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10:00 - 23:45


Best Offer
Combo with dolma
#501 Combo with dolma
8pcs Msho dolma, 8pcs dolma with grape leaves, 2pcs lenten dolma, 8pcs dolma on manghal, 8pcs suti dolma, 8pcs cabbage dolma, 8pcs chicken dolma
8500 AMD

Combo with Kebab
#503 Combo with Kebab
230g, 1pc, chicken kebab with dutch cheese, 230g, 1pc, chicken kebab with mushroom, 230g, 1pc, beef kebab with corn, 230g, 1pc, beef kebab with spicy pepper, 230g, 1pc, lamb kebab, potato BBQ (2 prt), vegetebales BBQ (1 prt)
8000 AMD

Cold Appetizers
Classic Cheese Assortment
#1 Classic Cheese Assortment
250g, cheese Lori, Roquefort, Dutch cheese, string cheese, smoked cheese
2500 AMD

Cheese Assortment for Wine
#2 Cheese Assortment for Wine
250g, cheese Lori, Roquefort, Dutch, Suluguni, served with honey and nuts
2600 AMD

Armenian Cheese Assorted
#146 Armenian Cheese Assorted
250g, cheese Lori, sheep cheese, horats cheese, string cheese
2200 AMD

Fish Assorted
#141 Fish Assorted
salmon, oilfish, humpback salmon, sturgeon
5000 AMD

Cheese Lori
900 AMD

Homemade Pickles
#4 Homemade Pickles
130g, malay sour cabbage, marinated tomato and cucumber, spicy pepper, mandak, sindrik
800 AMD

Marinated Vegetables
#146 Marinated Vegetables
400g, okra, hot pepper, gherkin, tomato
1200 AMD

Assortment with Fresh Vegetables
#6 Assortment with Fresh Vegetables
cucumber, tomato, carrot, greens, spicy and sweet peppers, served with garlic sauce
2200 AMD

Eggplant Caviar
#7 Eggplant Caviar
150g, grilled aubergine, pepper, tomato, carrot with garlic and red onion
1100 AMD

Appetizer Assortment
#8 Appetizer Assortment
450g, hummus 150g, mutabal 150g, caviar 150g, served with chips
2700 AMD

#9 Olives
150g, green and black olives, served with lemon
1200 AMD

Fresh Greens
#10 Fresh Greens
parsley, coriander, fennel, green onion
1000 AMD

Beef Tongue
#11 Beef Tongue
130g, boiled beef tongue, served with sauce and greens
2200 AMD

3000 AMD

Herring with Potato
#144 Herring with Potato
200g herring, 150g potato
2200 AMD

2800 AMD

1000 AMD

Strained Yogurt
800 AMD

Hot Appetizers
Pancake with Beef
800 AMD

Fried Suluguni
1200 AMD

Stuffed Potato
#13 Stuffed Potato
big potato cooked in an oven stuffed with ham, pickles, spicy pepper, cheese
1500 AMD

#14 Omelette
2 eggs
600 AMD

Omelette with Meat Assorted
1400 AMD

Fried Eggs
400 AMD

Classic Julienne
#18 Classic Julienne
220g, chicken breast, mushroom, cheese, cream
1500 AMD

Salad Dolma
#19 Salad Dolma
280g, veal, mushroom, bell pepper, lettuce, cheese Parmesan, served hot
2700 AMD

Caesar Salad
#20 Caesar Salad
280g, roasted chicken breast, lettuce, cheese Parmesan, croutons, special Caesar sauce
2800 AMD

Caesar Salad with Shrimp
#21 Caesar Salad with Shrimp
280g, fried shrimp, lettuce, cheese Parmesan, croutons, special Caesar sauce
4500 AMD

Chicken Salad
#22 Chicken Salad
300-320g, chicken breast cooked in a special sauce, bell pepper, mushroom, tomato, lettuce, cream, served hot
2200 AMD

Summer Salad
#23 Summer Salad
400g, tomato, cucumber, pepper, onion (in preference), oil
1500 AMD

Caprese Classic
#24 Caprese Classic
320g, tomato, Mozzarella, pesto sauce, balsamic sauce
2400 AMD

Rolls with Eggplant
#25 Rolls with Eggplant
6pcs, eggplant, carrot, bell pepper, cream, greens
1200 AMD

Salad Tabbouleh
#27 Salad Tabbouleh
300g, crushed wheat, green onion, tomato, lettuce, tomato paste
1000 AMD

Greek Salad
#28 Greek Salad
400g, tomato, cucumber, cheese Feta, olives, onion (in preference), crumbs, oil
2200 AMD

