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King Garden

Armenian, European
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King Garden

Georgian salad
#17 Georgian salad
chicken brisket, cucumbers, Suluguni cheese, mayonnaise
2400 AMD

Salad Rucola
#18 Salad Rucola
rucola, lettuce, shrimps, Parmesan, sauce
3200 AMD

Salad Nicca
#19 Salad Nicca
ham, Gouda cheese, corn sauce
2200 AMD

Salad French
#20 Salad French
red cabbage, veal, honey mushrooms, soya sauce
2500 AMD

Salad Italian
#21 Salad Italian
macaroni, smoked fillet, bell pepper, Cherry tomatoes
2200 AMD

Salad Avocado
#22 Salad Avocado
avocado, apple, bell pepper, chicken brisket, cucumbers, sauce
3200 AMD

Salad Caprese
#23 Salad Caprese
Cherry tomatoes, Mozzarella, sauce
3000 AMD

Caesar salad
#25 Caesar salad
chicken brisket, croutons, cheese Parmesan, sauce
2500 AMD

Salad Caesar with shrimps
#26 Salad Caesar with shrimps
shrimps, crutones, cheese Parmesan, sauce
3000 AMD

Salad Greek
#27 Salad Greek
tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper, Feta cheese
2300 AMD

Salad Tuna fish
#28 Salad Tuna fish
Tuna, egg, onion, lettuce, vegetables, sauce
2500 AMD

Salad with Vegetable
#30 Salad with Vegetable
tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper, greens, lemon, olive oil
1800 AMD

Salad with chicken
#31 Salad with chicken
chicken brisket, vegetables, mayonnaise
2200 AMD

Salad with eggplants and veal
#33 Salad with eggplants and veal
eggplants, veal, bell pepper, tomatoes
2500 AMD

Salad Bulgarian
#34 Salad Bulgarian
bulgarian beans, pepper, cornichons, corn, lemon
2500 AMD

Salad Paprika
#36 Salad Paprika
bell pepper, veal flesh, cornichons, chili sauce, olive oil
3000 AMD

Grill salad
#38 Grill salad
veal fillet, eggplants, marrow, Cherry tomatoes, champignons, mix salad
2500 AMD

Salad Olivier
#39 Salad Olivier
beef, carrot, green peas, potatoes
2200 AMD

Salad Tabbouleh
#41 Salad Tabbouleh
lettuce, bulgur, tomatoes, mint, lemon, olive oil
2000 AMD

Vegetable soup
#44 Vegetable soup
broccoli, cauliflower, bell pepper, spices
1300 AMD

Mushroom cream-soup
#45 Mushroom cream-soup
mushrooms, milk cream, onion, carrot
1500 AMD

Vegetable cream-soup
#46 Vegetable cream-soup
broccoli, bell pepper, milk cream
1500 AMD

Pumpkin cream soup
#47 Pumpkin cream soup
pumpkin, carrot, onion, milk cream
1700 AMD

Chicken cream-soup
#48 Chicken cream-soup
chicken, carrot, milk cream
1500 AMD

Pizza and Khachapuri
Pizza Palermo
#51 Pizza Palermo
6pcs, Champignons, ham, Dutch cheese, sauce
2300 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni
#53 Pizza Pepperoni
6pcs, Pepperoni sausage, Dutch cheese, Mozzarella cheese, sauce
2300 AMD

Pizza Margarita
#55 Pizza Margarita
6pcs, Cherry tomatoes, Dutch cheese, Mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, sauce
2300 AMD

Pizza Acapulco
#57 Pizza Acapulco
6pcs, chicken brisket, corn, Dutch cheese, Mozzarella cheese, sauce
2300 AMD

Pizza La Montana
#59 Pizza La Montana
6pcs, beef, bell pepper, Dutch cheese, Mozzarella cheese, sauce
2300 AMD

Pizza Formaggi
#61 Pizza Formaggi
6pcs, Mozzarella, Gauda, Roquefort, Parmesan, oregano
2500 AMD

#62 Calzone
ham, bell paper, Gauda cheese, sauce
2300 AMD

Pork loin BBQ
4000 AMD

Pork soft BBQ
4000 AMD

Pork ribs BBQ
4000 AMD

Lamb BBQ
#73 Lamb BBQ
4pcs, soft, ribs, loin
4200 AMD

Chicken wings BBQ
#76 Chicken wings BBQ
4-5pcs, 350g
2000 AMD

#78 Kebab
2pcs of kebab with chicken and beef, French fries
2000 AMD

Vegetables BBQ
#80 Vegetables BBQ
pepper, tomato, eggplant
2500 AMD

Sterlet BBQ
16000 AMD

Trout BBQ
6000 AMD

Hot dishes
Hot Dish Berlinian
#91 Hot Dish Berlinian
veal sirloin, Gouda, ham, champignons, potatoes
4000 AMD

Italian veal fillet
#92 Italian veal fillet
veal sirloin, demi-glace sauce, champignons, potatoes
3600 AMD

Europe qufta
#93 Europe qufta
qufta, Edamer cheese, tomatoes, soya sauce, rice
3000 AMD

Pepper grill
#95 Pepper grill
veal sirloin, red wine, soya sauce, pepper, milk spicy sauce, grilled potatoes
5500 AMD

French grill
#96 French grill
veal sirloin, red wine, honey, grilled vegetables
5400 AMD

Veal fillet with vegetables
#97 Veal fillet with vegetables
veal fillet, broccoli, cauliflower, bell pepper, champignons, wine, soya sauce
4500 AMD

Moroccan grilled chicken
#98 Moroccan grilled chicken
chicken brisket, ginger, white wine, Guacamole sauce
3200 AMD

China chicken
#99 China chicken
chicken fillet, carrot, china cabbage, ginger, squash, soya sauce, honey mushrooms
3000 AMD

Mexican chicken
#103 Mexican chicken
chicken filet, rice, fried vegetables
3000 AMD

Spaghetti Bolognese
#112 Spaghetti Bolognese
veal, tomato, red wine
2400 AMD

Penne Rigate
#113 Penne Rigate
Penne, capers, olives
2000 AMD

Noodles Carbonara
#114 Noodles Carbonara
bacon, milk, Parmesan
2500 AMD

Risotto with chicken
#115 Risotto with chicken
risotto, chicken fillet, Parmesan
1800 AMD

Fried vegetables
#117 Fried vegetables
Champignons, bell pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, Cherry tomato, Soy sauce, olive oil
1700 AMD

Grilled vegetables
#124 Grilled vegetables
bell pepper, champignons, Cherry tomatoes, eggplants, marrow
1900 AMD

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17 Apr 2022
Не положили приборы. Вместо одной позиции принесли что то совершенно другое.
03 Oct 2019
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