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Coffee inn.RobustaClassic RobustaIndonesia RobustaDark JakartaSpecial RobustaArabicaGreen ArabicaSalvadorVietnamLight ColomiaColmbiaBrasilHondurasEthiophian SidamoBurundiDecafNicaraguaCosta RicaTanzaniaGuatemalaIndian ArabicaIndian Monson MalabarRobusta ArabicaSantos mixSidamo mixColombia mixCoffe with CardamonCoffee inn EspressoInstant CoffeeInstant Coffee GoldInstant Coffee ClassicArabica with FlaworsCoffee with VanillaCoffee with ChocolateCoffe with CreamCoffee with Cream CaramelCoffee with Cherry BrandyCoffee TiramisuCoffee GlasseCoffe TruffleCoffee with Orange ChocolateCoffee OrangeCoffee with StrawberryCoffee with BrownieCoffee with AlcoholCoffee with RaspberryCoffee with NutsCoffee with CinnamonTeaKarkadeQueen of EnglandPomegranateBergamotMasalaCeylonGinger with LemonBerries OlongExotic GreenMango YougurtForestJasmineFor LoversChampagne with StrawberryBlack Indian TeaChineseLady GreyOriental TeaCitrus KarkadeThymeMintDates mixAssamCastle of the MoonRoybush, coconut, banana Coffee and Tea
Coffee inn

Coffee and Tea
Working hours
09:00 - 22:00

Coffee inn

Classic Robusta
250 AMD

Dark Jakarta
320 AMD

Special Robusta
350 AMD

Green Arabica
390 AMD

490 AMD

580 AMD

Light Colomia
780 AMD

780 AMD

600 AMD

750 AMD

550 AMD

950 AMD

830 AMD

Costa Rica
990 AMD

890 AMD

820 AMD

Indian Arabica
640 AMD

Robusta Arabica
Santos mix
500 AMD

Sidamo mix
660 AMD

Colombia mix
580 AMD

Coffee inn Espresso
#44 Coffee inn Espresso
100g, 90% arabica, 10% robusta
890 AMD

Instant Coffee
#85 Karkade
100g, magur karkade, has a floral and fruity sour taste
750 AMD

Queen of England
#87 Queen of England
100g, mixture of Earl grey and Ceylon tea , with a touch of lemon zest , strawberry and raspberry pieces with hibiscus flowers and rose petals
1490 AMD

#89 Pomegranate
100g, black tea, pomegranate, lily flowers, walnuts, barberry, natural pomegranate flavouring
1500 AMD

#91 Bergamot
100g, chinese, Indian and ceylon tea with natural bergamot oil
1150 AMD

#93 Masala
100g, black tea, cinnamon, anise seeds , dill, ginger, cloves and black pepper
1850 AMD

#95 Ceylon
100g, ceylon tea with large leaves, delicate aromatic tea
1300 AMD

Ginger with Lemon
#97 Ginger with Lemon
100g, tea with large green leaves, pieces of ginger, orange peel and lemon leaves
1300 AMD

Berries Olong
#100 Berries Olong
100g, olong tea with strawberry, raspberry and rose petals.
1500 AMD

Exotic Green
#102 Exotic Green
100g, a mixture of green tea with hibiscus, pineapple and papaya pieces, red rose petals, corn, honeysuckle, mango and pear aroma
1550 AMD

Mango Yougurt
#105 Mango Yougurt
100g, large green tea with mango pieces, malva petals, pomegranate flowers, together with sweet mango yogurt aroma
1400 AMD

#107 Forest
100g, black tea with berries like blueberries, blackberries, raspberries with a touch of mint and black currants
1390 AMD

1250 AMD

For Lovers
#111 For Lovers
100g, indian large leaves black tea, rose petals, blackberry leaves with a taste of strawberry cream
1400 AMD

Champagne with Strawberry
#113 Champagne with Strawberry
100g, high quality mixture of Ceylon and India teas, raspberry, strawberry, currant and blackberry berries, with a delicate champagne aroma
1300 AMD

Black Indian Tea
#116 Black Indian Tea
100g, Indian tea with medium leaves , has a very rich taste
590 AMD

#119 Chinese
100g, high quality Chinese twisted green tea with large leaves.
1300 AMD

Lady Grey
#122 Lady Grey
100g, a mixture of black tea and rooibos with bergamot and safflower petals
1400 AMD

Oriental Tea
#124 Oriental Tea
100g, black tea, cinnamon, cloves and orange peels
1550 AMD

Citrus Karkade
#126 Citrus Karkade
100g, hibiscus flowers (karkade), orange and grapefruit pieces, lemon and apple
1400 AMD

#128 Thyme
100g, high quality Organic herbal thyme
1600 AMD

1100 AMD

Dates mix
#132 Dates mix
100g, dried dates chips, linden, cinnamon, safflower
1900 AMD

#134 Assam
100g, indian black tea
1050 AMD

Castle of the Moon
#136 Castle of the Moon
100g, ceylon, Indian and Chinese sencha tea with strawberry, raspberry, red currant, rose petals, sunflower and jasmine flowers
1400 AMD

Roybush, coconut, banana
#138 Roybush, coconut, banana
100g, decaffeinated rooibos tea leaves, mate tea, coconut and banana pieces, with strawberry-raspberry herbal flavouring
1800 AMD

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