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Burrata with Arugula
#2 Burrata with Arugula
280g, burrata, tomato, arugula
4800 AMD

Beef Tartar
#3 Beef Tartar
180g, beef fillet, balsamic, parsley, gherkin
4800 AMD

Bruschetta with Tomato
#5 Bruschetta with Tomato
4pcs, 150g tomato
1450 AMD

Beef Carpaccio
#7 Beef Carpaccio
150g, beef fillet, cheese Parmesan, champignon, arugula
3900 AMD

Apperizer from Chef
#77 Apperizer from Chef
chicken pashtet, chicken basturma, fat, cucumber, olives, crackers, tomato
3300 AMD

Greek Salad
#8 Greek Salad
300g, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, cheese Feta, olives, focaccia bread
2500 AMD

Summer Salad
#10 Summer Salad
300g, tomato, cucumber, onion, parsley, basil, oil
1800 AMD

#11 Caprese
300g, fresh Mozzarella, cherry tomato, pesto sauce
2700 AMD

Avocado Salad
#13 Avocado Salad
300g, avocado, prosciutto, quinoa, arugula
4350 AMD

Salad Caesar with Chicken
#14 Salad Caesar with Chicken
300g, chicken fillet, lettuce, croutons, cherry tomato, sauce
2700 AMD

Nisuaz with Tuna
#78 Nisuaz with Tuna
300g, mixed salad, tuna fish, potato, quail egg, tomato
3200 AMD

Beet and Roquefort mousse Salad
#79 Beet and Roquefort mousse Salad
250g, beet, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, Roquefort mousse, coriander
2000 AMD

Cobb Salad
#80 Cobb Salad
500g, mixed salad, avocado, bacon, chicken fillet, cheese Roquefort
3800 AMD

Arugula with Shrimp Salad
#81 Arugula with Shrimp Salad
300g, arugula, shrimp, cheese Parmesan, cherry tomato
3800 AMD

Tomato Soup
#15 Tomato Soup
400g, tomato, cream
1700 AMD

Pumpkin Soup
#18 Pumpkin Soup
400g, pumpkin, cream, soy sauce
2000 AMD

Lentil Soup
#20 Lentil Soup
400g, carrot, lentil, potato
1900 AMD

Soup Minestrone
#21 Soup Minestrone
400g, zucchini, eggplant, carrot, tomato, celery
2200 AMD

Chicken Soup
#82 Chicken Soup
400g, chicken, rice, potato, carrot
2000 AMD

Pizza Caprese
#23 Pizza Caprese
25cm, 8pcs, fresh Mozzarella, tomato, pesto sauce
3200 AMD

Pizza with Ham
#24 Pizza with Ham
25cm, 8pcs, ham, red sauce, cheese Mozzarella
2650 AMD

English Pizza
#25 English Pizza
25cm, 8pcs, salami, red sauce, cheese Mozzarella
2950 AMD

Pizza Margherita
#26 Pizza Margherita
25cm, 8pcs, red sauce, cheese Mozzarella
2500 AMD

Pizza with Ham and Mushroom
#27 Pizza with Ham and Mushroom
25cm, 8pcs, ham, mushroom, red sauce, cheese Mozzarella
2800 AMD

Pizza Carbonara
#28 Pizza Carbonara
25cm, 8pcs, cream sauce, bacon, fresh pepper, cheese Parmesan, parsley, egg
3300 AMD

Pizza Quatro Formaggi
#29 Pizza Quatro Formaggi
25cm, 8pcs, cheese Roquefort, Gouda, Parmesan, Mozzarella
3200 AMD

Pizza Caesar
#31 Pizza Caesar
25cm, 8pcs, chicken fillet, lettuce, cherry tomato, cheese Parmesan, Mozzarella, red sauce
3400 AMD

Pizza with Prosciutto
#32 Pizza with Prosciutto
25cm, 8pcs, prosciutto, red sauce, cheese Mozzarella
3800 AMD

Pizza Mushroom Assorted
#35 Pizza Mushroom Assorted
25cm, 8pcs, opyata mushrooms, champignon, oyster mushroom, cream sauce
2800 AMD

#36 Focaccia
25cm, 8pcs, 180g
800 AMD

Pizza Diavola
#38 Pizza Diavola
25cm, 8pcs, spicy salami, red sauce, cheese Mozzarella
3200 AMD

