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Muchacho.Mexican DishesBurito with PorkBurito with BeefBurito with ChickenTaco with porkTaco woth BeefTaco with ChickenTaco with LambTaco with ShrimpVegan TacoQuesadilla with PorkQuesadilla with BeefQuesadilla with ChickenTortaPoutineNachosBuffalo WingsTrumpStuffed JalapenoPork RibsCorn ClassicCorn with Spicy Cheese sauceSaladsPepperoni SaladQuinoa SaladSoupsSoup with Bean and VegetableSoup with Corn-CreamSaucesAvocado salsaTomato salsaCheese sauceTrump sauceBuffalo sauceBBQ sauceTeriyaki sauceSour creamRanch sauceSweetsChurrosSoft DrinksCoca-Cola 0.5lCoca-Cola Zero 0.5lSprite 0.5lMineral Water Jermuk 0.5lWater Bon Aqua 0.5lWater Byuregh 0.5lBeerBeer Muchacho Dargett 0.33l Mexican

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Mexican Dishes
Burito with Pork
#1 Burito with Pork
avocado salsa, bean, cabbage, rice, bbq salsa, pork, jalapeno, cheese Mozzarella, Cheddar, corinader
1990 AMD

Burito with Beef
#2 Burito with Beef
avocado salsa, bean, dried tomato, cabbage, rice, bbq salsa, beef, jalapeno, cheese Mozzarella, Cheddar, corinader
1990 AMD

Burito with Chicken
#3 Burito with Chicken
avocado salsa, bean, dried tomato, cabbage, rice, bbq salsa, chicken, jalapeno, cheese Mozzarella, Cheddar
1790 AMD

Taco with pork
#4 Taco with pork
cheese Mozzarella, dried tomato, bean, cabbage, bbq salsa, pork, avocado salsa, jalapeno,onion
790 AMD

Taco woth Beef
#5 Taco woth Beef
cheese Mozzarella, dried tomato, cabbage, beef, jalapeno, chimichuri, avocado salsa, crispy onion
890 AMD

Taco with Chicken
#6 Taco with Chicken
cheese Mozzarella, dried tomato, bean, chicken breast, jalapeno, avocado salsa, tomato salsa,onion
690 AMD

Taco with Lamb
#7 Taco with Lamb
cheese Mozzarella, dried tomato, eggplant, lamb, jalaeno, tzatzik, sumac, crispy onion
790 AMD

Taco with Shrimp
#8 Taco with Shrimp
cheese Mozzarella, coleslaw salad, shrimp, jalapeno, avocado salsa, nachos
990 AMD

Vegan Taco
#9 Vegan Taco
fried eggplant,fried zuccini,fried carrot,avocado slices,tomato salsa,lime
990 AMD

Quesadilla with Pork
#10 Quesadilla with Pork
avocado salsa, bean, cabbage, bbq salsa, pork, cheese Mozzarella, Cheddar, jalapeno, coriander
1990 AMD

Quesadilla with Beef
#11 Quesadilla with Beef
avocado salsa, dried tomato, bean, bell pepper, onion, tomato, jalapeno, beef, cheese Mozzarella, Cheddar, coriander
1990 AMD

Quesadilla with Chicken
#12 Quesadilla with Chicken
avocado slsa, dried tomato, bean, bell pepper, onion, tomato, jalapeno, corn, chicken, cheese Mozzraella, Cheddar, coriander
1890 AMD

#13 Torta
crispy onion, guacamole, nachos cheese, pepperoni, bacon, beef, coleslaw salad
2290 AMD

#14 Poutine
french fries, cheese Mozzarella, demiglace sauce, bacon, jalapeno
1290 AMD

#15 Nachos
chips, cheese nachos, tomato salsa, avocado salsa, jalapeno, pepper
1690 AMD

Buffalo Wings
#16 Buffalo Wings
onion, buffalo sauce, 9pcs wings and thigh
1690 AMD

#17 Trump
trump sauce, 9pcs wings
1290 AMD

Stuffed Jalapeno
#18 Stuffed Jalapeno
jalapeno, cheese Mozzarella, bacon
590 AMD

Pork Ribs
#19 Pork Ribs
pork ribs,BBQ sauce, green onion,village potaties,Coleslaw salad
2890 AMD

Corn Classic
590 AMD

Pepperoni Salad
#23 Pepperoni Salad
lettuce, arugula, cauliflower, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, chicen breast,, pepperoni, caesar sauce
890 AMD

Quinoa Salad
#24 Quinoa Salad
quinoa mix, tomato, bell pepper, jalapeno, peas, beans, dill, celery, corn, lettuce, cheese Feta, chips, avocado
1190 AMD

Soup with Bean and Vegetable
#26 Soup with Bean and Vegetable
bean, corn, peas, pumpkin, celery, jalapeno, bell pepper, pepper paste, tomato, sourcream, onion, chips
790 AMD

Soup with Corn-Cream
#27 Soup with Corn-Cream
corn, coconut milk, whipped cream, chicken breast, milk, onion, garlic, cinnamon
1290 AMD

#39 Churros
cinnamon, sugar,Vanilla sauce,Nutella
990 AMD

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14 Sep 2021
Дина Р.
14 Sep 2021
Просила несколько раз хрустящий тако отправляют не хрустящи
11 Sep 2021
Finally some good fucking food
10 Sep 2021
Edward B.
02 Sep 2021
Patvirel einq 2 hat Avocado Salsa, bayc miayn mek hatein berel. Baci ayd Nacho-neri [email protected] irakanutyan het voch mi kap chuni (depi [email protected]), shat qicher [email protected] aranc voch mi normal sousi, chnayac vor [email protected] mot 1700 dram e. Isk Buriton chorer ev voch mi sous chkar [email protected], hetevabar nuynpes hamex cher.
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Muchacho
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