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Coffeestory.Breakfast until 12:00Eggs BreakfastMix BreakfastSalmon BreakfastPashot Avocado ToastBacon Pesto ToastBurrata FreshBurrata BaconBruschetta with goat cheeseBruschetta with ProsciuttoBruschetta with SalmonBruschetta with Tomato and TarragonFocacciaShrimp tigerAppetizerMozzarella SticksDessertBarbusa ArabianCarrot CakeLemon CakeMacaroonChocolate TartShtrudelCheesecakeSaladsBeef SaladSalad with AvocadoSalad CapreseSalad CaesarGreek SaladTuna SaladFunchoza with SeafoodFunchoza VeggieHot DishesFrench chicken breastChicken SteakChicken CurryChicken PestoGrill PartyThai Hot Dish Beef VeggiePork LoinPork MexiicanRibsGrilled VegetablesBurgers and SandwichesBeef BurgerCheeseburgerChicken burgerClub Sandwich with BaconClub Sandwich with SalmonClub Sandwich with ChickenCaesar SandwichBeef Burger DoublePepperoni Sandwich CroissantSoupsPumpkin Cream-SoupFunchoza veggie soupBeef cheese soupTom yum with seafood soupPastasPasta BolognesePasta CarbonaraSweet CrepeBanana and Condensed Milk CrepeNutella CrepeBanana and Nutella CrepeNutella and Condensed Milk CrepeGarnishRiceVillage PotatoGreen PeasPizzaPizza 4 CheesePizza AssortedPizza with HamPizza CaesarPizza MargheritaPizza ProsciuttoPizza PepperoniPizza CapreseCrepeCrepe Quattro FormaggioCrepe Caesar Veggie Beef CrepeJulien CrepeCarbonara CrepeSoft DrinksCoca-Cola Fanta Sprite Lemonade ExoticLemonade LichiLemonade with MandarinCoffeeCoffeestory CoffeeFlat WhiteRaf CoffeesAmericanoEspressoCappuccinoCappuccino AromaHeaven CoffeeMocha CoffeeBeerBeer Corona 0.33lBeer Heiniken 0.33lBeer Miller 0.33lBeer Pilsner 0.33l European

Working hours
09:00 - 00:00


Breakfast until 12:00
Eggs Breakfast
#10 Eggs Breakfast
3pcs, egg, creckers with Pesto
900 AMD

Salmon Breakfast
#12 Salmon Breakfast
salmon, eggs, toast, avocado paste, brussels sprouts, tarragon, cashews
2700 AMD

Pashot Avocado Toast
#13 Pashot Avocado Toast
toast, pesto sauce, avocado, pashot, basil, lettuce
3200 AMD

Bacon Pesto Toast
#14 Bacon Pesto Toast
toast, avocado paste, arugula, bacon, eggs, cheese sauce
3100 AMD

Burrata Fresh
#15 Burrata Fresh
burrata, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, olives, dried basil
3100 AMD

Burrata Bacon
#16 Burrata Bacon
burrata, bacon, avocado, arugula, tomato, olive oil
4100 AMD

Bruschetta with Tomato and Tarragon
#5 Bruschetta with Tomato and Tarragon
tomato, tarragon, cheese Feta, oregano, olive oil
2100 AMD

#6 Focaccia
focaccia bread, cherry tomato, burrata cheese, arugula, rosemary, olive oil
4200 AMD

Shrimp tiger
#7 Shrimp tiger
creamy sauce with garlic
3900 AMD

Beef Salad
#28 Beef Salad
300g, beef tenderloin bell pepper, cherry tomato, lettuce, cheese sauce,cedar nuts, spices
3600 AMD

Salad with Avocado
#31 Salad with Avocado
350g, avocado, bell pepper, broccoli, lemon, cheese Parmesan, arugula, spices, qinuoa, sauce, lemon, balsamic
3300 AMD

Salad Caprese
#39 Salad Caprese
250g, tomato, cheese Mozzarella, balsamic, lettuce, pesto, cedar nuts
2800 AMD

Salad Caesar
#46 Salad Caesar
400g, chicken breast, lettuce, tomato Cherry, caesar sauce, cheese Parmesan, creckers, spices
3100 AMD

Greek Salad
#48 Greek Salad
400g, bell pepper, olive, lemon, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, spices, sauce mint
2200 AMD

Tuna Salad
#49 Tuna Salad
tuna fish, salad mix, egg, green onion, lemon, olive oil, bolognese, sesame
3900 AMD

Funchoza with Seafood
#50 Funchoza with Seafood
funchosa, carrot, mussels, shrimp, pepper
3900 AMD

Funchoza Veggie
#54 Funchoza Veggie
funchoza, pumpkin, bell pepper, carrot, cashew nut, sesame
2900 AMD

Hot Dishes
French chicken breast
#77 French chicken breast
350g, chicken breast, champignon, cheese Cheddar, green onion, tomato, green, spices
3300 AMD

Chicken Steak
#81 Chicken Steak
360g, chicken breast, honey, cinnamon, orange, sesame, spices
3100 AMD