#39 Calzone
ham, mushroom, salami, red sauce, cheese Mozzarella
2800 AMD

Pizza with Avocado
#84 Pizza with Avocado
25cm, 8pcs, avocado, arugula, sunflower seeds, cheese Mozzarella, cheese sauce
3800 AMD

Pizza with Julienne
#85 Pizza with Julienne
25cm, 8pcs, chicken breast, champignon, dill, cheese sauce
3100 AMD

Pizza Vegetariana
#86 Pizza Vegetariana
25cm, 8pcs, pumpkin, eggplant, pepper, cherry tomato, onion, olives, cheese Mozzarella, red sauce
2850 AMD

Pizza Meat Assorted
#87 Pizza Meat Assorted
25cm, 8pcs, ham, bacon, pepperoni sausage, hunting sausage, cheese Mozzarella, tomato sauce
4300 AMD

Pizza Cheeseburger
#88 Pizza Cheeseburger
25cm, 8pcs, pickled cucumber, cheese Mozzarella, Cheddar, bolognese sauce, tomato sauce
3850 AMD

Pasta Gusto
Pasta Carbonara
#45 Pasta Carbonara
300g, quail egg, bacon, cheese Parmesan, parsley, cream
2900 AMD

Pasta Chicken Pesto
#46 Pasta Chicken Pesto
300g, pesto sauce, chicken fillet, cheese Parmesan
2600 AMD

Pasta Bolognese
#49 Pasta Bolognese
300g, minced beef, red sauce, cheese Parmesan
3200 AMD

Pasta Farfale
#89 Pasta Farfale
300g, cheese Mozzarela, Gauda Parmesan, Roquefort
2700 AMD

Penne Arabiatta
#90 Penne Arabiatta
300g, penne, spicy red sauce
2300 AMD

Pasta Ravioli
#91 Pasta Ravioli
300g, chicken, pepper sauce
2900 AMD

Farfale with Chicken and Pesto
#93 Farfale with Chicken and Pesto
300g, chicken fillet, cheese Parmesan, Pesto sauce
2600 AMD

Spagetti Bolognese
#94 Spagetti Bolognese
300g, beef, cheese Parmesan, red sauce
3200 AMD

Tagliatelle with Chicken
#95 Tagliatelle with Chicken
300g, chicken meatballs, cream
2800 AMD

Spagetti smoked Salmon
#96 Spagetti smoked Salmon
300g, salmon, Pesto sauce
3400 AMD

Risotto with Mushroom and Chicken liver
#97 Risotto with Mushroom and Chicken liver
300g, rice Arborio, champignon, chicken liver, oyster mushroom
2900 AMD

Tagliatelle with Seafood
#98 Tagliatelle with Seafood
300g, shrimp, octopus, calamar, mussel
3500 AMD

Hot Dishes
#54 Tagliata
200g, beef fillet, arugula, cherry tomato
6700 AMD

Chicken Fillet
3900 AMD

Beef Steak
#58 Beef Steak
230g, beef fillet, cherry tomato
6800 AMD

Beef Medallions with Mushroom Sauce
#59 Beef Medallions with Mushroom Sauce
220g, beef, champignon, bacon, cream, cherry tomato
6400 AMD

Teriyaki with Chicken
#60 Teriyaki with Chicken
350g, rice, chicken fillet, soy sauce, cherry tomato, sesame, green onion
3800 AMD

Beef Stroganoff
#99 Beef Stroganoff
400g, beef fillet, mashed potato, carnish
3700 AMD

Burger and Sandwich
Club Sandwich
#64 Club Sandwich
220g, chicken fillet, ham, cheese, tomato, pickled cucumber, served with 200g French fries
3600 AMD

Angus Burger
#83 Angus Burger
500g, bread, tomato, cucumber, bacon, angus beef fillet, lettuce, red cabbage, cheese Cheddar, French fries, sauce barbeque
3800 AMD

French Fries
700 AMD

Mashed Potato
700 AMD

#67 Spinach
200g, spinach, cheese
1500 AMD

Grilled Vegetables
#68 Grilled Vegetables
300g, zucchini, eggplant, onion, pepper, tomato
1700 AMD

#69 Rice
700 AMD

Parmigiano Regganio
#75 Parmigiano Regganio
spinach, tomato, eggplant, cheese Parmesan
2800 AMD

Sezonal Vegetables
#76 Sezonal Vegetables
800g, funchoza, sauce
2900 AMD

Meat Assorted
#77 Meat Assorted
300g, Prosciutto, salami, chicken basturma, pepperoni, pickled cucumber, olives, crackers
5300 AMD

Soft Drinks
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