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Multi Wellness Restaurante.BreakfastAustrian BreakfastOmlette ClassicOmlette with TomatoOmelette with Cheese MozzarellaOmlette with BaconOmlette with MushroomSardelka Bacon with CheeseAppetizzersCheese AssortedHot DishesPork Loin with SpinachChicken Leg with Rice BallsChicken BlueVeal with White Wine SauceChicken Roll with VegetablesChicken Breast with Pesto SauceSaladsCaesar with Chicken SaladCaesar with ShrimpsGreen SaladCaprese SaladGreek SaladSeafood SaladQuinoa SaladEggplant with Veal SaladSkyline SaladSoupsPumpkin Cream SoupBroccoli Cream SoupTom-Yum with SeafoodMinestroneGarnishPotato MashedFrench FriesSteamed Black RiceRiceBuckwheatFried MushroomChicken NuggetsFunchoza with ChickenRice Balls with HummusSteakClassic SteakPepper SteakGrilled SalmonFillet MignonFishTrout FilletWhole Steamed TroutStuffed TroutPastaChinese SpaghetiiSpaghetti with SalmonBucatini with ShrimpsFarfalle with Chicken and MushroomPenne ArrabbiataPenne FormaggiSpaghetti CarbonaraPizzaPizza CaesarPizza ProsciuttoPizza PepperoniPizza ToscanaPizza Quattro FormaggiPizza MargheritaPizza Multi with Bacon and TomatoPizza Multi PoloBurgers and SandwichesClub SandwichRoast Beef SandwichPanini SandwichMozzarella SandwichWhite burgerBlack BurgerDessertLava CakeFruit CheesecakeWafflesCrepe with Condensed Milk European
Multi Wellness Restaurante

Working hours
09:00 - 22:30

Multi Wellness Restaurante

Austrian Breakfast
#1 Austrian Breakfast
330g, gggs, cherry tomato salad, bacon, Viennese sausages, Dutch cheese, toast
1800 AMD

Omlette Classic
#3 Omlette Classic
180g, egg, butter, cream, toast bread
700 AMD

Omlette with Tomato
#4 Omlette with Tomato
280g, egg, butter, tomato, toast bread
1200 AMD

Omelette with Cheese Mozzarella
#5 Omelette with Cheese Mozzarella
250g, egg, butter, cream, cheese Mozzarella,toast bread
1200 AMD

Omlette with Bacon
#7 Omlette with Bacon
250g, egg, butter, cream, bacon, toast bread
1300 AMD

Omlette with Mushroom
#8 Omlette with Mushroom
250g, egg, butter, cream, toast bread,mushroom champignon
1100 AMD

Sardelka Bacon with Cheese
#9 Sardelka Bacon with Cheese
450g, german sausages, egg, cherry salad, mustard
2900 AMD

Cheese Assorted
#11 Cheese Assorted
380g, cheese Parmesan, Mozzarella, Roukfort, dutch cheese, cheese Lori
3500 AMD

Hot Dishes
Pork Loin with Spinach
#13 Pork Loin with Spinach
500g, pork loin, spinach, rice ball with cheese, alco sauce
4000 AMD

Chicken Leg with Rice Balls
#15 Chicken Leg with Rice Balls
330g, chicken leg, rice balls with cheese, pesto sauce, cream
2600 AMD

Chicken Blue
#17 Chicken Blue
420g, chicken breast, bacon, black rice, white rice, gorgonzola sauce
3800 AMD

Veal with White Wine Sauce
#18 Veal with White Wine Sauce
320g, veal fillet, squash, eggplant, carrot, mushroom, bell pepper, tomato, broccoli, white wine, cream, arugula
4300 AMD

Chicken Roll with Vegetables
#19 Chicken Roll with Vegetables
390g, chicken breast, yellow rice, broccoli, carrot, bell pepper, squash, pesto sauce
2200 AMD

