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Broccoli.ComboCombo N1Combo N2Combo N3Combo N4Combo N5Combo N6SaladsAvocado SaladSalad CaesarSalad with QuinoaSalad with Vegetables and FettaGarnishRice with VegetablesMashted PotatoesVegetables BBQBroccoli with Fimed sauceMain DishesChicken ShnitzelBeef ShnitzelChicken with CurryChicken with Sweet -Sour creamBroccoli CutletLentil CutletPastasPasta with Broccoli and CreamSpaghetti CarbonaraSpaghetti with Pesto sauceSpaghetti NapoletanaRavioliRavioli with Spianch and RicottaRavioli with ChickenRavioli with Chicken and Beet leavesRavioli with Lentils from whole-grain flourTortellini with Beef TartarPelmeniLasagnasLasgna Bolonese Լasagna with grilled eggplantLasagna with VegetablesSoupsTomato Cream-SoupBroccoli Cream-SoupCream-soup with red lentilsTapenadeHummusOlives PatseSandwichesSandwich with Fetta cheeseDessertCheesecakeEclairMikadoPavlovaTiramisu European

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Combo N1
#1 Combo N1
beef shnitzel, green salad, buckwheat
2300 AMD

Combo N2
#3 Combo N2
pasta napolitana, caesar salad
2100 AMD

Combo N3
#5 Combo N3
Dumplings homemade, tomato salad
2100 AMD

Combo N4
#7 Combo N4
lasagna bolognese, green salad
2500 AMD

Combo N5
#9 Combo N5
Chicken breast grill, rice, stewed broccoli
2300 AMD

Combo N6
#11 Combo N6
chicken breast, greek salad, mashed potatoes
2200 AMD

Avocado Salad
#14 Avocado Salad
250g, chicken breast, avocado, Mozzarella cheese, tomato, lettuce, arugula, Pesto sauce
2200 AMD

Salad Caesar
#17 Salad Caesar
250g, chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, Parmesan cheese, croutons, Caesar sauce
1900 AMD

Salad with Quinoa
#20 Salad with Quinoa
250g, quinoa, peas, bulgarian peppers, lettuce, cucumber, red radish, carrot, onion
1850 AMD

Salad with Vegetables and Fetta
#23 Salad with Vegetables and Fetta
280g, cucumbers, tomato, carrot, broccoli, lettuce, olives, cheese Feta
1650 AMD

Rice with Vegetables
#27 Rice with Vegetables
300g, steamed broccoli, corn, peas
850 AMD

Vegetables BBQ
#34 Vegetables BBQ
200g, broccoli, carrot, eggplant, pumpkin, colored peppers, mushrooms
1300 AMD

Main Dishes
Beef Shnitzel
1150 AMD

Broccoli Cutlet
#47 Broccoli Cutlet
1pc , broccoli, cheese, carrot
800 AMD

Lentil Cutlet
#50 Lentil Cutlet
1pc, lentil, carrot, potato
800 AMD

Spaghetti Carbonara
#57 Spaghetti Carbonara
150g, bacon, mushrooms, onion, cream, egg
2000 AMD

Spaghetti with Pesto sauce
1900 AMD

Ravioli with Chicken
#69 Ravioli with Chicken
200g, onions, carrots, celery
2050 AMD

Ravioli with Chicken and Beet leaves
#72 Ravioli with Chicken and Beet leaves
200g, beet leaves, onion, garlic, walnuts
2050 AMD

Ravioli with Lentils from whole-grain  flour
1900 AMD

Tortellini with Beef Tartar
#78 Tortellini with Beef Tartar
200g, beef fillet, anchovies, onions
2500 AMD

#81 Pelmeni
beef, onion
2000 AMD

Lasgna Bolonese
#85 Lasgna Bolonese
200g, beef, onion, bacon, carrot, celery, red wine
1700 AMD

 Լasagna with grilled eggplant
#87 Լasagna with grilled eggplant
200g, grilled eggplant, beef, carrots, celery, red wine
1700 AMD

Lasagna with Vegetables
#89 Lasagna with Vegetables
200g, broccoli, carrots, cabbage
1400 AMD

Tomato Cream-Soup
#92 Tomato Cream-Soup
250g, pelati, onion, celery
1300 AMD

Broccoli Cream-Soup
#95 Broccoli Cream-Soup
250g, broccoli, potatoes, carrots, cream
1150 AMD

Cream-soup with red lentils
#98 Cream-soup with red lentils
250g, red lentils, potatoes, eggplant, apricots
1150 AMD

600 AMD

Olives Patse
600 AMD

Sandwich with Fetta cheese
#106 Sandwich with Fetta cheese
1pc, grilled bulgarian pepper, cheese Feta, pesto sauce, tomatoes, lettuce
1650 AMD

1000 AMD

300 AMD

600 AMD

800 AMD

1100 AMD

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