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Lunch Combo
Avenue Montaigne
#78 Avenue Montaigne
450g, veal langet with demi-glace sauce, mashed potatoes, tomato and cucumber salad
3100 AMD

#81 Byuzand
520g, kufta fried in pan, farro and mushroom pilaf, salad made from several greens with special sauce
2500 AMD

#83 Bolivar
550g, chicken breast steak, vegetable grill, quinoa and avocado salad with special sauce
3300 AMD

#87 Boylston
650g, pork tender steak, village potatoes, Greek salad
2500 AMD

#89 Khreshchatyk
600g, Kiev cutlets, buckwheat garnish, served with cabbage-tomato salad
1800 AMD

#91 Arbat
680g, Beefstroganoff made with cream and in white wine, served with cabbage salad
2500 AMD

#94 Trafalgar
500g, trout steak, spinach made with cream and white wine, served with beets and fresh green peas hot salad
3600 AMD

#97 Broadway
450g, chicken breast, topped with crispy rusks, with black and white rice, fresh green peas, dried tomato garnish, served with fresh spinach, mushrooms and Roquefort cheese salad
2500 AMD

#100 Proviant
500g, sterlet steak with black rice and fresh green peas garnish, served with hot spinach salad
3300 AMD

#102 Wenjin
620g, beef, bell pepper, ginger, funchosa noodles, carrot, cucumber, onion, basil, coriander, Italian balsamico, cauliflower, coconut milk, spices, sauces
2900 AMD

#103 Kaiyang
480g, pork cooked with special sweet and spicy sauce, topped with crispy layer, grilled asparagus with marrow and mushroom, served with salad of Chinese cabbage and sauces
2600 AMD

#105 Rivoli
500g, chicken breast grilled with French Brie cheese filling, omelette with corn and greens, served with fresh avocado, carrot, cucumber and green pepper
2800 AMD

#107 Neuer
500g, pork ribs cooked in a special sauce, village potatoes, served with taboule salad
3300 AMD

#108 Fucheng
400g, chicken breast grilled with special chinese saouce, rice cooked by spacial chinese recipe, comes with special sauces, hazelnut, broccoli & raisins
2300 AMD

Shish Tawouk
#6 Shish Tawouk
180g, chicken breast, ginger, garlic, cream, lemon, caraway, spices, sauce
1200 AMD

Quinoa and Avocado Salad
#11 Quinoa and Avocado Salad
270g, quinoa, avocado, cucumber, arugula, coriander, dried tomato, calamata olives, spices and sauces
2200 AMD

Greek Salad
#12 Greek Salad
340g, Feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, bell pepper, black olives, spices and sauces
1800 AMD

Steak Salad
#15 Steak Salad
350g, veal, walnuts, capers, basilic, arugula, mint, spices and sauces
2600 AMD

Caesar Salad
#18 Caesar Salad
340g, chicken breast, lettuce, dried tomato, calamata olives, capers, cheese Parmigiano, toast bread, spices and sauces
2500 AMD

Chicken and Prunes Salad
#22 Chicken and Prunes Salad
270g, chicken breast, dried prunes, walnuts, carrot, sour cream, apple, spices and sauces
1400 AMD

Summer Salad
#24 Summer Salad
340g, cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, corinader, basil, lemon, Italian balsamico, spices, sauce
1100 AMD

Salad with Quinoa and Mozzarella
#25 Salad with Quinoa and Mozzarella
cheese Mozzarella, quinoa, avocado, parmigiano, basilico, bell pepper, green peas, raisins, carrot, mint, parsley, garlic, spices, sauces
2300 AMD

#26 Taboule
bulgur, tomato, salad leaves, lemon, corriander, mint, parsley, green onion, spices, sauces
900 AMD

Broccoli Cream Soup
#30 Broccoli Cream Soup
230g, broccoli, Feta cheese, walnuts and spices
1100 AMD

Mushroom Cream Soup
#31 Mushroom Cream Soup
250g, mushroom, bacon, cream, butter, dried-mini-breads and spices
1500 AMD

Spinach, Celery and Pine Nut Cream Soup
#32 Spinach, Celery and Pine Nut Cream Soup
220g, spinach, celery, coriander, dill, pine nuts and spices
1300 AMD