Salad Davtashen
#30 Salad Davtashen
320g, fried chicken breast, Dutch cheese, tomato, croutons, cucumber, lettuce, mayonnaise
2000 AMD

Salad Thai Beef
#31 Salad Thai Beef
280g, beef, chicken breast, bell pepper, tomato, garlic, greens, soy sauce, ketchup
2500 AMD

Salad Cairo
#34 Salad Cairo
260g, chicken breast, tomato, lettuce, Dutch cheese, olives, mayonnaise
1900 AMD

Classic Salad Olivie
#35 Classic Salad Olivie
240g, beef, potato, carrot, pickles, green peas, mayonnaise
1500 AMD

Yerevanian Salad
#149 Yerevanian Salad
250g, eggplant, onion, sour cream, garlic, nuts
1500 AMD

Spring Salad
#150 Spring Salad
300g, cabbage, carrot, bell pepper, mushroom, corn, greens
1200 AMD

Salad Noblemans Fun
#151 Salad Noblemans Fun
300g, veal fillet, champignon, bell pepper, special sauce
2000 AMD

#36 Borsch
400g, tough borsch with beef, served with sour cream
800 AMD

#37 Chuchvara
400g, tasty soup with beef and little homemade pelmeni
1200 AMD

#38 Solyanka
400g, ham, olives, sausage, pickles, served with sour cream
1200 AMD

#39 Kharcho
400g, Georgian soup with beef, rice, tomato, coriander and garlic
1200 AMD

Mushroom Cream Soup
#41 Mushroom Cream Soup
400g, mushroom, cream, potato, served with crumbs
1200 AMD

#42 Spas
400g, Armenian yogurt soup with cracked wheat and rice
600 AMD

#43 Piti
400g, mutton, potato, chickpeas, served with crumbs
1200 AMD

Chicken Soup
#44 Chicken Soup
400g, light soup with chicken, carrot, rice, bell pepper
800 AMD

Hot Dishes
Msho Dolma
#46 Msho Dolma
10pcs, dolma with grape leaves, chopped beef, rice, spices. Served with Msho sauce
2500 AMD

Dolma with Cabbage
#47 Dolma with Cabbage
8pcs, traditional Armenian dolma with cabbage leaves, ground beef, rice and spices
2200 AMD

Chicken Dolma
#48 Chicken Dolma
10pcs, dolma with grape leaves, fried chicken breast, nuts, cracked wheat, greens and spices
2000 AMD

Summer Dolma
#49 Summer Dolma
3pcs, fresh vegetables stuffed with beef, rice and spices
3000 AMD

Lenten Dolma
#50 Lenten Dolma
2pcs, dolma with marinated cabbage, chickpeas, bean, cracked wheat, lentil, spices
1600 AMD

Sut Dolma
#51 Sut Dolma
10pcs, dolma with grape leaves, rice, greens, and spices
1200 AMD

Dolma with Pomegranate
#52 Dolma with Pomegranate
10pcs, dolma with grape leaves, ground beef, pomegranate, nuts, raisin and cracked wheat
2500 AMD

Dolma on Grill
#53 Dolma on Grill
10pcs, traditional Armenian dolma with beef and pork, tomato, rice, spiced with soy sauce and cooked on grill
2500 AMD

Dolma with Grape Leaves
#54 Dolma with Grape Leaves
10pcs, traditional dolma with grape leaves, ground beef, rice and spices
2200 AMD

#55 Dimliama
3pcs, 400g, fresh vegetables stuffed with beef and rice, covered with dough and prepared in a special crock
3000 AMD

Dolma Steak
#57 Dolma Steak
280g, veal fillet grilled with your preferable degree, served with grilled asparagus
6000 AMD

#166 Pitikhi
350g, chicken tjvjik with Georgian spices
2400 AMD

2800 AMD

#168 Ostri
300g, beef, onion, hot pepper, tomato
2400 AMD

Mushroom on Ketsi
1600 AMD

Lamb Khashlama
#170 Lamb Khashlama
400-450g, lamb, tomato, pepper, potato
3500 AMD

Veal Tail Khashlama
3000 AMD

Triple Languette
#59 Triple Languette
300g, triple languette with beef, pork, chicken breast, stuffed with Dutch cheese, tomato, mushroom
2900 AMD

Beef Stroganoff
#61 Beef Stroganoff
330g, beef fillet, tomato sauce, onion, served with potato and sour cream
2600 AMD

