Pasta Gluten free
224 kcal, 210g, pasta penne, spinach, celery, cherry tomato, nuts, onion
2100 AMD

Pasta Carbonara
#172 Pasta Carbonara
496 kcal, 250g, spaghetti, bacon, cream, quail eggs, cheese Parmesan, dried basil
2650 AMD

Vegetable Pasta
#173 Vegetable Pasta
236 kcal, 250 g , Tagliatelle, bell pepper, broccoli, tomato
2500 AMD

Pasta with Veal
#174 Pasta with Veal
451 kcal, 260 g ․, Tagliatelli, veal fillet, mushrooms, cream, parsley
3500 AMD

Burger and sandwich
Classic burger
#176 Classic burger
338 kcal, 305g, beef cutlet, lettuce, tomato, picked cucumber, Mozzarella
2400 AMD

Beef burger
#179 Beef burger
295 kcal, 305g, beef cutlet, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber, Mozzarella
2300 AMD

Beef burger with gluten free bread
#182 Beef burger with gluten free bread
242.2 kcal, 305g, beef cutlet, lettuce, tomato, picked cucumber, Mozzarella
2800 AMD

Vegetable burger
#187 Vegetable burger
257 kcal, 299g, vegetable cutlet, tomato, red onion, guacamole sauce, lettuce, pickled cucumber
1900 AMD

Avocado burger
#192 Avocado burger
299 kcal, 320g, spinach, avocado, white sauce, egg
2600 AMD

Caesar twister
#198 Caesar twister
242.2 kcal, 300g, chicken breast, parmesan, lettuce, sauce caesar, tomato, loshik
1990 AMD

Vegetable twister
#202 Vegetable twister
243,8 kcal, 299g, guacamole sauce, tomato, cucumber, vegetable cutlet, loshik
1800 AMD

Hot sandwich
#209 Hot sandwich
372 kcal, toast bread, turkey fillet, firm mayonnaise, pickled cucumber, cheese Mozzarella, mustard
2400 AMD

Chicken sandwich
#211 Chicken sandwich
175kcal, chicken, tomato, lettuce, sauce, cheese, toast
1300 AMD

Turkey sandwich
#213 Turkey sandwich
175kcal, turkey, tomato, lettuce, sauce, cheese, toast
1700 AMD

Subway Sandwich
#215 Subway Sandwich
firm baguette, chicken breast, tomato, cucumber, firm sauce
1600 AMD

Club Sandwich
#218 Club Sandwich
390g, 695kcal, firm sauce bread, lettuce, tomato, cheese Mozzarella, chicen breast, carrot, firm caesar sauce, firm bacon
2800 AMD

Vegan Pizza
#226 Vegan Pizza
467kcal, pesto and bran dough, tomato sauce, mushroom, olives, cherry tomato, tofu cheese, oregano, basil
3000 AMD

Pizza Roma
#228 Pizza Roma
559kcal, pesto sauce, chicken breast, cheese Mozzarella, oregano, tomato, mushroom
2800 AMD

Pizza Caprese
#231 Pizza Caprese
530kcal, pesto sauce, cheese Mozzarella, oregano, tomato, basilica
3200 AMD

Pizza Garun
#234 Pizza Garun
521 kcal, branded dough Pesto with sauce, eggplant, Mozzarella, Fetta, cherry tomatoes, mint, oregano
3100 AMD

Pizza Margherita
#236 Pizza Margherita
890 kcal, branded dough With pesto sauce, Mozzarella, Dor blue, Emmental, cherry tomatoes, basil
3500 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni
#238 Pizza Pepperoni
920 kcal, branded dough With pesto sauce, mozzarella, pickles, pepperoni
2800 AMD

Grilled vegetables with pesto sauce
#242 Grilled vegetables with pesto sauce
103 kcal, 200g,eggplant, zucchini, pepper, tomato, pesto, garlic
2100 AMD

Fried mushroom with walnut
#244 Fried mushroom with walnut
78.2 kcal, 200g, mushroom, garlic, walnut
1500 AMD

#245 Ratatoule
58.7 kcal, 210g, eggplant, pepper, zucchini, tomato, garlic
2400 AMD

Rice with Vegatables
#247 Rice with Vegatables
347 kcal, 240g, bell pepper, zucchini, eggplant, champignon, mix rice, white wine, parmesan, cherry tomato
2690 AMD

Grilled asparagus
#249 Grilled asparagus
30 kcal, 175g, asparagus, garlic, cherry tomato
2500 AMD

Grilled eggplant and pepper with Morne sauce
#254 Grilled eggplant and pepper with Morne sauce
293 kkal, 400 g ․, eggplant, bell pepper, Fetta, with Chimichuri and Morne sauces
3200 AMD

Kid s menu
Kid s meal
#257 Kid s meal
hamburger, French fries, toy
3500 AMD

Raspberry tart
1500 AMD

Pancake with fruits
#271 Pancake with fruits
329.1 kcal, egg, milk, corn flour, cocoa, fruits, fruit sauce
1800 AMD

Chocolate pancake
#272 Chocolate pancake
329.1 kcal, egg, milk, corn flour, cocoa, fruits
1800 AMD

Whole Chocolate roll
#273 Whole Chocolate roll
10pcs, 740 kcal
6900 AMD

Whole Chocolate Tart
#275 Whole Chocolate Tart
6pcs, order 1 day in advance
7900 AMD

Chocolate roll
#281 Chocolate roll
142 kcal, 2pcs
1600 AMD

Lemon roll
#282 Lemon roll
146 kcal, lemon, egg, milk, whole wheat flour
1700 AMD

