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Flowers and Balloons
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Phalenopsis white N1
#3 Phalenopsis white N1
height 60cm, vase diameter 12cm
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8900 AMD

Plants with coulorful potties
#27 Plants with coulorful potties
1pc, hight 10cm, vase diameter 5cm
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1650 AMD

Haworthia 15cm
#30 Haworthia 15cm
type of succulent in a transparent flask
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1500 AMD

Succulent 10-15cm
#31 Succulent 10-15cm
type of succulent in a transparent flask
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1500 AMD

Sansevieria Laurenti
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10500 AMD

#34 Dracaena
30cm, Spectacular and hardy representative dracen. Due to its unpretentiousness and at the same time bright "appearance" it is ideal for offices, as well as a gift to colleagues
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4500 AMD

Zamioculkas Zamifolia
#35 Zamioculkas Zamifolia
40cm, Dollar tree
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7800 AMD

Codiaeum Excellent
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5200 AMD

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