Uzbek Pilaf
#63 Uzbek Pilaf
280g, traditional Uzbek pilaf with rice, mutton, carrot, onion and Eastern spices
1800 AMD

Holiday Pilaf
#64 Holiday Pilaf
280g, pilaf cooked with rice, beef, carrot, onion, and Еastern spices
1800 AMD

Roasted Chick
2200 AMD

Pork Roast
#185 Pork Roast
pork, potato, onion, tomato
2200 AMD

Hot Dish Sun
#66 Hot Dish Sun
250g, chicken breast and mushroom cooked in cream, served with chips
2600 AMD

Chicken Languette
1600 AMD

1200 AMD

2500 AMD

Classic Languette Assorted
#184 Classic Languette Assorted
chicken, beef, pork languette
3400 AMD

Firm Dishes
Lamb Scapula
7000 AMD

Veal Loin with Uzbek Pilaf
#159 Veal Loin with Uzbek Pilaf
650g loin, 300g pilaf
5500 AMD

Pork Shank
6000 AMD

Spiced Ribs
4500 AMD

Austrian Sausages
#162 Austrian Sausages
550g raw weight
6500 AMD

Firm Dolma BBQ with Veal
#92 Firm Dolma BBQ with Veal
450g, veal grilled on fire, served with onion and greens
5500 AMD

Firm Dolma BBQ with Pork
#93 Firm Dolma BBQ with Pork
450g, pork grilled on fire, served with onion and greens
4500 AMD

Khash with Meat
#139 Khash with Meat
served with garlic
2000 AMD

Dough Dishes
Khachapuri Dolma
#68 Khachapuri Dolma
32cm, 8 slices, khachapuri with Mozzarella cheese, parsley, coriander, onion (in preference)
2400 AMD

Imeretian Khachapuri
#69 Imeretian Khachapuri
30cm, 6 slices, traditional Georgian khachapuri with Mozzarella and Lori cheese
1800 AMD

Megrelian Khachapuri
2200 AMD

Adjarian Khachapuri
#70 Adjarian Khachapuri
cheese Mozzarella, Suluguni, egg
1500 AMD

#71 Pelmeni
15pcs, served with sour cream
1500 AMD

#72 Calzone
ham, mushroom, Mozzarella, served with ketchup
1600 AMD

Pizza Dolma
#73 Pizza Dolma
30cm, 8 slices, special sauce, Mozzarella cheese, chicken breast, corn, olives, oregano
3200 AMD

Pizza Neapolitan
#74 Pizza Neapolitan
30cm, 8 slices, ham, Mozzarella cheese, tomato
2800 AMD

Pizza Margherita
#75 Pizza Margherita
30cm, 8 slices, Mozzarella cheese, tomato, oregano
2000 AMD

Pizza Hunting
#76 Pizza Hunting
30cm, 8 slices, special sauce, Mozzarella cheese, salami, mushroom, fresh greens, sesame
2500 AMD

Pizza Mexican
#77 Pizza Mexican
30cm, 8 slices, marinated beef, chili sauce, fresh greens, pepper, pickles, Mozzarella cheese
3500 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni
#78 Pizza Pepperoni
30cm, 8 slices, Mozzarella cheese, special sauce, pepperoni, oregano
2800 AMD

Pizza Quatro Formaggi
#79 Pizza Quatro Formaggi
30cm, 8 slices, 5 types of cheese: Lori, Dutch cheese, Mozzarella, Roquefort, Parmesan
3200 AMD

Pizza Assorted
#155 Pizza Assorted
30cm, 8 slices, mushroom, ham, chicken breast, piquant sausage, cheese Mozzarella, olives, sauce
3500 AMD

Pizza Bolognese
#156 Pizza Bolognese
30cm, 8 slices
3200 AMD

Pasta Bolognese
2400 AMD

Pasta Arrabiata
#82 Pasta Arrabiata
250g, tomato sauce with spices
2200 AMD

Pasta Carbonara
#83 Pasta Carbonara
250g, special sauce, ham, cheese Parmesan, onion, cream
2400 AMD

Barbecue (weight is for raw meat)
Royal BBQ
#172 Royal BBQ
2.5kg, pork loin, ribs, fillet, veal sirloin, chicken fillet, potato, vegetables
16000 AMD

