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Cantata Mashtots.TeaChinese SenchaSilver PearlThe white monkey EULung ChingGyokuroSilver NeedlesPower of ChinaEnglish breakfastAssam Gold Tips MokalbariAssam KumsongGolden spiralCeylon ShaulendsBerry basketTea for a friendWhite cherryEight Treasures of ShaolinGreen Earl GreyGeishaThe long-awaited meetingMelody FluteChina MintRose EastThe flowers of cactusRiddle little BuddhaMasalaThe Indian OceanSpring flavorRoyal Earl GreyRosa VeniceThe English caramelPuer Strawberry and VanillaSousepTie Guan YinTea for WomenTea for MenLittle LadyThe Italian PieTea Peach MintTea Lady GreyTea Berry oolongPressed Tea Pu ErTea Ya BaoCoffeeCoffee Colombia San AugustineCoffee Meddelin ColombiaCoffee Colombia DecafCoffee Maragogype DCCoffee Kenya AA KagumoiniCoffee Mocha JavaCoffee House BlendCoffee Il PrestoCoffee Colombia RainforestCoffee Ethiopia Irgachif rounded grainsCoffee MexicoCoffee VanillaCoffee for a dateCoffee for a date maragodgypCoffee for a date decaf Coffee Irish creamCoffee Irish cream MaragogypeCoffee Irish cream DekafCoffee HazelnutCoffee Hazelnut MaragogypeCoffee CappuccinoCoffee CaramelCoffee CardamomCoffee CinnamonCoffee Mocha de LuxCoffee ChocolateCoffee Chocolate-cherryCoffee ColombiaCoffee BrazilCoffee GranolaCoffee Eastern Cheesecake Coffee and Tea
Cantata Mashtots

Coffee and Tea
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Cantata Mashtots

Chinese Sencha
#1 Chinese Sencha
100g, a classic green tea, twisted along its axis. In Chinese tradition, this type of twist is called Sencha
3970 AMD

Silver Pearl
#2 Silver Pearl
100g, the precious tea for connoisseurs. This classic green Chinese tea harvested in ancient tea producing Hunan, twisted in the form of pearls.
5950 AMD

The white monkey EU
#3 The white monkey EU
100g, Chinese green tea in Hunan province. Stranding leaves their curves reminiscent of a prehensile monkey tail that was the reason for the name of the variety.
6790 AMD

Lung Ching
#4 Lung Ching
100g, Chinese tea masters say that after drinking "Lung Ching", feel the breath in great harmony and Chinese Medicine fans celebrate his high benefits for the lungs.
8970 AMD

#5 Gyokuro
100g, Japanese green tea of the highest quality. "Gyokuro" is made from the three upper leaves of the first spring crop. In just a few weeks before harvest the tea bushes are shaded cane flooring, which creates favorable conditions for the accumulation in the leaves of L-teanin'a.
17560 AMD

Silver Needles
#6 Silver Needles
100g, Chinese white tea from province north. Fujian. Another name for tea "Silver Needle" - "Bai Hao Yin Zhen".
13470 AMD

Power of China
#7 Power of China
100g, the Chinese name of tea, "The strength of China" - "dianhong". Made only from selected tea buds drink acquires unique appearance and taste.
8970 AMD

English breakfast
#23 English breakfast
100g, traditional blend of high-quality black tea from the highlands of Ceylon. Strong and full-bodied taste of black tea is perfect for morning tea and awakening.
2970 AMD

Assam Gold Tips Mokalbari
#24 Assam Gold Tips Mokalbari
100g, this variety is made in the state of Assam on a small plantation, "Assam Gold Tips Mokalbari" without reason called "golden", because this tea consists solely of young leaves and tender buds, covered with soft golden fuzz, that is, from the most precious raw tea.
5970 AMD

Assam Kumsong
#25 Assam Kumsong
100g, the taste of tea "Assam Kumsong" captivates with its simple and unchanging. Black Indian tea is grown in the state of Assam in the area of Dum-Dum of the river and has a straightforward character and taste.
3970 AMD

Golden spiral
#26 Golden spiral
100g, this Chinese black teas produced in Yunnan Province, the cradle of tea growing world culture.
4950 AMD

