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Beer Academy.Draught BeerAcademia DunkelAcademia BitterAcademia PilsAcademia GingerAcademia Weizen BeerBeer Heineken 0.33lCold AppetizersSpicy lavash chipsHomemade potato chipsMexican chipsChips assortedCrunchy garlic breadItalian BruschettaCheese assortedLolik BallikCarrot, lemon, celerySalty chick peasSpicy chickpeasCheese ballsCheese fingersChicken fingersCombo appetizers assortedPotato with hump seedsHot AppetizersChicken antipizzaBeef antipizzaChicken nachosBeef nachosSaladsSalad ConfuciusCopernicus saladMachiavelli saladV. Hambardzumyan saladBig bean saladShushan lily saladExpress DishChicken burger with French friesBeefburger with French friesSausagesSausage with cheese and baconMaster s plateDoctor s plateAcademic plateAcademy pansBachelor s panParis Heruni s panMushroom panFajita panVegetables panTemur s panChicken DishesBuffalo wingsJack Daniels wingsSpicy chicken drumsticksPork DishesBaby back ribs honey BBQBaby back ribs hot sauce BBQPork ribs with Secret sauceRector s dishPork shankPork BBQBeef BBQAcademy BBQLamb shankLamb BBQBeef DishesJack Daniel s steakSteak with dried plums and wineT bone steakSpecial steak with mushroomsPepper steakFish DishesLake Trout with tomato sauceLake trout in oven with vegetablesCrawfish smallCrawfish mediumFish plateTrout BBQMussels with sauceTiger shrimp grillTiger shrimp with sauceSoupsMushroom cream soupAsparagus soupMexican soupBroccoli soupSauceGarlic sauceBBQ sauceChile sauceBlue cheese sauceRanch sauceCheese sauceSoft DrinksCoca-Cola 0.25lFanta 0.25lSprite 0.25lMineral water Jermuk 0.5lSpring water Byuregh 0.5l European
Beer Academy

Working hours
11:30 - 00:00

Beer Academy

Draught Beer
Academia Dunkel
#1 Academia Dunkel
4.8%, 1l, dark, unfiltered, unpasteurized
2450 AMD

Academia Bitter
#2 Academia Bitter
4.8%, 1l, semi-dark unfiltered , unpasteurized
2450 AMD

Academia Pils
#3 Academia Pils
4.6%, 1l, lager unfiltered, unpasteurized
2450 AMD

Academia Ginger
#5 Academia Ginger
4.7%, 1l, lager with ginger non filtered, non pasteurized
2450 AMD

Academia Weizen
#6 Academia Weizen
7%, 1l, dark, non filtered, non pasteurized
2450 AMD

Cold Appetizers
Mexican chips
1500 AMD

Chips assorted
1900 AMD

Crunchy garlic bread
1000 AMD

Italian Bruschetta
1600 AMD

Cheese assorted
#32 Cheese assorted
150g, Lori, Feta, Cheddar, smoked cheese, Blue cheese
2700 AMD

Lolik Ballik
#46 Lolik Ballik
10pcs, Cherry tomato butter, cheese, greens
1800 AMD

Salty chick peas
#49 Salty chick peas
150g, with Louisiana sauce
1000 AMD

Spicy chickpeas
#50 Spicy chickpeas
150g, with Loisiana sauce
1000 AMD

Hot Appetizers
Cheese balls
2100 AMD

Cheese fingers
2100 AMD

Combo appetizers assorted
#51 Combo appetizers assorted
4 cheese balls, 4 cheese sticks, 4 chicken sticks
3500 AMD

Chicken antipizza
#124 Chicken antipizza
22cm, 6pcs, Mexican tortilla, cheese, tomato, jalapeno
2700 AMD

Beef antipizza
#125 Beef antipizza
22cm, 6pcs, Mexican tortilla, beef, cheese, tomato, jalapeno
3100 AMD

Chicken nachos
#126 Chicken nachos
350-400g, chicken, Mexican chips, bean, cheese, jalapeno
3200 AMD

Beef nachos
#149 Beef nachos
350-400g, beef, Mexican chips, bean, cheese, jalapeno
3700 AMD

Salad Confucius
#59 Salad Confucius
500g, caramelized chicken fillet, orange, pineapple, lettuce, dry bread
2900 AMD

Copernicus salad
#61 Copernicus salad
500g, beef tenderloin, mushroom, blue cheese, cucumber, tomato, extra virgin olive oil
2800 AMD

Machiavelli salad
#63 Machiavelli salad
400g, mushroom, cress, tomato, olives, nuts, extra virgin olive oil
2200 AMD

