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Bari Cafe and Restaurant.Breakfast 09:00-12:00OmlettePancake with nutella or maple syrupEggs Benedict with croissantOvernight oatsAvocado toast with scrambled eggsCottage cheese pancakesEclairCheesecakeTartIce creamDessertPizza MargheritaPizza PepperoniPizza 4 CheesePizza with MushroomPizza Prosciutto MascarponePizza with Ham and PepperPizza VegeterianPizza AppetizersMix bruschettasChicken satayHummus setBeef TatakiSeviche with salmon with Leche de Tigre sauceBBQ BatatBroccoli on grillAssortment of meat and cheeseSaladsQuinoa and avocado saladChicken noodle saladGreek saladCaesar saladProsciutto and figsSteak saladSoupsRed bean soupChicken and lemon soupPumpkin and lentil cream-soupBurger and sandwichTuna sandwichClassic cheeseburgerClub wrapPastaChicken and mushroom tagliatelleChicken sobaVeal sobaArrabiataProsciutto with peasAmatricianaRavioli with spinach and ricottaAngus meat ravioliHot dishesChicken breast with curry sauceSteak Fillet MignonChicken TeriyakiStuffed quailPork ribs with bourbonGrilled salmonAngus ribsSouce vide lamb shoulderSoft DrinksSpring water Byuregh 0.33lMineral water Jermuk 0.33l European
Bari Cafe and Restaurant

Working hours
09:00 - 21:00

Bari Cafe and Restaurant

Breakfast 09:00-12:00
1600 AMD

Pancake with nutella or maple syrup
1700 AMD

Eggs Benedict with croissant
#28 Eggs Benedict with croissant
poached egg on a freshly baked croissant with hollandaise sauce, served with fried tomatoes and fresh salad
2900 AMD

Overnight oats
#29 Overnight oats
oat flakes soaked in yogurt, chia seeds with berries, muesli
1700 AMD

Avocado toast with scrambled eggs
2600 AMD

Cottage cheese pancakes
#31 Cottage cheese pancakes
served with sour cream and raspberry jam
1600 AMD

600 AMD

1900 AMD

1900 AMD

Ice cream
#6 Ice cream
one ball - 80g
700 AMD

Pizza Margherita
#9 Pizza Margherita
fresh Mozzarella, tomato sauce, Parmesan cheese, basil, oregano
2600 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni
#10 Pizza Pepperoni
tomato sauce, cheese Mozzarella, pepperoni
2800 AMD

Pizza 4 Cheese
#11 Pizza 4 Cheese
պանիր Մոցառելա, Ռոքֆոր, Պարմեզան, մասկարպոնո, բազիլիկ, սերուցք, պեստո սոուս
3600 AMD

Pizza with Mushroom
#12 Pizza with Mushroom
cheese Mozzarella, Parmesan, mascarpone, mushrooms, cream
3500 AMD

Pizza Prosciutto Mascarpone
#13 Pizza Prosciutto Mascarpone
cheese Mozzarella, mascarpone, tomato sauce, prosciutto, arugula
3900 AMD

Pizza with Ham and Pepper
#14 Pizza with Ham and Pepper
tomato sauce, cheese Mozzarella cheese, ham, bell pepper, arugula
3200 AMD

Pizza Vegeterian
#15 Pizza Vegeterian
tomato sauce, pesto sauce, Mozzarella cheese, pumpkin, eggplant, carrot, bell pepper, artichoke, kalamata olive
3500 AMD

Mix bruschettas
#38 Mix bruschettas
270g, 6pcs of bruschetta with eggplant and Feta cheese, mushrooms and Parmesan cheese, tomatoes
2500 AMD

Chicken satay
#40 Chicken satay
330g, chicken sticks, served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad
2500 AMD

Hummus set
#42 Hummus set
450g, hummus with beets, spinach and pumpkin, served with fresh vegetables and bread crumbs
2200 AMD

Beef Tataki
#46 Beef Tataki
slightly cooked veal tenderloin seasoned with poncho sauce
5200 AMD

Seviche with salmon with Leche de Tigre sauce
#47 Seviche with salmon with Leche de Tigre sauce
raw salmon pieces, marinated in tiger milk sauce, served with grilled potatoes, sweet corn
6500 AMD