Ceylon Shaulends
#27 Ceylon Shaulends
100g, Ceylon is by far one of the cleanest areas of the globe. Large leaf Ceylon tea "Shaulends" plantation grows in the region of Uva
3970 AMD

Berry basket
#29 Berry basket
100g, a blend of green and black tea with the addition of cranberries, raisins, blackberries, strawberries, red and black currants.
3970 AMD

Tea for a friend
#31 Tea for a friend
100g, it brings the brightest ideas blend of green tea, "Mao Clock" with candied pineapple, papaya, mango, berries, red currants, strawberries, rose petals, mallow, jasmine and immortelle.
3950 AMD

White cherry
#34 White cherry
100g, "White Sakura" - a blend of white and Chinese green tea with jasmine, rose buds, berries juicy cherries and coconut.
4970 AMD

Eight Treasures of Shaolin
#35 Eight Treasures of Shaolin
100g, a melody in which Chinese green tea plays a major chords, and as a music act the famous variety "Sencha", "Gunpowder", "Chong Ming", "Pai Mu Tan", "Lung Ching" "biluochun", surrounded by succulent candied pineapple, sweet strawberry pieces and sunflower petals velvet.
3970 AMD

Green Earl Grey
#36 Green Earl Grey
100g, a green Chinese tea "gunpowder tea", flavored with oil of bergamot.
2970 AMD

#38 Geisha
100g, is based on a blend of green Chinese tea "Sencha" with the addition of coconut, cornflower and rose petals.
2970 AMD

The long-awaited meeting
#39 The long-awaited meeting
100g, a blend of green tea with candied pineapple, mango, papaya, orange zest, strawberries, red currants, Chilean cherry and apricot.
3970 AMD

Melody Flute
#40 Melody Flute
100g, is a unique, connected to a small heart Chinese green tea in the center of which hid a bunch of snow-white jasmine and red clover.
9750 AMD

China Mint
#41 China Mint
100g, a striking blend of Chinese tea "Gunpowder" and fragrant Moroccan mint.
2970 AMD

Rose East
#43 Rose East
100g, "Rose of the East" - a blend of Chinese green teas "Sencha", "gunpowder tea", White Tea "Pai Mu Tan" with the addition of jasmine, rose buds, marigold, cornflower and leaf rockrose.
3970 AMD

The flowers of cactus
#44 The flowers of cactus
100g, this is an unusual combination of classical Chinese green tea "Sencha" and this cactus flowers.
2970 AMD

Riddle little Buddha
#45 Riddle little Buddha
100g, a blend, which is based on two Chinese green tea, "Mao Clock" and "Guangxi". Decorate a unique blend of jasmine pearl hibiscus and buds. Spicy sour - the main leitmotif of this delicious combination.
4970 AMD

#46 Masala
100g, traditionally, the tea party in India - a strong brewed black tea with a lot of variety of spices. The tea blend "Masala" was created in the spirit of India. At the heart of the tea blend is taken Indian black tea, which add pieces of ginger, cinnamon, cardamom fruit, cloves and black pepper.
3970 AMD

The Indian Ocean
#49 The Indian Ocean
100g, black tea with lots of tropical fruit and bright aroma and taste. Slices of sweet mango slices of ripe figs, coconut chips, candied pineapple and fragrant white flowers of hibiscus create shrill fragrance that impresses at first sight.
3970 AMD

Spring flavor
#50 Spring flavor
100g, blend of black teas from different countries: China, India and Ceylon enables the beverage to give versatility and great taste.
2970 AMD

Royal Earl Grey
#51 Royal Earl Grey
100g, black tea with bergamot flavor is the traditional classics.
3970 AMD

Rosa Venice
#52 Rosa Venice
100g, Romantic tea. The tea-based "Rosa Venice" used by the Chinese, Indian and Ceylon tea with tea buds of yellow roses.
2970 AMD

The English caramel
#53 The English caramel
100g, "English candy" - a blend of strong black tea China and India with the addition of caramel pieces.
2970 AMD

Puer Strawberry and Vanilla
#54 Puer Strawberry and Vanilla
100g, blend based on the Chinese black tea with the addition of Puer African Rooibos, Honeybush, Moroccan mint, with slices of strawberry and vanilla.
6970 AMD