V. Hambardzumyan salad
#66 V. Hambardzumyan salad
400g, eggplant, sour cream, nuts, garlic, Cherry tomato
2100 AMD

Big bean salad
#70 Big bean salad
400g, red bean, onion, greens, spices
1700 AMD

Shushan lily salad
#71 Shushan lily salad
400g, marinated lily, Cherry tomato, cress, onion, extrа virgin olive oil, lemon juice
1700 AMD

Express Dish
Chicken burger with French fries
#86 Chicken burger with French fries
chicken filet, tomato, cucumber, Ranch sauce, French fries
2000 AMD

Beefburger with French fries
#87 Beefburger with French fries
sliced beef, cucumber, tomato, Ranch sauce, French fries
2400 AMD

Master s plate
#105 Master s plate
400g, 4 types by you wish
5600 AMD

Doctor s plate
#106 Doctor s plate
670g, 6 types by you wish
7800 AMD

Academic plate
#107 Academic plate
1140g, 4 types by you wish
10800 AMD

Academy pans
Bachelor s pan
#109 Bachelor s pan
650g, pork fillet, vegetables, spices, butter
4300 AMD

Paris Heruni s pan
#110 Paris Heruni s pan
550g, beef loin, vegetables, spices
4700 AMD

Mushroom pan
#111 Mushroom pan
500g, mushroom, potato, greens
2600 AMD

Fajita pan
#112 Fajita pan
600g, chicken or beef, vegetables, cheese, spices
4000 AMD

Vegetables pan
#113 Vegetables pan
420g, Cherry tomato, mushroom, bell pepper, broccoli, corn, onion, carrot
2600 AMD

Temur s pan
#114 Temur s pan
250g, sausage, potato, butter, spices
2800 AMD

Chicken Dishes
Buffalo wings
2700 AMD

Pork Dishes
Rector s dish
#133 Rector s dish
1700g, all types of ribs
17200 AMD

Pork shank
#134 Pork shank
1100g, pork shank, pickles, potato
7600 AMD

Academy BBQ
Pork BBQ
#136 Pork BBQ
400g, pork chops BBQ
4500 AMD

Beef BBQ
#146 Beef BBQ
450g, beef loin, vegetable BBQ
4900 AMD

Lamb shank
9500 AMD

Lamb BBQ
4700 AMD

Beef Dishes
Jack Daniel s steak
#138 Jack Daniel s steak
600g, bull with Jack Daniel s sause, nuts, cheese Feta, jalapeno
7200 AMD

Steak with dried plums and wine
#143 Steak with dried plums and wine
300g, beef steak, milk cream, black dried plums, nuts, red wine
5800 AMD

T bone steak
#144 T bone steak
370g, beef T bone, sauce Paradjanov, served with vegetables
5400 AMD

Special steak with mushrooms
#145 Special steak with mushrooms
300g, beef fillet, mushrooms, milk cream, spices
5800 AMD

Pepper steak
#147 Pepper steak
300g, beef fillet, pepper sauce, spices
5800 AMD

Fish Dishes
Lake Trout with tomato sauce
#157 Lake Trout with tomato sauce
300g, cooked in an hour
3900 AMD

Lake trout in oven with vegetables
#158 Lake trout in oven with vegetables
350g, trout fillet, potato, pepper, onion, cooked in an hour
4200 AMD

Crawfish small
#160 Crawfish small
1pc, apprx 20g, preparation time 40-50 minutes
350 AMD

Crawfish medium
#161 Crawfish medium
1pc, aprx 40g, preparation time 40-50 minutes
700 AMD

Fish plate
#166 Fish plate
200g, smoked and marinated fish assorted
3700 AMD

Trout BBQ
#167 Trout BBQ
350g, cooked in an hour
3600 AMD

Mushroom cream soup
#189 Mushroom cream soup
300g, mushroom, cream, spices
1600 AMD

Asparagus soup
#191 Asparagus soup
300g, asparagus, spices
1800 AMD

Mexican soup
#192 Mexican soup
300g, bean, beer, chicken, chili
1700 AMD

Broccoli soup
#193 Broccoli soup
300g, broccoli, sour cream, spices
1600 AMD

Garlic sauce
500 AMD

BBQ sauce
500 AMD

Chile sauce
500 AMD

Ranch sauce
500 AMD

Cheese sauce
900 AMD

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16 May 2022
Aram K.
25 Apr 2022
стейк с закусками за свои деньги хорош
Aram K.
20 Apr 2022
Стейк вкусный, но жёсткий. Мясо в целом очень пресное. У свинной рульки вкус, как у переварённого мяса. Даже у рёбрышек с медом послевкусие такое же. За ту же цену можно намного вкуснее найти.
20 Apr 2022
16 Apr 2022
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Beer Academy
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