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Arev Yoga and Pilates Center.Organic PowderOrganic Powder SpirulinaOrganic powder WheatgrassOrganic powder FeelGood turmericOrganic powder Matcha Organic Capsules SpirulinaCoconut sugarFlax and chia seeds bendBee pollenOrgganic ChlorellaProbioticsPastaQuinoa pastaSea SaltPink Himalayan sea saltGrainCacao Beans Terrasoul superfood Pure Protein chocolate barPumpkin seed protein barTeaYoga detox teaMatYoga mat Reversible lululemonGift CardGift Card 20000Gift Card 30000Gift Card 40000 Grocery store
Arev Yoga and Pilates Center

Grocery store
Working hours
11:00 - 19:00
Delivery fee 400AMD

Arev Yoga and Pilates Center

Organic Powder
Organic powder Wheatgrass
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11000 AMD

Organic powder FeelGood turmeric
#3 Organic powder FeelGood turmeric
226g, gluten free, non GMO, antioxidant, inflammation
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8000 AMD

Organic Capsules Spirulina
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12000 AMD

Bee pollen
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7000 AMD

Sea Salt
Cacao Beans Terrasoul superfood
#14 Cacao Beans Terrasoul superfood
454g, energy-magnesium, non GMO
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12000 AMD

Pure Protein chocolate bar
Gift Card
Gift Card 20000
#22 Gift Card 20000
gift card runs 3 months
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20000 AMD

Gift Card 30000
#23 Gift Card 30000
gift card runs 3 months
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30000 AMD

Gift Card 40000
#24 Gift Card 40000
gift card runs 3 months
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40000 AMD

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