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In Vino
Beer Academy
Proshyan Brandy Factory
  • Pasta Bolognese
    #8 Pasta Bolognese
    pasta Penne, beef, olive oil, cheese Parmesan, Bell pepper, tomato, wine, onion
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    2550 AMD
  • Pasta Carbonara
    #10 Pasta Carbonara
    pasta Spaghetti, cheese Parmesan, egg, bacon, cream, white wine
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    2950 AMD
Say Cheese
  • Basket medium
    #2 Basket medium
    basket (1pc), Armenian wine Voskeni (1pc), crispy bread (1 box), sauce "Great Britain" (105g, 1pc), cheese Dutch, French, Swiss ( 3 tipes, each 200g, general 600g)
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    40000 AMD
  • Basket small
    #1 Basket small
    basket (1pc), French wine JP Chenet (1pc), crispy bread (1 box), Cheesecake (1pc), sauce "Great Britain" (105g, 1pc), cheese Dutch, French or Swiss ( 2 tipes, each 200g, general 400g)
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    25000 AMD
  • Basket big
    #3 Basket big
    basket (1pc), Spanish wine Honeymoon (1pc), crispy bread (1 box), round board for cheese (1pc), sauce "Great Britain" (340g, 1pc) sauce "Great Britain" (105g, 1pc), cheese Dutch, French, Swiss ( 3 tipes, each 250g, general 750g)
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    60000 AMD
  • Gift box
    #6 Gift box
    French wine, 400g 2 types of cheese, fig jam
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    15500 AMD
Gevorkian Winery
Novella Food
  • Grilled Vegetables
    #63 Grilled Vegetables
    300g, eggplant, pepper, cherry tomato, champignon, carrot, zucchini, oil, cream balsamic, arugula, wine
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    1600 AMD
  • Vegetable Sauteed
    #62 Vegetable Sauteed
    200g, eggplant, pepper, cherry tomato, zucchini, greens, sesame, wine, spices, oil
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    1200 AMD
  • Mexican Salad
    #11 Mexican Salad
    250g, corn, pepper, cherry tomato, lettuce, veal fillet, oil, tomato paste, wine, marinated cucumber, spices
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    1600 AMD
Tavern Caucasus
Karas (Artsakh)
La Cucina
Vino and Vino
Genacvale Pandok Isahakyan 12
La Boulangerie De Paris
Matevosyan Wine
Wasabi Megamall
  • Pasta Farfalle
    #26 Pasta Farfalle
    300g, farfalle, Pesto sauce, white wine, onion
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    2700 AMD
  • Chicken Curry
    #31 Chicken Curry
    480g, chicken breast, sauce curry, rice, carrot, white wine, green peas, onion, spices
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    2900 AMD
  • Pasta Carbonara
    #25 Pasta Carbonara
    350g, tagliatelle, bacon, white wine, cheese Parmesan, champignon
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    2800 AMD
  • Chico steak
    #35 Chico steak
    450g, chicken breast, mushroom champignon, white wine, nut, sauce cream, onion, spices
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    2900 AMD
Wasabi Dalma Garden Mall
Karas 1/1 Abovyan
King Garden
Genacvale Pandok Komitas
Black Angus Yerevan Mall
La Flor
Noyyan Parpetsi Restaurant
Pizza E Vino
Qamancha Restaurant
Malocco Cafe
Garun by Aroghj Snund
  • Rice with Vegatables
    #247 Rice with Vegatables
    347 kcal, 240g, bell pepper, zucchini, eggplant, champignon, mix rice, white wine, parmesan, cherry tomato
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    2690 AMD
In Yan Sushi Wok
  • Set Holiday
    #59 Set Holiday
    64 pieces California classic 8, California kani 8, Sake maki 8, Philadelphia light 8, Kappa maki 8, Maguro maki 8, Unagi maki 8, Canada 8, white wine gift
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    17800 AMD
Genacvale Pandok
Diamond Restaurant
  • Veal Burgundy
    #119 Veal Burgundy
    500g, veal fillet, mushroom, onion, carrot, bell pepper, potato, tomato, olives, red wine, tomato sauce
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    4800 AMD
AKO Sushi
Eastern Cuisine
Multi Wellness Restaurante
  • Steak Fillet Mignon
    #183 Steak Fillet Mignon
    200g, Local beef tenderloin, Soy sauce, white wine, garlic, spices
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    3400 AMD
  • BBQ Chicken Wings Spicy
    #130 BBQ Chicken Wings Spicy
    350g, Chicken wings, tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, wine, garlic, mustard, honey,Chilli sauce, Wolcestor sauce, spices, Buffalo sauce
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    1900 AMD
  • Semi-Cooked Steak Fillet Mignon
    #280 Semi-Cooked Steak Fillet Mignon
    200g, Local beef tenderloin, Soy sauce, white wine, garlic, spices Method of preparation ․ Preheat the pan for 1.5 minutes. Fry the meat according to your degree of preparation ․ Rare - 2-2.5 minutes on each side. Medium - 3.5-4 minutes on each side. Well done - 5.5-6 minutes on each side. Store in the refrigerator at 0 ° C to + 4 ° C for 2-3 days, or in the freezer at -2 ° C to -20 ° C for 7 days
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    2900 AMD
  • Buzhenina
    #168 Buzhenina
    500g, Pork, garlic, carrots, greens, wine, spices
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    7400 AMD
Pizza Di Roma (Khorenatsi)
  • Trafalgar
    #91 Trafalgar
    500g, trout steak, spinach made with cream and white wine, served with beets and fresh green peas hot salad
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    3600 AMD
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
    #42 Spaghetti Bolognese
    450g, spaghetti, beef, Italian balsamico, parsley, garlic, red wine, onion, spices and sauces
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    1600 AMD
Antares Bookstore
  • Dandelion Wine Ray Bradbury
    #203 Dandelion Wine Ray Bradbury
    size: 12,5x20, cover: tough, pages: 504, gramm: 444g The summer of 28 was a vintage season for a growing boy. A summer of green apple trees, mowed lawns, and new sneakers, of half-burnt firecrackers, of gathering dandelions, of Grandma's belly-busting dinner. It was a summer of sorrows and marvels and gold-fuzzed bees. A magical, timeless summer in the life of a twelve-year-old boy named Douglas Spaulding—remembered forever by the incomparable Ray Bradbury.
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    4450 AMD
Degusto food Studio
Cafe Central Restaurant
Cafe Jager
Eco Garden
Degusto food Studio Buzand
Masoor Restaurant
Utopia Kitchen
Dragon Garden
Armat Cafe Restaurant
  • Veal salad
    #30 Veal salad
    220g, veal fillet, bell pepper, eggplant, lettuce, sesame, wine, soya
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    2800 AMD
Genacvale Pandok 7 Kievyan
  • Pasta Bolognese
    #74 Pasta Bolognese
    300g, miced beef, tomato Napolitana sauce, Parmesan cheese, green basil, red wine, spices, onion, garlic
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    2800 AMD
  • Pasta Carbonara
    #72 Pasta Carbonara
    300g, pasta, bacon, egg, cream, Parmesan cheese, wine, spices
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    2800 AMD
Black Angus Abovyan
Genacvale Pandok 23 Papazyan
12 Ktor Pizza
Rome Restaurant
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