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Big Brother Burgershop.Appetizzers and SnacksOnion RingsChicken StripsCorn DogFrench friesFrench FriesBurgersThe HamburgerThe Little BrotherHamburger SupremeHamburger Super SupremeBig Brother BurgerThe Classic BirdCluck MeBurger Wanna BeTake It EasyBBQ Bad BoyTake Me HomeBBQ KingHarley QuinnThe Wild BirdThe Mild BirdWrapTender WrapWrap with Grilled ChickenHot-DogHot-Dog with Bacon CheeseHot-Dog Chick DogHot-Dog Beef ChilliQuesadillaQuesadilla with chickenQuesadilla with CheeseAl PastorAl Pastor with Chicken European
Big Brother Burgershop

Working hours
15:00 - 23:59

Big Brother Burgershop

Appetizzers and Snacks
Onion Rings
800 AMD

Chicken Strips
1200 AMD

Corn Dog
900 AMD

French fries
500 AMD

The Hamburger
#9 The Hamburger
beef, lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup mayonnaise
1000 AMD

The Little Brother
#10 The Little Brother
beef, double cheese, lettuce, chips, jalapeno, bbq sauce
1400 AMD

Hamburger Supreme
#11 Hamburger Supreme
double beef, cheese mozzarella, cheese Cheddar, lettuce, pickled cucumber, supreme sauce
1600 AMD

Hamburger Super Supreme
#12 Hamburger Super Supreme
double beef, ham, Cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, mustard mayonnaise sauce
1900 AMD

Big Brother Burger
#13 Big Brother Burger
double beef, caramelized bacon, jalapeno, double cheese, spicy BBQ sauce
2300 AMD

The Classic Bird
#14 The Classic Bird
grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato pickles, garlic sauce
1000 AMD

Cluck Me
#15 Cluck Me
friedchicken breast, lettuce, tomato, pickles cucumber, ketchup, mayonnaise
1100 AMD

Burger Wanna Be
#17 Burger Wanna Be
cauliflower and lentil cutlet, fresh greens, pickles, green garlic sauce
1000 AMD

Take It Easy
#18 Take It Easy
grilled chicken breast, fries with cheese, green garlic sauce
1250 AMD

BBQ Bad Boy
#19 BBQ Bad Boy
specially prepared beef fries, fried chicken breast, Cheddar cheese, BBQ garlic sauce
1700 AMD

Take Me Home
#20 Take Me Home
grilled chicken fries, beef, cheese Mozzarella, cury, garlic sauce
1800 AMD

BBQ King
#21 BBQ King
specially prepared beef fries, double cheese, spicy bbq sauce
2000 AMD

Harley Quinn
#22 Harley Quinn
beef, double bacon, cheese Mozzarella, egg, spicy sauce
1700 AMD

The Wild Bird
#23 The Wild Bird
fried spicy chicken breast, caleslaw salad, pickled cucumber, Cheddar cheese, siracha mayonnaise sauce
1450 AMD

The Mild Bird
#24 The Mild Bird
fried chicken breast, caramelazed mushroom, onion and pepper, tomato, cheese Mozzarella, mustard, mayonnaise sauce
1600 AMD

Tender Wrap
#26 Tender Wrap
fried chicken breast, coleslaw salad, Mozzarella cheese, corn, mayonnaise sauce
1250 AMD

Wrap with Grilled Chicken
#27 Wrap with Grilled Chicken
grilled chicken breast, lettuce, pickles, french fries, garlic sauce
1200 AMD

Hot-Dog with Bacon Cheese
#29 Hot-Dog with Bacon Cheese
double hot-dog, caramelized bacon, cheese Mozzarella, mustard mayonnaise sauce
800 AMD

Hot-Dog Chick Dog
#30 Hot-Dog Chick Dog
double hot-dog, specially prepared chicken, curry garlic sauce
850 AMD

Hot-Dog Beef Chilli
#31 Hot-Dog Beef Chilli
double hot-dog, beef chili, BBQ sauce
900 AMD

Quesadilla with chicken
1450 AMD

Quesadilla with Cheese
1000 AMD

Al Pastor
Al Pastor with Chicken
#36 Al Pastor with Chicken
wrapped in a specially made loshik garlic sauce, french fries, tomato, pickles cucumber
1000 AMD

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21 Jul 2021
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