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Mon Cafe.Cold AppetizersMeat assortedFresh vegetablesCarpaccio with meatCarpaccio with zucchiniTortilla with Salsa sauceBruscetta with Salmon and red roeBruscetta with tomatoesRoll with baconCarrot with lemonGreens, pepper and radishStrained yogurtLenten DolmaOlives and lemonShprotHot AppetizersChicken sticksFish sticksOmelette with basturma and sujukYakitori chicken with teryaki sauceSaladsMon Cafe saladCaesar saladGreek saladCapreseSalad with shrimpSalad with TunaProsciutto saladSalad Vegetable basketChicken saladBeet saladSoupsBroccoli cream-soupMinestrone soupPumpkin cream-soupMushroom cream-soupBorshchSolyankaSandwichesMon burgerThai sandwichBacon sandwichCheese sandwichChicken burgerBeef sandwichLenten sandwichGhavurma sandwichSujuk sandwichCaesar rollHot DishesPork from ChefChicken roll with bacon Beef MedallionsGerman sausagesBreaded shrimpsLanguette with prunesMadam BovariRoast porkPork ribsPork shankChicken wingsBeef languette with potatoesPork SchnitzelPotatoes with chickenChicken languette with vegetablesBuckwheat with chicken wingsMeat MixChinese chicken breastChicken with cream sauceSteak in Cognac sauceQuesadillaPanini with chickenPanini with beefPanini with baconTolma with grape leavesChicken shish tawoukVegetable BBQTjvjikSpelt with mushroomFried chick with French friesHarisaChicken cutlet with mashed potatoFried green beanGarni yarakhIshli kyuftaJulien with mushroomJulien with chickenFillet MignonSalmon Paul prudomsBeef BlanketPork loin with Alfredo sauceStuffed cutlet with cheeseChicken breast with creamy sauceFish DishesRed River TroutTroutHerringPastaFettuccine Mon CafeFettuccine BologneseFettuccine CarbonaraFettuccine AlfredoFettuccine PestoSpaghetti BologneseLasagnaPizzaPizza PepperoniPizza AssortedPizza with chickenPizza MargheritaPizza ToastCalzoneGarnishesRice with meat and roasted vegetablesVillage potatoesBuckwheat with chicken breastSoft DrinksCoca-Cola 0.25lFanta 0.25lSprite 0.25lPepsi 0.25lMirinda 0.25l7up 0.25lMineral water Dilijan 0.5lSpring water Dilijan 0.5lMineral water Jermuk 0.5lSpring water Byuregh 0.5l European
Mon Cafe


Mon Cafe

Cold Appetizers
Meat assorted
#1 Meat assorted
Piquant, Speck, Salami,  Culatello
5000 AMD

Fresh vegetables
#6 Fresh vegetables
cucumbers, pepper, celery, broccoli
2500 AMD

Carpaccio with meat
#7 Carpaccio with meat
beef, Parmesan cheese, mushrooms
3800 AMD

Carpaccio with zucchini
#8 Carpaccio with zucchini
zucchini, Parmesan cheese, mushrooms
2500 AMD

Roll with bacon
2000 AMD

Strained yogurt
1300 AMD

Lenten Dolma
2400 AMD

Olives and lemon
1800 AMD

3000 AMD

Mon Cafe salad
#30 Mon Cafe salad
Bulgarian pepper, carrot, potatoes, apple, honey
3000 AMD

Caesar salad
#31 Caesar salad
chicken breast, lettuce, cheese, Cherry tomatoes
2800 AMD

Greek salad
#32 Greek salad
tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, Feta cheese, pepper, lettuce
2800 AMD

#33 Caprese
tomatoes, Mozzarella cheese, Pesto, lettuce
2800 AMD

Salad with shrimp
#34 Salad with shrimp
shrimp, mushroom, Parmesan cheese, lettuce
2800 AMD

Salad with Tuna
#35 Salad with Tuna
Tuna, lettuce, corn, Cherry tomatoes
2800 AMD

Salad Vegetable basket
#38 Salad Vegetable basket
red cabbage, pomegranate, corn, vegetables, spices
1400 AMD

Chicken salad
#42 Chicken salad
400g, chicken breast, sauce, lettuce, spices
2800 AMD

