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Biella.Raw smoked sausagesRaw smoked sausage ChorizoRaw smoked sausage PiquantRaw smoked sausage LeninakanRaw smoked sausage with cognacRaw smoked sausage PanchettaRaw smoked sausage KremlyanKabanosi classicKabanosi chilliSemi smoked sausagesSemi smoked sausage MoscowSemi smoked sausage PolishSemi smoked sausage KrakowSausage HuntingSausage PicnicSausage Servelat ItalianSausage GyumriSausage for TeaSausage Hunting miniMeat DelicaciesMeat Delicacy Back filletMeat Delicacy BrisketMeat Delicacy Pork Salo with red pepperMeat Delicacy Basturma PremiumJerkiMeat Delicacies Pork neck filletMeat Delicacies pork ham filletBasturma first classChickenSujukhRuletSemi-cooked DelicaciesPelmeni homemade packedBeef cutletChicken cutletStewed beefStewed beef BiellaFlaky doughFlaky doughFlaky Dough 800gFrikadelkiSliced DelicaciesBasturma, sujukBasturma Sujuk Festive Assortment Breast BaconChorizo slicedSausage Erivan slicedSausagesSausage in natural casingSausage BiellaBratwurstMilk sausageSardelka in natural casingSardelka with ketchupSardelka with cheeseSausage Bratwurst with cheeseViennese sausageSausage Bratwurst ChorizoSausage for breakfastSausage JavakhkSausage Hot dog ChicagoSausage Bratwurst Assorted FrozenSardelka in natural casingBoiled sausagesBoiled sausage ham MoskovyanBoiled sausages SlavicBoiled sausages for breakfastBoiled sausages Breakfast, Family, FestiveBoiled sausage YerevanBoiled sausage JubileeBoiled sausage milkySausages and Sardelkas NaturaSausage in natural casingSardelka in natural casingFrozen sausage Hot dogFrozen sausage Hot dog smoked Semi-cooked product, Fresh Meat and Meat Products

Semi-cooked product, Fresh Meat and Meat Products
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Raw smoked sausages
Raw smoked sausage Chorizo
3170 AMD

Raw smoked sausage Piquant
2950 AMD

Raw smoked sausage Leninakan
2850 AMD

Kabanosi classic
560 AMD

Kabanosi chilli
560 AMD

Semi smoked sausages
Semi smoked sausage Moscow
1300 AMD

Sausage Picnic
3200 AMD

Sausage Gyumri
1500 AMD

Semi-cooked Delicacies
Pelmeni homemade packed
800 AMD

Beef cutlet
#77 Beef cutlet
1pc, 450g
1070 AMD

Chicken cutlet
970 AMD

Stewed beef
#80 Stewed beef
1pc, 525g
1500 AMD

Flaky dough
590 AMD

Flaky dough
1090 AMD

Flaky Dough 800g
1000 AMD

1150 AMD

Sliced Delicacies
Basturma, sujuk
1750 AMD

#63 Basturma
1pc, 80g
1400 AMD

#65 Sujuk
1pc, 80g
900 AMD

Festive Assortment
1630 AMD

Breast Bacon
1500 AMD

Chorizo sliced
950 AMD

Sausages and Sardelkas Natura
Frozen sausage Hot dog
920 AMD

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