Pork BBQ Loin
#84 Pork BBQ Loin
400g, 2-3pcs
4000 AMD

Pork BBQ Ribs
#85 Pork BBQ Ribs
400g, 4pcs
3600 AMD

Pork BBQ Fillet
#173 Pork BBQ Fillet
400g, 6-8pcs
3400 AMD

Pork BBQ Neck
#174 Pork BBQ Neck
400g, 4pcs
3200 AMD

Beef BBQ
#86 Beef BBQ
300g, 6-7pcs
3800 AMD

Lamb BBQ Loin
#175 Lamb BBQ Loin
400g, 6-8pcs
4000 AMD

Lamb BBQ Ribs
#176 Lamb BBQ Ribs
400g, 6-8pcs
3200 AMD

Turkey BBQ
#177 Turkey BBQ
400g, 5-6pcs
3000 AMD

Rabbit BBQ
#178 Rabbit BBQ
400g, 5-6pcs
3000 AMD

Pork Iqibir
1800 AMD

Chicken Barbecue
#89 Chicken Barbecue
300g, 4-8pcs
1800 AMD

Chick BBQ with Potato Plech
#179 Chick BBQ with Potato Plech
350-380g chick, 400g potato
2800 AMD

Chicken BBQ Breast
2000 AMD

Beef Kebab
1000 AMD

Chicken Kebab
800 AMD

Sterlet BBQ
#94 Sterlet BBQ
price for 2kg, 1 whole starlet is 2-4kg, before ordering a whole fish, please contact operator to clarify the fish weight at the moment
14000 AMD

Mushroom BBQ
1500 AMD

Grilled Potato
600 AMD

Vegetable BBQ
#99 Vegetable BBQ
1pc of eggplant, tomato, pepper
1500 AMD

Mashed Potato
500 AMD

Roasted Mushroom
1500 AMD

Boiled Rice
500 AMD

French Fries
#104 French Fries
250g, served with ketchup
600 AMD

Village Potato
900 AMD

Homemade Arishta
800 AMD

Vegetable Grill
#107 Vegetable Grill
250g, grilled pepper, marrow, aubergine, carrot, mushroom
1500 AMD

Fast Food
Burger Dolma with Beef
#108 Burger Dolma with Beef
beef cutlet, Dutch cheese, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, sauce
2200 AMD

Burger with Chicken
#109 Burger with Chicken
chicken cutlet, Dutch cheese, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, sauce
2000 AMD

Club Sandwich
#110 Club Sandwich
ham, chicken breast, Dutch cheese, tomato, pickles, lettuce, sauce, served with French fries and ketchup
1900 AMD

Rolly with Chicken
#111 Rolly with Chicken
chicken, Dutch cheese, spicy pepper, sauce with estragon, served with sauce
1300 AMD

Rolly with Pork
#112 Rolly with Pork
pork, Dutch cheese, spicy pepper, sauce with estragon, served with sauce
1200 AMD

Chicken Sandwich
#113 Chicken Sandwich
chicken breast, sauce, cucumber, tomato, Dutch cheese, ham
1200 AMD

Pork Sandwich
#114 Pork Sandwich
pork, sauce, cucumber, tomato, Dutch cheese, ham
1200 AMD

Chicken Tortilla
#115 Chicken Tortilla
pepper, tomato, pickles, Dutch cheese, chicken
1300 AMD

Pork Tortilla
#116 Pork Tortilla
pepper, tomato, pickles, Dutch cheese, pork
1500 AMD

Tatar Sauce
300 AMD

300 AMD

Piemonte Sauce
400 AMD

Garlic Sauce
500 AMD

300 AMD

BBQ Sauce
500 AMD

1600 AMD

#130 Brownie
served without ice-cream
1400 AMD

1400 AMD

No results found
Արփինե Ֆ.
15 Sep 2021
Alex S.
16 Aug 2021
Очень невкусно. Картошка фри мягкая и пережаренная, словно масло не меняли сотню лет. Жульен - худший жульен, который встречали. Перемороженный, разваливающийся и невкусный. Плов - опечалил, безвкусный, выделяется лук, на этом все. Кола была тёплой, крем суп как пюре из грибов, но не полностью размельчен. Солянка средняя, не знаю как ее можно испортить. Все словно перемороженное, разогретое, пресное и невкусное, а также тёплое. Ценник за такое разочарование завышен. Очень жаль. Больше не закажем. 0 из 5 Доставка пришла быстро. Сервису спасибо.
Ariana V.
05 Jul 2021
Цезарь с креветками просто ужас ! От вида уже тошно было! как можно в салат добавить не отчищенные креветки!? А ещё мелкие просто ужас!
V.S. O.
09 Apr 2021
20 Feb 2021
[email protected] shaaaaat qicher, u 90% voskor.. nkari het el kap chuni, chxabnveq
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Dolma
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