#57 Sousep
100g, sweet, fruity aroma remind a fascinating vacation in the tropics. Tea "Sousep" - black tea with aromatic notes of exotic fruit and with the addition of sousep Helichrysum flowers.
2970 AMD

Tie Guan Yin
#59 Tie Guan Yin
100g, Oolong Tie Guan Yin was named after the famous goddess Guanyin in China, which is also called "Goddess of Mercy". In China, it is believed that the goddess Guanyin hears all prayers, so it often approached with requests.
11750 AMD

Tea for Women
#60 Tea for Women
100g, herbal tea with cinnamon, apples, rooibos, ginger, raspberry leaf, fennel, chamomile, cardamom, cloves, orange peel, black pepper and juniper berries.
3970 AMD

Tea for Men
#61 Tea for Men
100g, herbal tea with cinnamon, apples, rooibos, ginger
3970 AMD

Little Lady
#64 Little Lady
100g, beauty of black teas "Little Lady" is impressive at first sight. Bright and tasty berries are wild raspberries, the white buds of jasmine, vanilla sticks, velvet petals of roses, sweet lychee pieces, elder berries and magic candied violet petals.
3970 AMD

The Italian Pie
#65 The Italian Pie
100g, a blend based on green and white tea with the addition of candied pineapple, papaya, mango, cinnamon sticks, coriander, cardamom, ginger, almond, clove, orange peel and lemon, as well as cocoa chips, golden raisins and meringue.
5950 AMD

Tea Peach Mint
#66 Tea Peach Mint
100g, a blend based on green tea with papaya and peach pieces, added with mint leaves, cornucopia rose and hibiscus flowers
4950 AMD

Tea Lady Grey
#67 Tea Lady Grey
100g, black tea with bergamot flavor, added with partami, cornucopia leaves
3950 AMD

Tea Berry oolong
#69 Tea Berry oolong
100g, green oolong with red and black currant, strawberry and raspberry. Tea has useful properties
4970 AMD

Pressed Tea Pu Er
#70 Pressed Tea Pu Er
100g, predded Pu Er, for proportional brewing. High quality set with thick sediment. Cleanses the body from toxins and provides freshness.
3950 AMD

Tea Ya Bao
#71 Tea Ya Bao
100g, high quality tea, made from Pu Er new-blown leaves
9750 AMD

Coffee Colombia San Augustine
#74 Coffee Colombia San Augustine
100g, grows near the town of San Augustine at an altitude of 1600-1900 meters above sea level, near the volcano Nevado del Uyla. It is a land full of colorful butterflies and great colors, which give a unique flavor to local coffee plantations.
3970 AMD

Coffee Meddelin Colombia
#75 Coffee Meddelin Colombia
100g, Colombian coffees are still among the best and most popular in the world. This is largely due course, with a wealth of taste.
3970 AMD

Coffee Colombia Decaf
#76 Coffee Colombia Decaf
100g, Appearance coffee decaffeination technology has made it possible to drink a drink, even those who are caffeine is contraindicated for any prichinam.For remove caffeine "Colombia Dekaf" used one of the safest ways - treatment with carbon monoxide (CO2).
3970 AMD

Coffee Maragogype DC
#77 Coffee Maragogype DC
100g, grows at an altitude of 1700 m on a plantation in the department Uyla Gigante. Quality coffee "Maragogype" is very easy to recognize by their appearance: grains "Maragogype" on average 3.5 times larger classic Arabica. This feature has influence on the content of caffeine - from nature to that in a simple grain of Arabica 0.6-1.2% caffeine.
3950 AMD

Coffee Kenya AA Kagumoini
#78 Coffee Kenya AA Kagumoini
100g, is a classic African Arabica, which is the benchmark for wine shades in the taste of coffee.
3970 AMD

Coffee Mocha Java
#79 Coffee Mocha Java
100g, a blend of well-known varieties of Yemeni "Mocha" and Javanese Arabica.
2970 AMD

Coffee House Blend
#80 Coffee House Blend
100g, a blend of nine varieties of Arabica from different countries: Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Cameroon and Java.
3970 AMD

Coffee Il Presto
#81 Coffee Il Presto
100g, a blend of nine varieties of Arabica from different countries: Brazil, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Kenya and Guatemala.
3970 AMD