Chicken Breast with Pesto Sauce
#20 Chicken Breast with Pesto Sauce
350g, chicken breast, pesto sauce, fresh Mozzarella. Side dish of your choice: mashed potatoes, french fries, country style potatoes, grilled vegetables, stewed rice, buckwheat
2500 AMD

Caesar with Chicken Salad
#23 Caesar with Chicken Salad
280g, chicken breast, lettuce, cheese Parmesan, quail egg, cherry tomato, caesar sauce, toast
2700 AMD

Caesar with Shrimps
#24 Caesar with Shrimps
280g, shrimps, lettuce, cheese Parmesan, quail egg, cherry tomato, caesar sauce, toast
3800 AMD

Green Salad
#25 Green Salad
320g, champignons, arugula, spinach, lettuce, cheese Parmesan, bell pepper, squash, cucumber, cherry tomato, lemon, walnuts, olive oil, balsamic cream
2500 AMD

Caprese Salad
#26 Caprese Salad
250g, cheese Mozzarella, tomato, pesto sauce, balsamic cream
2300 AMD

Greek Salad
#27 Greek Salad
380g, cheese Feta,lettuce, bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, olives, lemon, juice, olive oil
2200 AMD

Seafood Salad
#28 Seafood Salad
320g, shrimps, mussels, lettuce, red cabbage, bell pepper, cherry tomato, cucumber, lemon, olive oil, thai sauce, seafood cocktail
3600 AMD

Quinoa Salad
#29 Quinoa Salad
280g, quinoa, avocado, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cheery tomato, lemon
1900 AMD

Eggplant with Veal Salad
#30 Eggplant with Veal Salad
380g, veal fillet, lettuce, bell pepper, eggplant, cucumber, carrot, cashew, sesame, soy sauce
2300 AMD

Skyline Salad
#31 Skyline Salad
250g, champignon, chicken breast, lettuce, cheese Roukfort, bacon, cream
2300 AMD

Pumpkin Cream Soup
#34 Pumpkin Cream Soup
430g, pumpkin, carrot, cream, celery, pumpkin seeds, toast
1300 AMD

Broccoli Cream Soup
#35 Broccoli Cream Soup
430g, broccoli, cream, toast
1200 AMD

Tom-Yum with Seafood
#36 Tom-Yum with Seafood
430g, champignon, rice, shrimps, cream, seafood cocktail, coconut oil, lemon juice, grissini
2200 AMD

#37 Minestrone
400g, corn, broccoli, bell pepper, carrot, potato, tomato, grissini
1200 AMD

Potato Mashed
#39 Potato Mashed
200g, potato, butter, cream
800 AMD

French Fries
800 AMD

Steamed Black Rice
#41 Steamed Black Rice
100g, black rice, butter, vegetable oil
2000 AMD

#42 Rice
100g, rice, butter, vegetable oil
700 AMD

#43 Buckwheat
100g, buckwheat, butter, vegetable oil
800 AMD

Fried Mushroom
#44 Fried Mushroom
200g, champignon, butter, lemon, dill, vegetable oil
1100 AMD

Chicken Nuggets
#45 Chicken Nuggets
350g, chicken breast, bread crumbs, French fries, americano sauce, caesar sauce
1800 AMD

Funchoza with Chicken
#46 Funchoza with Chicken
320g, chicken breast, funchoza, broccoli, bell pepper, asparagus, tomato, cream, soy
2300 AMD

Rice Balls with Hummus
#48 Rice Balls with Hummus
150g, rice, dutch cheese, bread crumbs, pea hummus
1500 AMD

Classic Steak
#51 Classic Steak
380g, veal fillet, Roquefort cheese, red and white wine
5300 AMD

Pepper Steak
#52 Pepper Steak
380g, veal fillet, cream, thai sauce
5500 AMD

Fillet Mignon
#54 Fillet Mignon
400g, veal fillet, bacon, mushroom, butter, white wine
5000 AMD

