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The Old House Restaurant.Cold AppetizersOld House cold appetizerGhavurmaFresh vegetables and greensHomemade meat assortedGreensOlivesArmenian cheese assortedHot AppetizersGarni YarakhSaladsCaprese Old House saladGreek saladCherry saladCaesar saladSalad with prunesSoupsChanakh soupSpas with ishli kyuftaPiti soupHot dishesHomemade arishtaPasta AlfredoVeal fillet with village potatoLamb crownPelmeni Roquefort sauceLamb fillet on a spitLamb loin from chefBeefstroganoffTolma with grape leavesLamb shoulder Old HouseKer u susVeal medallions with mushrooms saucePork boneless vegetables ragueChicken wings BuffaloChicken breast with curry sauceFishSterledDorado with riceBBQ and kebabTraditional BBQ mix for 4-6 personPork loin BBQChicken breast with vegetablesChicken kebabLamb kebabVeal kebabDessertBeerBeer Kilikia 0.33lDargett 0.33lSoft DrinksCoca Cola 0.25lFanta 0.25lSpring water Byuregh 0.5lMineral water Bjni 0.5l Armenian
The Old House Restaurant

10:00 - 23:00
Delivery fee 600AMD

The Old House Restaurant

Cold Appetizers
Old House cold appetizer
#1 Old House cold appetizer
620g, tszadziki, hummus, moutabal, eggplant caviar
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3200 AMD

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3200 AMD

Fresh vegetables and greens
#4 Fresh vegetables and greens
400g, tomato, cucumber, pepper, greens
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400 AMD

Homemade meat assorted
#5 Homemade meat assorted
350g, basturma, bujenina from pork, viel fillet, chicken roll
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4800 AMD

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1000 AMD

#9 Olives
120g, green and black
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800 AMD

Armenian cheese assorted
#13 Armenian cheese assorted
300g, Lori, Chanakh, sheep, string, horats cheeses
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1900 AMD

Hot Appetizers
Garni Yarakh
#14 Garni Yarakh
580g, veal, eggplant, tomato, onion
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2000 AMD

Caprese Old House salad
#25 Caprese Old House salad
410g, tomato, homemade cheese, homemade pesto, balsamic cream
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2400 AMD

Greek salad
#30 Greek salad
440g, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, Feta cheese, spices
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1900 AMD

Cherry salad
#32 Cherry salad
360g, tomato Cherry, pepper, greens, chicken breast, veal fillet
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3000 AMD

Caesar salad
#35 Caesar salad
380g, tomato, chicken breast, Parmesan cheese, lettuce, croutons
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2700 AMD

Salad with prunes
#37 Salad with prunes
390g, veal, carrot, lettuce, nuts, prunes
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2800 AMD

Chanakh soup
#38 Chanakh soup
350-400g, veal, tomato, pepper, eggplant, greens, onion, garlic, spices
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1400 AMD

Spas with ishli kyufta
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1600 AMD

Piti soup
#43 Piti soup
350-400g, lamb, chickpeas, potato, onion, spices
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1500 AMD

Hot dishes
Homemade arishta
#48 Homemade arishta
510g, pepper, eggplant, zucchini, onion, tomato, mushroom, asparagus
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2700 AMD

Pasta Alfredo
#49 Pasta Alfredo
480g, chicken breast, mushroom, onion, Parmesan cheese
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2800 AMD

Lamb crown
#52 Lamb crown
lamb, rice, carrot, shafran
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16500 AMD

Pelmeni Roquefort sauce
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1800 AMD

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3100 AMD

Tolma with grape leaves
#68 Tolma with grape leaves
7-8pcs, veal, rice, grape leaves, onion, spices
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2300 AMD

Ker u sus
#75 Ker u sus
400g, veal, potato, green peas, pickled cucumbers, onion
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2600 AMD

Pork boneless vegetables rague
#77 Pork boneless vegetables rague
330g, pork, carrot, pepper, peas, mushroom, broccoli
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2900 AMD

Chicken wings Buffalo
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2700 AMD

#81 Sterled
1/2 fish, 7-8pcs
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8000 AMD

Dorado with rice
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5800 AMD

BBQ and kebab
Traditional BBQ mix for 4-6 person
#86 Traditional BBQ mix for 4-6 person
2.5kg, 8pcs plech, 4pcs mushroom, 1pc hot pepper, 1pc tomato, 1pc chicken, beef, lamb kebab, 2pcs pork loin, 4pcs chicken wings, 3pcs veal sirloin, 3pcs lamb loin, 3pcs pork ribs, 4pcs pork boneless
Add to cart
24000 AMD

Pork loin BBQ
#129 Pork loin BBQ
350g, 2pcs
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3500 AMD

Chicken breast with vegetables
#95 Chicken breast with vegetables
300g, 4pcs chicken breast, pepper, tomato
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1800 AMD

Chicken kebab
#96 Chicken kebab
160-170g, chicken, onion, greens
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1000 AMD

Lamb kebab
#97 Lamb kebab
160-170g, lamb, onion, greens
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1300 AMD

Veal kebab
#98 Veal kebab
160-170g, veal, onion, greens
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1200 AMD

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