Cookie with oat
400 AMD

Chocolate cupcake
790 AMD

Bird nest
#300 Bird nest
124.2 kcal
1500 AMD

#303 Cheesecake
112 kcal
1100 AMD

#304 Brownie
372 kcal without ice cream
1400 AMD

Firm dessert Garun
1400 AMD

Carrot Vegan
#309 Carrot Vegan
175 kcal, carrot, almond flour, coconut milk
1980 AMD

#310 Shtrudel
212 kcal, whole wheat flour, egg, cocoa, without ice cream
1700 AMD

Red Velvet
#311 Red Velvet
187 kcal, whole wheat flour, egg
1600 AMD

Carrot cake
#313 Carrot cake
193 kcal, carrot, nut, whole wheat flour
1360 AMD

Chocolate tart
1400 AMD

Caramel Tart
1800 AMD

#319 Napoelon
1600 AMD

Chocolate pleasure
2200 AMD

Oatmeal tart
1800 AMD

Dessert with pistachio
2200 AMD

Smoothie bowls
Tea Slim
2200 AMD

Healthy Box
#336 Healthy Box
Christmas present for friends, colleagues and everyone who love healthy food. This Christmas package consists of Immune and Detox tea boxes made by nutritionists, or other of your choice, 0 kcal stevia sugar and oatmeal cookies, apple roll
7300 AMD

Mint and apple
#342 Mint and apple
250ml, 115 kcal
1400 AMD

Mint, apple and celery
1400 AMD

Pineapple and apple
#344 Pineapple and apple
250ml, 105.2 kcal
1900 AMD

Beet, carrot, apple and ginger
1400 AMD

Beet, carrot and apple
#347 Beet, carrot and apple
250ml, 115.5 kcal
1400 AMD

Beet, carrot, apple and celery
1400 AMD

Banana and apple
#349 Banana and apple
250ml, 107 kcal
1400 AMD

Carrot and apple
#351 Carrot and apple
250ml, 121 kcal
1400 AMD

Peach and apple
#356 Peach and apple
250ml, 94.2 kcal
1400 AMD

Strawberry and apple
#357 Strawberry and apple
250ml, 68.2 kcal
1400 AMD

Grapefruit and apple
#358 Grapefruit and apple
250ml, 134 kcal
1800 AMD

Grapefruit, orange and apple
1800 AMD

Apple and kiwi
#360 Apple and kiwi
250ml, 116.2 kcal
1600 AMD

Apple and orange
#363 Apple and orange
250ml, 98.2 kcal
1800 AMD

#365 Pomegranate
250ml, 118.8 kcal
3800 AMD

#366 Orange
250ml, 117 kcal
1800 AMD

#367 Grapefruit
250ml, 85,8 kcal
1800 AMD

#368 Apple
250ml, 101.2 kcal
1400 AMD

#369 Carrot
250ml, 85.8 kcal
1400 AMD

Ice Tea
Berry Joy
#385 Berry Joy
350ml, 63 kcal, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, mint, berry tea
1500 AMD

Citrus Freshness
#386 Citrus Freshness
350ml, 41 kcal, orange, grapefruit, lemon, black tea, mint
1500 AMD

Tea Marakuya
1500 AMD

Grapefruit lemonade
#389 Grapefruit lemonade
250ml, 67.3 kcal
1700 AMD

Mint lemonade
#395 Mint lemonade
13 kcal, Mint, lemon
1500 AMD

1500 AMD

800 AMD

#402 Latte
102 kcal
1600 AMD

Glintwine Classic
2400 AMD

Glintwine Garun
2800 AMD

French Glintwine
1900 AMD

Glintwine with berries
1900 AMD

Non Alcoholic ice coctails
#420 Mojito
16.7 kcal
1800 AMD

Strawberry Mojito
1900 AMD

Strawberry-banana milkshake
#424 Strawberry-banana milkshake
350ml, strawberry, banana, ice cream, milk
1800 AMD

Stevita 25 sachets
#428 Stevita 25 sachets
dietetic powder - sweetener, special for diabetics. It contains natural, harmful to health, without a single calorie Stevia and a small amount of sucralose. 1 package replaces the 1 teaspoon sugar. Ingredients- Natural sweetener sevioglikosid (Stevia leaves extract), lactose (milk sugar), antioxidant silicon (food supplement for weight loss) Nutritional value for 1 portion (1 sashet/1g), energy value - 0 calories. It is not a source of protein, fat, binding fat, trans-fats, saturated fats, fibers and Na Suitable for diabetic nutrition. Weight - 25g (25 sachets x 1g). Store in a dry place, not high than +20°C temperature
2800 AMD

Stevita 50 sachets
#429 Stevita 50 sachets
dietetic powder - sweetener, special for diabetics. It contains natural, harmful to health, without a single calorie Stevia and a small amount of sucralose. 1 package replaces the 1 teaspoon sugar. Ingredients- Natural sweetener sevioglikosid (Stevia leaves extract), lactose (milk sugar), antioxidant silicon (food supplement for weight loss) Nutritional value for 1 portion (1 sashet/1g), energy value - 0 calories. It is not a source of protein, fat, binding fat, trans-fats, saturated fats, fibers and Na Suitable for diabetic nutrition. Weight - 50g (50 sachet x 1g). Store in a dry place, not high than +20°C temperature
4700 AMD

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Lucy D.
22 Jan 2022
Lianna G.
21 Jan 2022
Gohar A.
20 Jan 2022
the food wasn’t tasty, was lack of salt
20 Jan 2022
Lucy D.
18 Jan 2022
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