Trout Fillet
#56 Trout Fillet
450g, lemon sauce, butter, asparagus
3000 AMD

Whole Steamed Trout
#57 Whole Steamed Trout
550g, white sauce, bell pepper, tomato, white wine, cream, butter, lemon
3500 AMD

Stuffed Trout
#59 Stuffed Trout
350g, whole trout, butter, chicken, mushroom, sour cream, cheese Dutch
5500 AMD

Chinese Spaghetii
#62 Chinese Spaghetii
280g, chicken breast, spaghetti, bell pepper, cheese Parmesan, thai sauce, pesto sauce, cream
1800 AMD

Spaghetti with Salmon
#63 Spaghetti with Salmon
280g, spaghetti, salmon, cheese Parmesan, pesto, cream, white and red wine
3000 AMD

Bucatini with Shrimps
#64 Bucatini with Shrimps
250g, bucatini, shrimps, tomato, cheese Parmesan, cream
2900 AMD

Farfalle with Chicken and Mushroom
#65 Farfalle with Chicken and Mushroom
280g, farfalle, mushroom, chicken breast, cheese Parmesan, cream, white wine
2000 AMD

Penne Arrabbiata
#66 Penne Arrabbiata
230g, penne, tomato, red sauce, garlic, red and white wine, cheese Parmesan
1700 AMD

Penne Formaggi
#67 Penne Formaggi
230g, penne, cheese mozzarella, Rouqfort, dutch, Parmesan, cream, red and white wine
1900 AMD

Spaghetti Carbonara
#68 Spaghetti Carbonara
250g, spaghetti, bacon, squash, cream, white wine, egg, cheese Parmesan
1900 AMD

Pizza Caesar
#70 Pizza Caesar
6pcs, italian dogh, chicken breast, lettuce, cheese Mozzarella, white sauce, arugula, cherry Tomato, cheese Parmesan
3500 AMD

Pizza Prosciutto
#71 Pizza Prosciutto
6pcs, italian dough, pilati sauce, white sauce, sun-dried tomato, cheese Mozzarella, spinach, arugula, prosciutto
3000 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni
#72 Pizza Pepperoni
6pcs, italian dough, pepperoni sausage, cheese Mozzarella, pilati sauce
2500 AMD

Pizza Toscana
#73 Pizza Toscana
6pcs, italian dough, bacon, pilati sauce, cheese Mozzarella
2500 AMD

Pizza Quattro Formaggi
#74 Pizza Quattro Formaggi
6pcs, italian douh, cheese Rouqfort, Parmesan, Mozzarella, Dutch, pilati sauce
2700 AMD

Pizza Margherita
#75 Pizza Margherita
6pcs, italian dough, tomato, cheese Mozzarella, pilati sauce
2300 AMD

Pizza Multi with Bacon and Tomato
#76 Pizza Multi with Bacon and Tomato
6pcs, italian dough, bacon, cheese Mozzarella, tomato, pilati sauce
7500 AMD

Pizza Multi Polo
#77 Pizza Multi Polo
6pcs, italian dough, chicken breast, bell pepper, cheese Mozzarella, pilati sauce
7500 AMD

Burgers and Sandwiches
Club Sandwich
#79 Club Sandwich
toast, chicken breast, French fries, cheese Dutch, bacon, tomato, lettuce, americano sauce
1800 AMD

Roast Beef Sandwich
#80 Roast Beef Sandwich
veal fillet, French fries, cheese Dutch, pickles, lettuce, americano sauce
2200 AMD

Panini Sandwich
#82 Panini Sandwich
French fries, cheese Dutch, ham, tomato, cucumber, balsamic cream, mayonnaise
1500 AMD

Mozzarella Sandwich
#83 Mozzarella Sandwich
cheese Mozzarella, French fries, tomato, lettuce, balsamic cream, mayonnaise
1900 AMD

White burger
#84 White burger
veal, French fries, tomato, pickles, lettuce, americano sauce
2300 AMD

Black Burger
#85 Black Burger
veal, French fries, tomato, pickles, lettuce, americano sauce
2300 AMD

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