Coffee Colombia Rainforest
#82 Coffee Colombia Rainforest
100g, grows at an altitude of between 950 and 1200 meters on the farm Fazenda de Lagoa, who specializes exclusively in the production of Arabica gourmet. The farm is surrounded by protected areas of protected, so coffee is grown in an ecologically clean area and is classified as "organic", as evidenced by a certificate of "Rainforest Alliance".
6970 AMD

Coffee Ethiopia Irgachif rounded grains
#83 Coffee Ethiopia Irgachif rounded grains
100g, this is a special sort of classic African coffee "Ethiopia Irgachif", featuring special grains.
3970 AMD

Coffee Mexico
#84 Coffee Mexico
100g, unique natural phenomenon with a pristine ecosystem
3970 AMD

Coffee Vanilla
#87 Coffee Vanilla
100g, exquisite taste of creative inspiration.
2970 AMD

Coffee for a date
#88 Coffee for a date
100g, the sweetness of romance in every sip!
2970 AMD

Coffee for a date maragodgyp
#90 Coffee for a date maragodgyp
100g, sensual taste for true romantics! The faint aroma of cream toffee harmony with the density and density of the beverage. Taste attracts seductive sweetness of dates and condensed milk.
3970 AMD

Coffee for a date decaf
#91 Coffee for a date decaf
100g, the grains of this variety, thanks to the special treatment of the delicate, almost do not contain caffeine, thus recreating a favorite drink of all tastes.
3970 AMD

Coffee Irish cream
#94 Coffee Irish cream
100g, opens up the culture of England with a coffee party.
2970 AMD

Coffee Irish cream Maragogype
#95 Coffee Irish cream Maragogype
100g, coffee sketch, conquer the world! Captivating aroma of liquor and cream, soft enveloping flavor with hints of whiskey and a gentle creamy aftertaste
3970 AMD

Coffee Irish cream Dekaf
#96 Coffee Irish cream Dekaf
100g, grains of this variety, thanks to the special treatment of the delicate, almost do not contain caffeine, thus recreating a favorite drink of all tastes.
3970 AMD

Coffee Hazelnut
#98 Coffee Hazelnut
100g, a combination that dream a reality.
2970 AMD

Coffee Hazelnut Maragogype
#99 Coffee Hazelnut Maragogype
100g, warm memories of a walk in the autumn forest. The basis used Maragogype Arabica variety, which gives lightness and at the same time, the density of the drink, and the chord of walnut and vanilla-cream shades gives a carefree mood.
3970 AMD

Coffee Cappuccino
#100 Coffee Cappuccino
100g, the controversial duo of flavors in the Italian tradition.
2970 AMD

Coffee Caramel
#101 Coffee Caramel
100g, a sweet flirtation with delicate coffee
2970 AMD

Coffee Cardamom
#102 Coffee Cardamom
100g, the secret of the mysterious music of the East.
2970 AMD

Coffee Cinnamon
#103 Coffee Cinnamon
100g, first and foremost a note of coffee Symphony mysterious East.
2970 AMD

Coffee Mocha de Lux
#104 Coffee Mocha de Lux
100g, start your day with your favorite flavor of childhood.
2970 AMD

Coffee Chocolate
#106 Coffee Chocolate
100g, a dense, full-bodied beverage that is similar to but the thick hot chocolate, has enveloping and warm flavor
2970 AMD

Coffee Chocolate-cherry
#107 Coffee Chocolate-cherry
100g, the freshness of a summer morning. The original chocolate-cherry liqueur and lures its sweet notes of ripe berries with spices and deep flavor of dark chocolate.
2970 AMD

Coffee Colombia
#108 Coffee Colombia
100g, the richness and depth of flavor to a dish. Instant coffee is made from Arabica Colombian
4370 AMD

Coffee Brazil
#109 Coffee Brazil
100g, Instant coffee is made from Arabica
4370 AMD

Coffee Granola
#110 Coffee Granola
100g, aromatic drink with unique hazelnut bitterness and unusual granola flavor. Morning coffee for breakfast.
3970 AMD

Coffee Eastern Cheesecake
#111 Coffee Eastern Cheesecake
100g, creamy light notes of cheesecake blend in with the mandarine, coconut and mango flavors, leaving a nice aftertaste.
3970 AMD

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