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Beer Shop.Draught beerDraught beer Kilikia 0.5lDraught beer Kilikia 1lDraught beer Kellers Chan unfiltered 0.5lDraught beer Kellers Chan unfiltered 1lDraught beer Kellers black 1lDraught beer Alavardi Chan unfiltered 0.5lDraught beer Alavardi Chan unfiltered 1lDraught beer Gyumri 0.5lDraught beer Gyumri 1lDraught beer Dilijan 0.5lDraught beer Dilijan 1lDraught beer Dargett Pilsner 0.5lDraught beer Dargett Pilsner 1lDraught Beer Heiniken 0.5lDraught Beer Heiniken 1lBeerBeer Baltica 3 0.5lBeer Baltica 7 0.5lBeer Baltica 9 0.5lBeer Corona Extra 0.35lBeer Heineken 0.33lBeer Heineken 0.45lBeer Heineken without alcohol 0.33lBeer Kozel light 0.5lBeer Kozel dark 0.5lBeer Kozel 0.5l canBeer Miller 0.33lBeer Warsteiner 0.33lBeer Dargett Pale Ale 0.33lBeer Dargett Pilsner 0.33lBeer Dargett Stout 0.33lBeer Dargett Apricot 0.33lBeer Dargett Belgian Tripel 0.33lBeer Dargett Vienna Lager 0.33lBeer Kilikia 0.33lBeer Kilikia 0.5lWith beerSmoked salmon filletSmoked PerchSmoked Perch bigSmoked cheese SuluguniSmoked Pink salmonSmoked troutSmoked troutLesh smallLeshLesh BigSmoked leshSmoked European anchovyEuropean plaiceSmoked chicken neckSmoked Salmon backboneSmoked Sig smallSmoked SigSmoked Sausage BaconSmoked Chicken Legs spicySmoked Chicken GizzardPickled Chicken LegsVoblaSmoked mackerelJerki BaconKhrus TeamChips Doritos smallChips Doritos bigChips Lays smallChips Lays mediumChips Lays bigChips Pringles smallChips Pringles mediumChips Pringles bigChips Ot Martina smallChips Ot Martina bigSalty Sticks DaroinkSalty Sticks Daroink bigSunflower seeds Ot Martina smallSunflower seeds Ot Martina bigSunflower seeds Ot Martina with salt smallSunflower seeds Ot Martina with salt bigPumpkin seeds Ot MartinaBruschette croutonsTucChips 3D pillowChips 3D sticksSalted peanutSpicy peanutPeanut with peelPeanut with ajika flavorPeanut with bacon flavorPeanut with crab flavorPeanut with red roe flavorPeanut with cheese flavorPeanut with onion and sour cream flavorPeanut with wasabi flavorSpanish corn saltySpanish corn spicySalted pistachioPeasPeas mediumPeas bigChickpeas smallSmoked Chickpeas SpicyPlastic glass 0.5lTri Korochki SmallTri Korochki MediumTri Korochki BigSoft DrinksDraught Kvas Belarusian 0.5lDraught Kvas Belarusian 1lSpring water Byuregh 0.5lMineral water Jermuk 0.5l Beer House and Pub
Beer Shop

Beer House and Pub
Working hours
11:00 - 23:30

Beer Shop

With beer
Smoked Perch
450 AMD

Smoked Perch big
650 AMD

Smoked Pink salmon
#71 Smoked Pink salmon
100g, before ordering a fish, please contact operator to clarify the fish weight at the moment
730 AMD

Smoked trout
#72 Smoked trout
half fish
1900 AMD

Smoked trout
1250 AMD

Lesh small
1100 AMD

#75 Lesh
2000 AMD

Lesh Big
#76 Lesh Big
2300 AMD

Smoked lesh
#77 Smoked lesh
270-300g, прежде чем заказывать, пожалуйста свяжитесь с оперотором, чтобы уточнить вес рыбы на данный момент
1400 AMD

European plaice
800 AMD

Smoked Salmon backbone
2200 AMD

Smoked Sig small
450 AMD

Smoked Sig
#85 Smoked Sig
800 AMD

Smoked Sausage Bacon
850 AMD

#94 Vobla
990 AMD

Smoked mackerel
1300 AMD

Chips Doritos big
1090 AMD

Chips Lays big
1050 AMD

#131 Tuc
350 AMD

Chips 3D pillow
300 AMD

Chips 3D sticks
300 AMD

Salted peanut
600 AMD

Spicy peanut
600 AMD

Peanut with peel
600 AMD

Salted pistachio
1350 AMD

#152 Peas
450 AMD

Peas medium
650 AMD

Peas big
900 AMD

Chickpeas small
400 AMD

Tri Korochki Big
600 AMD

No results found
20 Dec 2021
08 Dec 2020
рыба пересушенная, не соответствует заявленной категории
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