Chicken Curry
#84 Chicken Curry
480g, chicken breast, sauce curry, rice, carrot, white wine, green peas, onion, spices
3200 AMD

Chicken Pesto
#87 Chicken Pesto
400g, chicken breast, sauce Pesto, white wine, onion, spices, cream
4200 AMD

Grill Party
#97 Grill Party
german sausages, sauces
13800 AMD

Thai Hot Dish Beef Veggie
#99 Thai Hot Dish Beef Veggie
first class crushed veal fillet, bell pepper, broccoli, garlic mousse, chili, white wine
4300 AMD

Pork Loin
#100 Pork Loin
2pcs of minced pork, village potato, dijon sauce
7600 AMD

Pork Mexiican
#101 Pork Mexiican
pork tenderloin, bell pepper, green peas, piri-piri, potato puree, red sauce
4200 AMD

8800 AMD

Grilled Vegetables
#103 Grilled Vegetables
eggplant, pumpkin, bell pepper, tomato, asparagus
2600 AMD

Burgers and Sandwiches
Beef Burger
#122 Beef Burger
beef fillet, tomato, lettuce, cheese, cucumber marinated, sauce mari rose
2600 AMD

#128 Cheeseburger
beef fillet, tomato, lettuce, cheese, cheese sauce, marinated cucumber
2800 AMD

Chicken burger
#131 Chicken burger
chicken, tomato, lettuce, cheese, sauce mary rose, marinated cucumber
2300 AMD

Club Sandwich with Bacon
#132 Club Sandwich with Bacon
bacon, ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, crushed cucumber, sauce
2900 AMD

Club Sandwich with Salmon
#133 Club Sandwich with Salmon
salmon, cheese, tomato, pickles, arugula, avocado puree, sauce
3700 AMD

Club Sandwich with Chicken
#134 Club Sandwich with Chicken
chicken fillet, egg, cheese, tomato, pickles, sauce
3100 AMD

Pepperoni Sandwich Croissant
#137 Pepperoni Sandwich Croissant
pepperoni sausage, salami, Parmesan cheese, lettuce, tomato, croissant, sauce
2300 AMD

Pumpkin Cream-Soup
#60 Pumpkin Cream-Soup
300g, pumpkin, cream, nutmeg, garlic, onion, spices
1700 AMD

Pasta Bolognese
#67 Pasta Bolognese
400g, spaghetti, ground beef fillet, tomato sauce, carrot, green, spices
3200 AMD

Pasta Carbonara
#72 Pasta Carbonara
350g, tagliatelle, bacon, white wine, cheese Parmesan, champignon
3100 AMD

1700 AMD

Village Potato
1200 AMD

Green Peas
1600 AMD

Pizza 4 Cheese
#141 Pizza 4 Cheese
8pcs, cheese Mozzarella, Cheddar, Roukfort, Parmesan
3300 AMD

Pizza Assorted
#144 Pizza Assorted
8pcs, bell pepper, tomato, ham, cheese Mozzarella, msuhroom champignon
3600 AMD

Pizza with Ham
#148 Pizza with Ham
8pcs, ham, tomato cherry, cheese Mozzarella
3300 AMD

Pizza Caesar
#150 Pizza Caesar
8pcs, chicken breast, lettuce, cheese Parmesan, sauce caesar
3800 AMD

Pizza Margherita
#153 Pizza Margherita
8pcs, cheese Mozzarella, tomato,
2900 AMD

Pizza Prosciutto
#155 Pizza Prosciutto
8pcs, prosciutto, cheese Mozzarella, arugula, oregano
3950 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni
#156 Pizza Pepperoni
pepperoni sausage, Mozzarella cheese, spicy piri-piri, spices
3700 AMD

Pizza Caprese
#157 Pizza Caprese
fresh mozzarella, cherry tomato, Neapolitan sauce, pesto sauce, spices
3600 AMD

Crepe Quattro Formaggio
#160 Crepe Quattro Formaggio
cheese Mozzarella, Gouda, Cheddar, Roquefort
2100 AMD

Crepe Caesar
#162 Crepe Caesar
chicken breast, lettuce, cheese Cheddar, sauce caesar
2700 AMD

Veggie Beef Crepe
#164 Veggie Beef Crepe
beef tenderloin, bell pepper, mushroom champignon, sauce beef, onion, spices
3200 AMD

Julien Crepe
#168 Julien Crepe
chicken breast, onion, cheese Cheddar, mushroom champignon
2400 AMD

Carbonara Crepe
#170 Carbonara Crepe
ham, egg, green, cheese Cheddar
2400 AMD

Soft Drinks
600 AMD

600 AMD

600 AMD

Lemonade Exotic
2200 AMD

Lemonade Lichi
2200 AMD

Flat White
1900 AMD

Raf Coffees
2500 AMD

1200 AMD

1000 AMD

1400 AMD

Cappuccino Aroma
1600 AMD

Heaven Coffee
2200 AMD

Mocha Coffee
1900 AMD

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