Beet salad
#44 Beet salad
300g, beet, nuts, mayonnaise
1500 AMD

Mon burger
#58 Mon burger
beef, cheese
3000 AMD

Thai  sandwich
#59 Thai sandwich
chicken breast, tomatoes, pepper, lettuce
2000 AMD

Bacon sandwich
#60 Bacon sandwich
bacon, cheese, cucumbers, lettuce
1800 AMD

Chicken burger
#63 Chicken burger
chicken breast, cheese, lettuce
2000 AMD

Beef sandwich
#64 Beef sandwich
beef, cheese, lettuce
2800 AMD

Lenten sandwich
#65 Lenten sandwich
cheese, cucumber, lettuce
1800 AMD

Caesar roll
#72 Caesar roll
chicken breast, lettuce, cheese, Cherry tomato
2000 AMD

Hot Dishes
Pork from Chef
#73 Pork from Chef
pork, bacon, cheese, tomatoes, cream
5000 AMD

Chicken roll with bacon
#74 Chicken roll with bacon
chicken breast, bacon, cheese, cream, chili sauce, vegetables
4500 AMD

 Beef Medallions
#75 Beef Medallions
beef sirloin, cognac, vegetables
4800 AMD

German sausages
4500 AMD

Breaded shrimps
4000 AMD

Pork ribs
5500 AMD

Chicken wings
3000 AMD

Meat Mix
#91 Meat Mix
chicken breast, beef fillet, German sausages with bacon, potatoes
12000 AMD

Chinese chicken breast
#92 Chinese chicken breast
chicken breast, roasted vegetables, rice
2500 AMD

Chicken with cream sauce
#93 Chicken with cream sauce
chicken breast, vegetable, rice, sauce
3000 AMD

Steak in Cognac sauce
#94 Steak in Cognac sauce
beef fillet, vegetable, sauce, greens
4500 AMD

#95 Quesadilla
Dutch cheese
2000 AMD

Panini with chicken
#97 Panini with chicken
chicken breast, Dutch cheese
2000 AMD

Panini with beef
#98 Panini with beef
beef fillet, vegetables, sauce, spices
2300 AMD

Panini with bacon
#99 Panini with bacon
fillet, vegetables, sauce
2000 AMD

Chicken shish tawouk
#104 Chicken shish tawouk
350g, chicken breast, marinated cucumber, onion, greens
2800 AMD

2800 AMD

1800 AMD

Fried green bean
#114 Fried green bean
bean, tomato, onion
2500 AMD

Ishli kyufta
3000 AMD

Julien with mushroom
#118 Julien with mushroom
mushroom, Dutch cheese
1800 AMD

Julien with chicken
#119 Julien with chicken
chicken, Dutch cheese
1800 AMD

Fillet Mignon
#122 Fillet Mignon
beef, vegetables, mashed potato, sauce Alfredo
5000 AMD

Salmon Paul prudoms
#126 Salmon Paul prudoms
150g, salmon, spinach, rice, sauce
7200 AMD

Beef Blanket
#128 Beef Blanket
beef fillet, mashed potato, sauce
4000 AMD

Stuffed cutlet with cheese
#131 Stuffed cutlet with cheese
served with village potato and sauce
3500 AMD

Chicken breast with creamy sauce
#132 Chicken breast with creamy sauce
chicken breast, vegetables, rice, sauce
2800 AMD

Fish Dishes
Red River Trout
5000 AMD

#135 Trout
4500 AMD

3500 AMD

Fettuccine Mon Cafe
#137 Fettuccine Mon Cafe
Fettuccine, Salsa, Parmesan
3000 AMD

Fettuccine Alfredo
#140 Fettuccine Alfredo
Fettuccine, chicken breast, Parmesan, cream
3000 AMD

Fettuccine Pesto
#141 Fettuccine Pesto
Fettuccine, Pesto, Parmesan
3000 AMD

#144 Lasagna
beef, spices
3500 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni
3000 AMD

Pizza Assorted
3000 AMD

Pizza with chicken
3000 AMD

Pizza Margherita
#149 Pizza Margherita
6 slices, cheese, tomatoes
3000 AMD

#152 Calzone
ham, Mozzarella cheese, tomato
2500 AMD

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Dave P.
17 Nov 2018
Arrived later then advertised and 2 of the 3 items I ordered are wrong.
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Mon Cafe
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