BBQ Batat
#48 BBQ Batat
with fresh tomato salsa
2900 AMD

Broccoli on grill
#51 Broccoli on grill
served with peanut sauce
1900 AMD

Assortment of meat and cheese
#52 Assortment of meat and cheese
parmesan, pecorino, blue cheese, prosciutto, chorizo, napoli piquant with dried walnuts
5500 AMD

Quinoa and avocado salad
#76 Quinoa and avocado salad
280g, quinoa, avocado, fresh vegetables, mixed greens, seasoned with mustard and honey sauce
2900 AMD

Chicken noodle salad
#80 Chicken noodle salad
380g, chicken breast, funchoza, fresh vegetables seasoned with sesame oil, ginger and soy sauce
2100 AMD

Greek salad
#91 Greek salad
fresh vegetables, olive, feta cheese with greek olive oil, lemon juice, oregano
2400 AMD

Caesar salad
#95 Caesar salad
Crispy lettuce with homemade sauce, rusks, grilled chicken breast, parmesan cheese
3600 AMD

Prosciutto and figs
#98 Prosciutto and figs
prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, hazelnuts, fresh figs, seasonal greens, sauce
3400 AMD

Steak salad
#99 Steak salad
veal fillet, fresh vegetables, seasonal greens seasoned with balsamic sauce
2900 AMD

Red bean soup
#104 Red bean soup
red beans, onions, nuts
1200 AMD

Chicken and lemon soup
#108 Chicken and lemon soup
chicken breast, lemon, carrot, garlic
1200 AMD

Burger and sandwich
Tuna sandwich
#116 Tuna sandwich
300g, black bread, homemade mayonnaise, tuna fish, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs, pickled onions. served with fresh vegetable salad
2700 AMD

Classic cheeseburger
#122 Classic cheeseburger
served with coleslaw salad
2400 AMD

Club wrap
#126 Club wrap
grilled chicken breast, crispy bacon, hardboiled egg, vegetables wrapped in flour tortilla, fries
1900 AMD

Chicken and mushroom tagliatelle
#130 Chicken and mushroom tagliatelle
homemade pasta tagliatelle, chicken tenderloin, mushrooms, cream sauce
2600 AMD

Chicken soba
#134 Chicken soba
320g, buckwheat noodles with chicken, buckwheat noodles with vegetables seasoned with ginger, garlic, oregano and soy sauce
2300 AMD

Veal soba
#138 Veal soba
320g, buckwheat noodles with vegetables, beef noodles seasoned with ginger, garlic, oregano and soy sauce
2700 AMD

#145 Arrabiata
fresh tagliatelle pasta with spicy tomato sauce and cheese Parmesan
1900 AMD

Prosciutto with peas
#147 Prosciutto with peas
fresh tagliatelle parma with ham, green peas and cheese Parmesan
2900 AMD

#149 Amatriciana
fresh tagliatelle pasta with bacon, tomato sauce and cheese Parmesan
2500 AMD

Ravioli with spinach and ricotta
#151 Ravioli with spinach and ricotta
served with brown butter, sage, cheese Parmesan
3600 AMD

Angus meat ravioli
#153 Angus meat ravioli
served with tomato sauce and cheese Parmesan
4500 AMD

Hot dishes
Chicken breast with curry sauce
#162 Chicken breast with curry sauce
470g, chicken breast covered with stone sauce, served with rice and broccoli
2900 AMD

Steak Fillet Mignon
#170 Steak Fillet Mignon
400g, served with grilled vegetables and pepper sauce
6200 AMD

Chicken Teriyaki
#172 Chicken Teriyaki
380g, fried chicken breast in sauerkraut sauce, served with fried rice and vegetables
2500 AMD

Stuffed quail
#179 Stuffed quail
quail stuffed with spinach, wrapped in prosciutto with cranberry sauce
8500 AMD

Pork ribs with bourbon
#180 Pork ribs with bourbon
served with village potatoes and sweet and sour peppers
7500 AMD

Grilled salmon
#181 Grilled salmon
grilled salmon fillet on a bed of quinoa and sauteed spinach, topped with Vierge sauce
7800 AMD

Angus ribs
#182 Angus ribs
angus beef short ribs, braised in chocolate and red wine sauce, served with creamy polenta and vegetables
6000 AMD

Souce vide lamb shoulder
#183 Souce vide lamb shoulder
served with potato puree, vegetables
6200 AMD

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Poached egg was just a fully-boiled one
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