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Epicure.AppetizersCheese platterBruschetta with chicken and chorizoChicken roll with baconSauce set with croutonsChicken nuggets with carrot saladVillage potatoFrench Fries Shrimps in Szechuan sauceGuacamole deepBruschetta with spinach and ricottaCheese puffs with sauce and carrot sticksSaladsGreek saladCaesar salad with chickenBeef saladAvocado saladHot Broccoli saladCaesar salad with shrimpQuinoa SaladChicken hazelnut saladBurger and SandwichCheeseburgerChicken burgerSteak burgerClub sandwich with chicken and hamTacos with cheese chipsBurrito with beefChicken sandwichPastaPasta with vegetablesPasta BolognesePasta CarbonaraMushroom StroganovPasta ԱլֆրեդոHot DishesPepper steakChicken breast with curry and riceVeal tenderloin with vegetablesPork ribs with potato and rosemarinTrout fillet with spinach and citrus sauceMushroom stroganoffSpinach Ravioli Chicken steak with village potatoes and BBQ sauceClassic Steak with Grilled Vegetables and Blue Cheese SauceSoupMushroom cream-soupVegetable soupMexico cream-soupChicken soupBroccoli cream-soupCheese soupDessertPancake with Nutella, strawberry, bananaShtrudel with cream sauce European

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Cheese platter
#1 Cheese platter
parmesan, roquefort, fitaki, gouda, brie
5200 AMD

Bruschetta with chicken and chorizo
#21 Bruschetta with chicken and chorizo
4pcs, chicken, chorizo, gouda, cream
2100 AMD

Sauce set with croutons
#35 Sauce set with croutons
white sauce, pesto sauce, blue cheese, curry sauce
2100 AMD

Chicken nuggets with carrot salad
1800 AMD

Greek salad
#48 Greek salad
beef, sour cream, tomato, french fries, baguette, cheese
2600 AMD

Caesar salad with chicken
#50 Caesar salad with chicken
275g, lettuce, sauce, chicken breast, parmesan, croutons
2800 AMD

Beef salad
#52 Beef salad
250g, veal, bell pepper, cherry, cashew
3500 AMD

Avocado salad
#58 Avocado salad
250g, avocado, lettuce, raisin, pumpkin seeds, sesame, walnut, special pesto sauce
3500 AMD

Hot Broccoli salad
#59 Hot Broccoli salad
300g, broccoli, green peas, brussel cabbage, bell pepper, cherry tomato
2700 AMD

Caesar salad with shrimp
#60 Caesar salad with shrimp
200g, shrimp, lettuce, croutons, cheese Parmesan, caesar sauce
3800 AMD

Quinoa Salad
#61 Quinoa Salad
395g, Corn ,quinoa,parsley,dill,lemon juice,soy sauce,pumpkin seeds
2500 AMD

Chicken hazelnut salad
#62 Chicken hazelnut salad
380g chicken tenders, cheese chips, hazelnut, lettuce, cherry tomatoes
3100 AMD

Burger and Sandwich
Tacos with cheese chips
#73 Tacos with cheese chips
3pcs, melted cheese chips, chicken fillet, green peas, pepper, spicy sauce
2700 AMD

Burrito with beef
#74 Burrito with beef
beef, black beans, peas, corn kernels, bell pepper, tomato, cheese sauce
2700 AMD

Chicken sandwich
#76 Chicken sandwich
330g chicken breast, bell pepper, mushroom, cheese, fries
2400 AMD

Pasta with vegetables
#79 Pasta with vegetables
350g, tagliatelle, vegetable sauce, parmesan
2500 AMD

Pasta Bolognese
#80 Pasta Bolognese
200g, spaghetti, tomato sauce with beef
2700 AMD

Pasta Carbonara
#81 Pasta Carbonara
200g, tagliatelle, pork fillet, cream sauce, parmesan
2900 AMD

Mushroom Stroganov
#82 Mushroom Stroganov
tagliatelle, champignon, shiitake mushroom, bell pepper, capers,pickled cucumbers, cream, parmigiano, coriander, cognac
2700 AMD

Pasta Ալֆրեդո
#83 Pasta Ալֆրեդո
200g, champignon, chicken breast, parmigiano,cream sauce
2700 AMD

Hot Dishes
Pepper steak
7200 AMD

Pork ribs with potato and rosemarin
5700 AMD

Mushroom stroganoff
#95 Mushroom stroganoff
tagliatelle, champignon, shiitake mushroom, bell pepper, capers,pickled cucumbers, cream, parmigiano, coriander, cognac
2700 AMD

Spinach Ravioli
#96 Spinach Ravioli
220g, homemade spinach pasta,spinach,beet leaves, ricotta cheese , lime, butter,parmesan
2500 AMD

Mushroom cream-soup
1900 AMD

Vegetable soup
1700 AMD

Mexico cream-soup
1900 AMD

Chicken soup
1700 AMD

Broccoli cream-soup
1900 AMD

Cheese soup
1900 AMD

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Լևոն Ս.
04 Apr 2021
Vahe K.
27 Jun 2020
Pretty good food overall. Nuggets were extra dry, so minus a star.
07 Jun 2020
13 Mar 2019
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Epicure
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