Red Bean Soup
#34 Red Bean Soup
400g, red beans, walnut, coriander, garlic, onion, rusks, spices, sauces
900 AMD

Mexican Spicy Soup
#35 Mexican Spicy Soup
350g, beef, tomato, carrot, jalapenho, onion, rusks, spices, sauces
1800 AMD

Fetuccini Alfredo
#38 Fetuccini Alfredo
450g, fetuccini, chicken breast, cheese Parmigiano, cream, garlic, coriander, parsley, onion, spices and sauces
1900 AMD

Penne Pesto
#39 Penne Pesto
400g, penne, cheese Parmigiano, walnut, basilic, cream, garlic, spices and sauces
1700 AMD

Penne Chicken Neapolitana
#40 Penne Chicken Neapolitana
450g, penne, chicken breast, cheese Parmigiano, tomato, garlic, basilic, carrot, onion, spices and sauces
1700 AMD

Spaghetti Bolognese
#42 Spaghetti Bolognese
450g, spaghetti, beef, Italian balsamico, parsley, garlic, red wine, onion, spices and sauces
1600 AMD

Fettuccini Quatro Formaggi
#45 Fettuccini Quatro Formaggi
420g, fettuccini, Parmigiano cheese, Mozzarella cheese, Roquefort cheese, Gouda cheese, cream, parsley, spinach, spices
2200 AMD

Burger and Sandwich
Classic Beef Burger
#47 Classic Beef Burger
beef cutlet, marinated cucumber, lettuce, tomato, burger bread, spices and sauces
2400 AMD

Pastrami Ribs Burger
#49 Pastrami Ribs Burger
pork, marinated cucumber, lettuce, tomato, burger bread, spices and sauces
2100 AMD

Chicken Burger
#50 Chicken Burger
chicken cutlet, marinated cucumber, lettuce, tomato, burger bread, spices and sauces
2000 AMD

Combo Beef Burger for Two
#53 Combo Beef Burger for Two
2 big burgers with beef cutlet, pickled cucumber, lettuce, tomato, 2prt French fries and sauces
4800 AMD

Combo Chicken Burger for Two
#54 Combo Chicken Burger for Two
2 big burgers with chicken cutlet, pickled cucumber, lettuce, tomato, 2prt French fries and sauces
4200 AMD

Club Sandwich
#55 Club Sandwich
toast bread, chicken breast, bacon, Parmigiano cheese, Gouda cheese, tomato, egg, lettuce, French fries, sauce
2700 AMD

Veggie Sandwich
#59 Veggie Sandwich
300g, avocado, tomato, lettuce, bell pepper, cucumber, Chinese cabbage, walnut, arugula, basil, baguette
1700 AMD

Village Potato
700 AMD

Asian Cuisine
Beef Wok
#68 Beef Wok
600g, beef, bell pepper, green bean, carrot, rice, marrow, eggplant, broccoli, chinese cabbage, spices and sauces
2300 AMD

Chicken Wok
#70 Chicken Wok
600g, chicken, bell pepper, green bean, carrot, rice, marrow, eggplant, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, spices and sauces
1900 AMD

Veggie Wok
#72 Veggie Wok
600g, bell pepper, green bean, carrot, rice, marrow, eggplant, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, spices and sauces
1300 AMD

Pork Wok
#73 Pork Wok
600g, pork, bell pepper, green bean, carrot, rice, marrow, eggplant, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, spices and sauces
1900 AMD

Trout Wok with Black Rice
#74 Trout Wok with Black Rice
550g, trout fillet, green pepper, bell pepper, broccoli, carrot, squash, rice, Chinese cabbage, green bean, spices, sauces
2300 AMD

Kung Pao
#75 Kung Pao
600g, chicken breast, peanut, okra, bell pepper, ginger, dried chili pepper, rice, onion, garlic, spices, sauces
2200 AMD

Spring Roll with Shrimp
#77 Spring Roll with Shrimp
280g, 6pcs, shrimp, Tofu, roll papers, carrot, lemon, lettuce, mint, coriander, sauces
2400 AMD

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